The Ultimate Condiment For Your Burger says Yankee Magazine!

Sometimes when crafting condiments and sauces you reach that perfect balance of sweet and savory and immediately you know you struck gold. At least you are pretty sure you've crafted a masterpiece that is until you bring it to market and then you really find out.  Let me tell you, our customers are not shy, they say it like it is...if they like it, they gasp and swoon, tell their friends, and tell us over and over they think it's amazing ...which is always nice.  When they don't like something, they also gasp in a different kind of way, tell us over and over how much they don't like it and sometimes even dramatically spit it out (that's really nice)...but hey!  that's people and if it wasn't for those folks that either scream in excitement or gag in dismay we wouldn't know what our customers wanted and we certainly wouldn't have gained all the knowledge we have on the wide variations of people's palates.  Our product line goes from sweet to tangy with a lot of variants, spice, umami and depth in between.   We created a specialty food line of dramatic variation to meet the demand of everyone's taste.  BUT, for all taste testing we have done along the way, I do have to say this...

Our Triple Ale Onion Spread has become a star athlete in the Wozz! condiment world. There are very few who don't like this one and I have my dad to thank for this because if he gives it the green go ahead then we have all kicked a goal.  Let's just keep this short and sum it up to the fact that he is a bit opinionated about food...not in a pretentious dorky "foodie" kind of way but in a 5 year old "I don't want to eat that" kind of way.  So when he devoured a whole lot of triple ale onion spread slathered all over his steak we knew we were onto something...  

Triple Ale Onion Spread | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

We have always referred to our Triple Ale Onion Spread as the ultimate "man jam" for the summer grill...and about 90% of the time when a customer tastes it for the first time they say to me, "You know where I could see this going?" and of course, I don't want to ruin their "a ha! oprah moment" so I usually say "where?" with eyes wide open and of course I know they are going to say "A Burger!"  and so after years and years of this interaction with customers at tasting events and demos we were thrilled to hear the news that Yankee Magazine chose our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread to be the condiment used on Vermont's Ultimate Burger Slider at this year's Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival.  It has been officially validated.


Vermont Ultimate Burger


We were in great company with the additional ingredients for the Ultimate Vermont Sliders which included Beef Patties from the Vermont Beef Industry Council,  6-Month Aged Cheddar Cheese from Shelburne Farms, Potato Slider Rolls from the Vermont Bread Company and Gourmet Horseradish and Maple Wholegrain Mustard provided by our friends at Green Mountain Mustard.  These juicy burgers were grilled to perfection on a state of the art Kenyon Grill.

And just a note...the Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival takes place every July at the beautiful historic Shelburne Farms on Lake Champlain.  It's a gathering of the best cheese makers and artisan purveyors of specialty foods in Vermont and in the country. It's one of our favorite events, orchestrated beautifully.  If you can attend one year, it's worth it, it's a great day out.

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