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2018 Good Food Awards Winner ~ 2018 NYC Sofi Awards Winner

Welcome to Wozz! Kitchen Creations, a New England based boutique specialty food producer and one of the most awarded gourmet artisan food companies in the country.  Handcrafted in small batches using fresh non gmo ingredients and custom blended aromatics, Wozz! Kitchen Creation's unique line of specialty foods are designed to enhance your cooking experience and ignite your creativity in the kitchen. Inspired by Wozz's years as a luxury yacht chef traveling the world for almost a decade, our globally influenced flavors are a fusion of bold exotic spices and fresh local ingredients.  We strongly believe in handcrafting true artisan small batch specialty foods with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients and are committed to working with local farms and suppliers for close to home grown ingredients.  

Wozz! specialty foods include a variety of rich complex and vibrant condiments, sauces, chutneys, vinegars, savory spreads and more.  Collections include cheese pairing condiments and savory jam spreads, slow infused gourmet vinegars, authentic Asian sauces, globally influenced cooking sauces and salad dressings and mouthwatering dessert sauces, among others.

Wozz! Kitchen Creations gourmet foods are not only ideal for pairing with roasted meats, sandwiches, salads, charcuterie and cheese but are designed as ingredients, with the idea in mind, that with a little help, you can take your own creativity to the next level. Wozz! has a range of easy to follow recipes that are sure to transform your ordinary meals into remarkable dishes.  Our newest addition, our gourmet food gift collections are a thoughtful gift for the food lover.

Wozz! Kitchen Creations has been honored with winning the 2018 Good Food Awards, Yankee Magazine Editors Choice Award and over 12 sofi™ awards at the Specialty Food Association's NYC Fancy Food Show.  Known as "The Oscars of Specialty Food" by Oprah magazine, this is the highest honor in the specialty food trade, validating the superior quality of our products and commitment to our craftsmanship.  

We continue to maintain simple values in every batch we make; keep it local, real and inspiring.  We are committed to staying true to our artistry, keeping our products unique and small batch with exceptional flavor profiles and take pride in supporting local agriculture.  We are also committed to our continued innovation and creativity.  We believe food is art.  

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Wozz! Kitchen Creations | Sofi Winner | Indian Spiced Beet Spread

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