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Globally inspired, savory and unique our gourmet chutneys are handcrafted by us in small batches using the finest fresh ingredients.  We here at Wozz! craft 4 chutneys which are a combination of sweet and savory fresh fruits, apple cider vinegar, locally grown herbs and high quality aromatic spices. Because a chutney is more savory than your average sweet preserves, they make an excellent addition to cooking and are a fantastic accompaniment to sandwiches, cheese plates, curries, grilled meats and more.  For recipe ideas using our chutneys please check our kitchen creations using Wozz! recipe page.

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Wozz! Chutneys include:

Cranberry Blood Orange Cognac Chutney - A traditional cranberry chutney with an orange inspired twist!  This chutney is ideal for a cheese plate and a perfect accompaniment to pork and chicken.  A holiday entertaining staple atop a baked brie and makes a delicious turkey sandwich spread.

Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Gourmet Chutney- Fresh grilled pineapple, Jamaican Jerk spice and fresh mint come together in this island style artisan chutney that is amazing on grilled meats and tacos.  Perfect as a crockpot sauce for pulled pork.

Sticky Date Candied Orange Gourmet Chutney- One of our favorite cheese pairing condiments made with plump dates and our handmade candied oranges.  A delicious chutney to partner with duck and ham.

Spicy Summer Mango Gourmet Chutney - Fresh mango infused with slow cooked aromatic spices including cumin and coriander with a touch of chili. Our mango chutney makes a delicious accompaniment to curries, grilled pork chops and chicken.  

Looking to pair our chutneys with your cheese plate?  Check out our cheese pairing condiments guide here.

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