The "Man Jam" Gourmet Gift Box

The "Man Jam" Gourmet Gift Box - A Set of 5 Sauces, Marinades and Condiments For The Man In Your Life Who Loves Sauce!

Wozz! "Man Jam" Gourmet Gift Box is the perfect gift for the man in your life that just loves condiments and sauce!  Whether a grill master, a burger lover, or a serious kitchen connoisseur, our gourmet "man jam" gift box of sweet, savory and spicy condiments will without a doubt please his palate! 

The Wozz! "Man Jam" Gourmet Gift Box includes 2 of our best selling marinades, sauces and dressings and 3 handcrafted condiments.  This delicious sauce gift is delivered in a Wozz! silver gift box with sleeve and includes recipe cards and a personalized note from you!  A perfect gift for Father's Day!

The "Man Jam" Gourmet Gift Box includes:

Ginger Soy Infusion Sauce, Dressing & Marinade:

Winner of the NYC Fancy Food Show sofi™ GOLD award in 2014, this is our best selling sauce and marinade!  Use on just about anything from chicken to pork chops to salmon to noodles and stir fry's.  It's sweet and savory and just damn delicious!

Triple Ale Onion Jam Savory Spread:

This is the ultimate "man jam"!!  A sweet sticky onion jam made with 3 local craft beers.  Winner of the NYC Fancy Food Show sofi™ GOLD award for outstanding condiment and the best burger topping on the market!  Also delicious spread on a roast beef sandwich or slathered onto a grilled steak.

Super Hot Chili Sambal:

For the guy who likes it hot and spicy.  Our super hot chili sambal is a handcrafted Indonesian style Sambal, similar to a Sriracha.  Made with straight up fresh Thai chilis, a little fresh lemon, ginger and garlic, this condiment adds heat and great flavor to any dish. Spoon over morning eggs, add to stir fry's, pizza and sandwiches.  Mix with mayo for a super hot chili aioli and drizzle over fried shrimp or grilled chicken skewers.

Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney: 

A pineapple chutney that is full of sweetness, Jerk heat, peppery ginger, mint and spices. A perfect salsa to spoon over shrimp, fish and grilled meat and the perfect accompaniment for jerk spiced chicken, pork and burgers.  

Sweet Chili, Orange and Sesame Sauce Dressing & Marinade:

The mouth watering combination of fresh orange, sweet chili spice and toasted sesame.  This dressing and marinade is ideal for chicken, pork chops, Asian noodle stir-fry's and salmon.  A sweet and spicy dipping sauce for chicken fingers, egg rolls and pot stickers.


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