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Laura James - Wolfeboro NH - via email 01/09/14
"Thai Hot Pepper - Triple Ale Onion"

"I want to start by telling you how much we LOVE your products! We got them at the craft fair in Wolfeboro, NH, last summer & the Thai Hot Pepper sauce and Triple Ale Onion are AMAZING!!  (We're trying to get a following for you here in PA!)
The Thai Hot Pepper is for my husband's birthday (he's a HUGE fan)"

Liba Hladik - East Thetford Vermont - via facebook 02/09/14
"Indian Spiced Beetroot"

"Just tried your Indian Spiced Beetroot on fresh goat cheese with some crackers and wine Amazing taste! I don't normally buy much prepared food because I love to make my own but your products are an exception and hard to leave on the shelf."

Jennifer Endicott, Tastsville Vt/Orlando - via website 07/04/13
"Indian Spiced Beetroot - Moroccan Style Tomato Onion"
My husband and I own a home in Taftsville Vermont and one in Orlando so we are local a fair amount.  Hope to see your products at the Woodstock Farmer's Market on my next trip but will definitely order more online.  Keep up the great work.  I look forward to trying more of your products."
 Cathy Smith Rothrock, Bethel Maine - via email 12/9/13
"Picked up several items both for Christmas gifts and myself at the day after Thanksgiving Craft Fair in Bethel, ME...LOVE all of them!! Can't wait for Christmas to give these great New England made gifts!! Will definitely be back to try more and restock on my favorites!"

Deborah Perkins, Bethel Maine
- via facebook 12/10/13
"Super Hot Chili Sambal""
Sampled (and bought) your super hot chili samba at the craft fair in Bethel, Maine. It is AMAZING, I'm hooked!"

Jane Storella, Bethlehem New Hampshire - via facebook 07/28/13
"Triple Ale Onion Jam"
"Needed a quick BBQ for some chicken. Added Wozz Triple Ale Onion to some no-name generic jar sauce and wowie wow wowie! Thanks Wozz you saved my day"

Berenice Sneesby, Toowoon Bay.
- via web site
"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple" with Pan fried Duck recipe
"I made this tonight with the addition of some pomegranate and it was absolutely superb. Got rave reviews from my partner and he’s already requested I make it again!!"

Kim Tompkins, Milford Massachusetts - via web site 08/08/13
"Triple Ale Onion Jam"
"Hey guys, Thank you very much for the jar upgrade of the most awesome onions EVER!! My husband and I put them on pizza, turkey sandwiches, chicken ... We came to the SOWA market Sunday to tell you how fantastic they are, however you hopefully were taking the day off?? :-)"

Niki Bivona, Milwaukee Wisconsin - via email 07/15/13
"Caribbean Pineapple Cardamon chutney - Moroccan Tomato Onion relish"
"I visited Boston over a month ago from Milwaukee and found your stand at a farmers market. So glad that I did! My husband and I purchased 4 items, with a free 5th item. The Moroccan Tomato and the Pineapple Cardamon chutney are some of the best flavors I've EVER tasted. I used the Pineapple Cardamon in a shrimp ceviche (shrimp, pico, cilantro, lime, avocado and 1/2 cup of the chutney). It received absolutely RAVE reviews at our July 4th cookout. Seriously, it was gone in 5 minutes. The Moroccan Tomato was incredible on a homemade, thin crust pizza with goat cheese and basil leaves.
I told everyone about your products, and will continue to do so in the future. Can't wait to try your other products! Please keep making them, and I'll keep buying!
Loyal fan for life, Niki

Connie Dempsey, Washington, USA.  - via email
"Lychee Coconut & Lime"

“Hey, I’m from Washington state and I just received the best Birthday present! Lychee, Coconut & Lime, Indian Spiced Beetroot and Basil Cider Glaze. I can’t decide which is my favorite because they are all so delish. How lucky I am. Tonight I’m going to use the Beetroot as an accompaniment to crispy polenta rounds topped with sesame oil seared asparagus".

Karen Quinn, Newcastle Australia. - via facebook
"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple"
"Omg y
our Balsamic Blueberry and Maple dressing is just amazing"

Michael Adams, Richmond Vermont.
- via email 06/13/13
"North African Chermoula"
  "Hey Wozz, I'm the Green Mountain Mustard guy from the festival last weekend. But more importantly, I used your African sauce in couscous earlier this week - followed the recipe on the bottle - and it was fantastic!! So good!"

Amy Humphries,
London UK. - via facebook 5/14/13
"Triple Ale Onion Jam - North African Chermoula"

"Had a friend bring me back your wares from San Jose California, as a result, Dinner tonight a la Wozz! -
We're having a warm goats cheese tart with your Triple Ale Onion Jam followed by chargrilled chicken with North African Chermoula, and spiced Persian rice."
"Very happy tummies and excited taste buds. Truly excellent stuff Wozz. Big thumbs up from here in the UK.
Pretty excited to be the first person in the UK to have gotten a hold of some of your swag!!!"

Canadian Paul, St Albans Vermont. - via phone 5/12/13
"Caribbean Pineapple Cardamom chutney"

"I don't know what you put into it, but I got amazing results marinading prawn skewers over night! Threw them on the grill the following day and it truly blew me away. We have got to get your stuff to Canada!"    


Matt Guggenheim, Portland Maine.  - via facebook 4/20/13
"Thai Orange & Ginger Carrot relish" 

"Fantastic product! Bought your Thai Orange & Ginger Carrot today. Put it on my grilled Swordfish tonight! Wow! Well worth the ten bucks"

Paul Roberts, Central Coast, Australia. - via phone
"Super Hot Chilli Sambal"

 "Your Super Hot Chilli Sambal was a great hit at our last barbeque, I brought it out and everyone absolutely loved it!! It tastes awesome. Its hotter than the chilli sauces I usually buy, but it's heat is just right, perfect even. When and where is your next market, 'cause I'll be seeing you there"

Morgane Fratani, Palma, Spain.  - via facebook
"Indian Spiced Beetroot"

"Bonjour Wozz! Un seul mot: DELICIEUX! J\'en veux encore! Ce chutney a la betterave est incroyable, il va avec tout, s\'ajoute a tous les plats, viande ou poisson, j\'adore particulierement le marier avec un filet de loup bien frais, juste saisi et quelques legumes croquants... Encore bravo pour tes magnifiques produits, originaux et savoureux, bonne chance pour la suite!"

"Hi Wozz, Only one word: DELICIOUS! I want more! This beetroot chutney is simply amazing, it goes with everything, can be add to any dishes, meat or fish, I personally love adding it to a very fresh sea bass filet, just seared and some crunchy seasonal veggies... Well done for producing these original and gourmet products and sharing them with us!"

Kirsty Hamer, Kurri Kurri, Hunter Valley. - via facebook
"Punch Drunk Dessert Syrup & Banana Date Dessert Dukkah"

"Thank u so much for all ur samples yesterday at the nostalgia festival. I can't stop eating it all!!! The desert sauce and banana dukkah is the most amazing flavours!!! Thank u!!! Such an amazing range"

Sally Griggs, Terrigal, NSW. - via facebook.
"Moroccan Tomato Onion relish"

"Eating my tomato chutney and cheese sandwich after Handmade craft markets today. Delicious! Thank you"

Naomi Roskell, Ettalong, Central Coast.- via facebook
"Caribbean Pineapple Cardamom"

"Loving the Caribbean Pineapple Cardamom.... Mmmmmm!!!"

Loren Smith, Chef Motor/Yacht SLOJO, Auckland, New Zealand. - via phone.
"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple Sauce"

"I just called to let you know that I used your sauce/dressing with roast venison and it was an awesome combination, just perfectly suited. Well done!"

Kate Lee, Sydney, Australia. - via email
"Super Hot Chilli Sambal"

I bought some of your sambal from the markets months ago, and I am so happy to find you online to order more- it is THE BEST SAMBAL i've ever tasted!


Marissa Volkl, Ellagong, Hunter Valley, Australia. - via facebook
"Moroccan Tomato Onion relish"

"I had every intention of putting the 'Tomato Onion Classic' with my cooking for dinner. Instead I ate it all with a spoon straight from the jar... Yummo"


Vicky Troptsidis, North Sydney, Australia. - via phone
"Deep Ocean Salt Blend with Lime & Green Tea"

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love using your Deep Ocean spice blend, it has such a fabulous unique flavour which enhances seafood that now I cannot eat my fish without using the spice blend. I am so excited that you have your online store up and running and can’t wait to receive my products!"


Ben Harrison, East Maitland, Australia. - via email
"Thai Chilli Lime Dukkah"

"Just tried some Thai Chilli Lime Dukkah....honestly the best Dukkah i have ever had...thanks Wozz and Ash!"

Lisa Storey, Newcastle, Australia. - via email
"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple"

"I was fortunate enough to visit your stall at the farmers market today and purchased Blueberry and Maple dressing. Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful product and I look forward to purchasing more in the near future. Thank you!"

Andrea Catzel, Cape Town, South Africa. - via facebook
"Summer Greens Dukkah"

 "LOVE the Summer Greens Dukkah, where can I buy more?????"

Carle Baker, Whalan, Western Sydney. - via email
"Super Hot Chilli Sambal"

"I was given a jar of your "Super Hot Chilli Sambal" by my dad. It is one of the nicest chilli sauces I have had. Where can I buy more and please tell me it comes in a larger jar?"


Natalie Pye, Central Coast.  - via conversation
"Deep Ocean Salt Blend with Lime & Green Tea"

"Thank you Wozz!!! We just love your Deep Ocean seasalt with green tea blend. I have never been able to get my kids to eat fish until your Deep Ocean, they really love it! I have tried with other seasonings since and it never gets the same reaction, they just wont go for it. Thank you for sending an extra tin out especially. Keep the great flavors coming"

Mairéad Quinn, Maitland. - via email
"Indian Spiced Beetroot"

"Hello Warrick, It was lovely to meet you at Tocal. I am so glad I purchased your products I am especially loving the Indian Spiced Beetroot condiment, goes with everything (does it come in a bigger jar?)."

Melanie Mair, Randwick, Sydney. - via email 03/13/11
"Indian Spiced Beetroot"

“Hi, I had the pleasure of sampling your products at the Taste of Sydney Festival last Sunday (13/3) and they were delicious! I bought a few different jars, but I have to say the Indian Spiced Beetroot has been a hit with family and friends and I have run out already! Please let me know where I can get my hands on more of this chutney"

Anneliek van der Linde. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.- via conversation
"Indian Spiced Beetroot"

“I can still taste you beetroot chutney, just delicious!”

Kev Merrey, London. UK

“We tried some of the condiments, which went great with curry. Awesome fresh tasting products”

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