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Sandwich Lovers Condiments and Spreads Set


Sandwich Lovers Condiments and Spreads Set

Sandwich Lovers Condiments and Spreads Set -  Our Top 5 Condiments For Superb Sandwiches.  These are our Top 5 Handcrafted Condiments and Spreads Designed for an Assortment of Sandwiches from Subs to Grilled Cheese to Paninis.

When it comes to sandwiches, it's all about the condiments.  Who doesn't love a scratch made whole grain mustard on their corned beef Reuben or a delicious cranberry chutney served with a hot turkey and gravy roll?  How about a fried chicken sandwich with some hot pepper jelly or maybe some tangy relish on that turkey wrap?  With this set of handcrafted condiments and spreads, all of these delicious flavor options exist and you can be as creative as you want.  

Our Sandwich Lovers Condiment and Spreads Set Includes:

Thai Hot Pepper Jelly

Our Thai Hot Pepper Jelly is a sweet chili jam full of fresh chili oomph.  Sweet yet tangy with a medium chili heat, this pepper jelly can be used on it's own or mixed into mayo or sour cream for a sweet and spicy flavor kick.  Mix with mayo and spread on your next turkey sandwich, dollop on a fried chicken burger, add to a grilled cheese or use to glaze meatballs for your next sub.

Pictured Below:  Thai Hot Pepper Glazed Chicken Meatball Sub

Southern Style Rustic Mustard

Our scratch made Southern Style Rustic Mustard is a South Carolina BBQ inspired wholegrain mustard that's slightly sweet with vinegar tang and peppery spice.  Spoon this mustard over grilled sausages and brats.  Use on your next corned beef Reuben or hot ham and cheese sliders.  This mustard is a customer favorite! 

Pictured Below:  Corned Beef Reuben with Southern Rustic Mustard Russian Dressing


Triple Ale Onion Spread

This sweet sticky caramelized onion jam is our favorite pick for cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches and grilled cheese.  Try on a Fall inspired bacon, cheddar and green apple panini with a touch of Dijon or spoon onto a roast beef bulkie roll with a horseradish aioli.    

Pictured Below: Triple Ale Onion Bacon Cheeseburger

Thai Orange and Ginger Relish

Our Thai Orange and Ginger Relish is a tangy savory relish that is bright and citrusy with a touch of chili heat.  It adds a vibrant zingy bite to a variety of sandwiches from turkey burgers to pulled pork sandwiches to fish tacos.  

Pictured Below:  Pulled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich with Orange Ginger Relish

Cranberry Orange and Cognac Chutney

To make this chutney, cranberries are simmered in aromatic spices with fresh handmade candied oranges and a touch of cognac liquor.  Delicious on all styles of turkey sandwiches from hot open faced turkey sandwiches with stuffing and gravy to deli-style turkey wraps and hot melty turkey and cheese paninis.  We also mix this cranberry chutney with mayo for a delicious cranberry chicken salad sandwich.  

Pictured Below:  Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich with Cranberry Chutney


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