Creative & Innovative Specialty Foods 

Creative & Innovative Gourmet Foods

Welcome to Wozz! Kitchen Creations, makers of creative and innovative specialty foods designed to ignite the creativity in you.  Born in Australia and now 100% handcrafted in New England, our unique line of specialty and gourmet foods include gourmet condiments, savory sauces, salad dressings, relish, gourmet spreads, chutneys, fruit vinegar and more.  Inspired by Wozz's years as a luxury yacht chef traveling the world, our flavors are a fusion of bold exotic spices and fresh local ingredients.  We strongly believe in handcrafting true artisan small batch specialty foods using fresh non gmo ingredients sourced locally with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients.  All products are handmade by us in a commercial facility, we use no copackers or off site manufacturing companies. 

Our unique all natural gourmet condiments, sauces and spreads are designed to tickle your taste buds, inspire your inner chef and spark your kitchen creativity!  With products such as our North African Chermoula Dressing, Moroccan Tomato and Onion Relish, Spiced Pear Ginger Vinegar, Spicy Summer Mango Chutney, Super Hot Chili Sambal , Spicy Tomato Kasundi Savory Sauce and Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde, we are sure we will surprise, engage and ignite your palate.  Our gourmet foods are not only ideal for pairing with meat, sandwiches, charcuterie and cheese but are designed as ingredients, with the idea in mind, that with a little help, you can take your own creativity to the next level. {For recipe inspiration click here}  Our newest addition, our gourmet food gift collections are the perfect gift idea for a friend or relative that loves to get creative in the kitchen and they make fabulous housewarming gifts for those who love to entertain.

We have been fortunate to have had an amazing last 4 years.  The highlight of our success was winning 4 sofi™ GOLD awards at the Specialty Foods Association, Fancy Food Show.  Known as "The Oscars of Specialty Food" by Oprah magazine, this is the highest honor in the specialty food trade, validating the superior quality of our products.  Our sofi™ Gold award winners include our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread named Outstanding Condiment, our Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing, Marinade, and Dipping Sauce named Outstanding Salad Dressing, our Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde, named outstanding Dip and Salsa and our North African Chermoula took home the gold for outstanding salad dressing.  Our Spiced Beet Finishing Vinegar was also a Silver Finalist for Outstanding Vinegar.  {To see all of our awards and press click here}

We continue to maintain our values in every batch we make; keep it local, real and inspiring.  We are committed to staying true to our artistry, keeping our products unique, small batch and take pride in supporting local agriculture.  We are also committed to our continued innovation and creativity.  We believe food is art.  Now enough talking!  Go on.  Get in there... and Play.  Create. and Enjoy!

We are a proud member of the Good Food Mercantile Guild and The Specialty Food Association.

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