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Not Your Ordinary Beet Spread | Our Signature Condiment and the Unsung Hero of Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Warrick Dowsett | 0 comments

Our signature baby and my all round favorite and unsung hero of the Wozz! family of creations. If you haven't heard, beetroot is big back home. You order a salad roll from you local cake shop. Boom Beets! Salad sandwich from the school canteen. Boom Beets! A classic Australian burger from anywhere in the country, you'll get fried egg, bacon and Boom!!! (you got it... pickled beets) I never met anyone who hated beets until I moved overseas. I didn't understand at first, but after sampling pickled beets of the world, it became quite obvious. Pickled beets anywhere else in the world can be hit and miss and kind of suck when they do miss.

The first assumption, of course, is that our wonderful spiced beet spread is nothing more than pickled beets with curry powder. That bright yellow stuff. Which couldn't be further from the truth. We do a personal blend of over thirty spices, slow cooked for a minimum of six hours in the tradition of any classic Indian curry. Fresh ground spices traditionally fried in ghee with the addition of finely chopped onion garlic and ginger. We choose spice flavors so to layer one on top of the next. With bottom heavier sweeter spices like clove and cumin building a foundation for the lighter brighter flavors of coriander seed, mango, black pepper and bay leaf until you find that balance and full mouth feel. Our personalized Wozz! Indian curry paste I would have to say is in the Korma realm in terms of flavor, but a little heavier overall. Although it's the first word on the label we still want the character of beets to be the front man and our blend of spices an accompaniment of backup singers only.

Most people will happily agree, a touch of clove, cinnamon or cumin all work well with the deep earthiness of beets, along with orange peel, black pepper and bay leaf. How about  all of these spices plus a few more.  Some people at first glance are not sure if this can work, but believe me it does. A rack of lamb served over a bed of mild beet yogurt curry is one of those dishes and dining experiences that has stuck with me since my chef apprenticeship and the inspiration behind the condiment in the first place.

Fast reverse to 2004, somewhere in the south of France aboard some luxury sailing something or another, I looked at channeling this "beet" love affair for the owners of that particular yacht. I had a simple beef fillet Minion dish, served with a creamy garlic potato puree and wilted spinach. I wanted a little something for color and sweetness. Being beets and beef a wonderful combo the conclusion was simple..... but I needed a twist. I was pulled back to that wonderful Indian beet curry with lamb and thought about how to bring part of that experience to this dish. Our Indian Spiced Beetroot "chutney" was born. That perfect balance of jammy sweet, acid with a background of toasted cumin and warm mild Indian spices.

This all happened on the second yacht of my career and evolved each time I made it as well as how I used it. I'd use a quenelle to accent a cheese plate. Rusticly spoon it through a salad with walnuts and crumbled feta. Mix it through a cream cheese or greek yogurt for a dip or Tatziki. It just became so darn versatile to use for both guests and crew alike. It was gourmet, unique and special enough for guests, but still nuts and bolts real food for feeding the crew.  I got to the point I would make a batch before each charter as it was a brilliant little condiment to have on hand if I needed to whip something up last minute for either.  It wasn't for another seven years and the final yacht of my career that the idea to do more with it came. That last yacht had the most diverse crew. Canadians, Irish, French, English all with very different backgrounds and different tastes, but all knew something when it tasted great. We were based in Italy and Croatia and everyone loved this beet thing that kept turning up for crew meal, until finally, one day it was said "you should jar and sell this stuff" it's that good. Voila six months later we turned it into a business.



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Sour Cherry and Spiced Wine Spread ~ A New but Classic Cheese Pairing Favorite

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Our ideas for our new product releases always start way before they are released, we think about what flavors we would just love to add, what has inspired us, what flavors we may have had years prior and want to bring back to the table and we think about our customers...what are they asking for and what can we offer them that really rounds out our product line.   

This year we have released our newest cheese pairing spread ~ Sour Cherry Spiced Wine.  We pulled our inspiration for this one last winter mainly influenced by what are customers were leaning towards...they wanted cheese pairings for the holidays and we wanted to extend our offerings...and who doesn't love sour cherries?  I say cherries and cheese is like strawberries and's a throwback classic. It's made with local cherries from upstate New York and it's simmered out in a red wine reduction sauce with a medley of warm winter spices and finished with a touch of cracked black pepper (just enough to make your palate say aha!).   I love this new edition and it is truly a classic pairing for cheese. The cherries are nice and tart yet the reduction sauce pulls a bit of sweetness and spice into the mix.  We paired it with a bonne bouche and it was just perfection.  It works so well with this style of aged goats cheese and when you pair it with pate it is just...well...they are no words.  Try it.   

Our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Spread is still new to the Wozz! family but so far she has not disappointed.  These cherry and creamy goats cheese crostini have been a knock your socks off appetizer and if you want to go sweet with our Spiced Wine Cherry Spread you can pair it with cocoa cakes or chocolate grahams and simply use cream cheese.  Eating this cherry cheese dirt cake was like reliving your 7 year old birthday party.  

So this is a short but sweet blog post introducing our newest cheese pairing addition ~ Sour Cherry Spiced Wine!  It's sweet tart and spiced and a shining star in the cheese department!

Cherry Spread and Goats Cheese Crostini |  Wozz! Kitchen Creations



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Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce Our Latest Release & Collaboration

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Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce is our latest release and it is so going to blow your mind. We've collaborated on this one with Vermont Peanut Butter Company to source the best USA all natural peanut butter we could find and in addition to making the best peanut butter, they're operations are located just 20 minutes from our kitchen.  A double score when we source great ingredients from our local community.

The inspiration behind this sauce came last June while in New York at a street festival. We had the best Cambodian street food drizzled with peanut sauce and topped with fresh basil and lime wedges.  We immediately got thinking of how to incorporate something like this into our repertoire.  

We wanted to create a peanut sauce that had all the elements that you crave.  The sweet, the sour, the full bodied texture, the spice.  So we worked out a recipe to create this velvety smooth peanut sauce that incorporates a medley of southeast Asian spices including lemongrass, galangal, coriander, turmeric and chili and blended it with creamy coconut and of course fresh lime to give it that acid balance.  When you cook with a sauce or use a sauce as a dipping accent for rice paper rolls, shrimp, chicken satay or whatever, you want their to be an acid level that pulls your palate into that other direction. Without that balance, the taste is overwhelming or flat. So we really focused on the palate balance on this sauce and we think we nailed it.  It's just so satisfying. 

Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

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Sambal, Sriracha, Hot Sauce, Chili Paste? What's the Difference and Why it Matters.

Posted on October 02, 2016 by Warrick Dowsett | 0 comments

Chili Paste, Sambal, Sriracha, Hot Sauce!!! What's it all about, which should I choose? Are they really that different? The answer is well yes and no. Yes they are all based on hot chili peppers and in their own right are all hot, but if it is character of flavor that drives your hot sauce obsession than the differences are like chalk and cheese.

Hot Sauces of the World

Let's break down some differences of the worlds hot sauces. The first noticeable differences between hot sauce, sambal, pastes and sriracha are simply their countries of origin.
Pastes: most all countries having a hot paste to call their own.
Hot sauce: or "hot salsa" being of the Americas
Sambal: versions being from Indonesia, Malaysia or Sri Lanka.
Sriracha: though being Thai in origins, most are more familiar with the bastardized American version of this sauce. 

Countries of origin directly influence ingredients typically used in each and in turn flavor profiles differ as a result. Asia using common ingredients like tamarind, shrimp pastes and ginger where the Americas typically use vinegar and fruits. Fermentation goes a long way to bring an umami funk to all these ingredients.
Finally, the method of "how is it made" goes a long way in how the ingredients are represented, presented and respected. Some are chunky, some are fresh straight pastes and many resemble a more ketchup type consistency.

Let's start with Pastes:

Chili Pastes: Most all countries have a version of a hot condiment or paste which is essentially just that, the local chili peppers of the region are ground into a paste via a mortar and pestle. From here they might be seasoned with only salt, a sweetener or one or two other herbs and spices and perhaps thinned to a more dipping sauce consistency or rounded out with a Umami ingredient like dried shrimp or through fermentation. Pretty much everything falls under the umbrella of chili paste and for anywhere you can stab your finger at the map, you'll find a complimentary hot condiment for that region. I've listed some favorites and a few lesser known. Every household will have it's own variation and family recipes of these. Some are sweet, others meaty or bright and fresh in flavor.

My Favorites.

Nam Prik Pao: Thailand. I love this bad boy. Classically Thai in that clash of sweet, sour, savory, umami and spice. A very sweet jammy medium heat paste. Great for seafood, noodles and stir-fry. Made chunky, with scallions, garlic, palm sugar, dried shrimp, and fish sauce which helps rounds out the sweetness with a salty savoriness. Great fun; unmistakable flavor, I love it!!! Found in Asian supermarkets labeled chili paste in soy bean oil, but plenty of recipes online to build your own.

Harissa: Tunisia. Another "more than just chili" chili paste. Full of cumin, fennel seed, caraway, garlic, sometimes tomato or lemon juice, usually roasted red pepper. Great for meats, seafood, eggs, and tagine. Our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish is all this but without the heat. Full of flavor, an Australian favorite.

S'rug: Yemenite. Similar to South America chimichurri, and North Africa's Chermoula, by that I mean its a herb packed, bright and fresh hot sauce. Different by the fact it lacks the acid of a vinegar or preserved lemon as in the other two, but all are full of cumin, garlic, coriander seed, chili and fresh coriander and brought together with olive oil. A bright fresh full flavored paste. Think hummus, falafel and lamb as pairings for this one.

Gochujang: Korea. is a savory, spicy, and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, and salt. Traditionally, it has been naturally fermented for months even over years in large earthern pots outdoors. Once fermented, the gochujang resembles tomato paste in color and texture, and has a similar earthy sweetness punctuated by a bite of lingering heat from the red chiles. Gochujang is similar to sriracha in taste, but there are some key differences. Garlic is a major component in the making of sriracha, and you won’t find that same flavor in gochujang. What gochujang offers, though, is a big dose of umami that sriracha just doesn’t have. The fermentation of the glutamates in red chiles produces an almost meaty flavor in the background.

What about straight HOT Sauce

Hot Sauce: Americas. Although everything in this post is a hot sauce, when I hear "hot sauce" as the only name used, I think about it in the Caribbean, Louisiana sense of the word and by that I mean vinegar based.

Sometimes sugar is added along with fruit or vegetables and the variations on chili peppers used leads to a greater variance in heat or what is referred to as the Scoville scale. Some are thin, others resemble more a ketchup consistency like ancho chili paste. Earlier American versions of hot sauce often used a milder Tabasco or cayenne pepper where as Caribbean and South American versions used hot mustard and the very hot Scotch Bonnet or Habanero pepper and were often balanced by fruits or a little sugar.
Now I'm not here to listen to your hero's encounter of the hottest hot sauce you ever tried and how you had to sign a waiver before trying it and now your big man on campus... no. The common thread for me in all these hot sauces is that sour bite of cheap distilled vinegar hidden in there. With vinegar as the main preserving ingredient you basically have a product to be used to add heat for the sake of adding heat, it's rarely about the meal you are using it with or the peppers used, as much as it is just about how hot is the sauce that you are using. For me a traditional "vinegar-based" hot sauce (of which there are so many wonderful variations and flavors) are a great way to add heat to a finished meal. Although they can work in some dishes like wings or salsa; as a leading ingredient, they are notoriously difficult to cook with.

Take Americas earliest recognizable brand of hot sauce Tabasco. No matter what you do with it or where it's used, you can almost always taste that unmistakable vinegar flavor of Tabasco sauce. Don't get me wrong, that's all I want over my rich buttery scrambled eggs, but when it comes to cooking I'd rather use fresh chili or something else any day of the week. Most of these vinegar based hot sauces are at home in American and Tex-Mex styled cuisine. I think often due to the high sugar content in basting and barbecue style of cooking, the vinegar helps balance the sweetness in these sauces. For me, as a chef, when I attempt to use these vinegar based hot sauces on their own, that comes with it's problems.

Hot Salsa: Mexico. There is an exception though, well two actually. Mexico and New Mexico Hot Sauce or Hot Salsa. In both cases, vinegar is used sparingly or not at all. In Mexico's case the individual flavor takes precedence over it's heat, popular chili peppers include chipotles, jalapeño and Ancho along with Pasilla and Guajillo which make up the “holy trinity” widely used in mole sauces. Because many of Mexican traditional hot sauces or "hot salsa" are made from fresh ingredients and balanced and enhanced with the flavors of chili peppers, it makes them much easier to cook with. There is great respect to all the ingredients used and a freshness unsurpassed by a vinegar based hot sauce designed just for heat. New Mexio's two hot sauces often made more like a gravy and come in either red or green. The peppers are roasted skins removed and cooked with a roux made from lard and flour which thickens and brings the sauce together. Almost every traditional New Mexican dish will be served with one of these sauces.

How about Sriracha?

Sriracha: Thailand/USA The story begins in Thailand and it goes that a local woman named Thanom Chakkapak started making the popular sauce in the 1930's originally for her friends and family, but later released it commercially as Sriraja Panich. Traditionally, this Thai version of Sriracha hot sauce tends to be a bit tangier and runnier than what has become so popular in the states. The flavor enhancer consisting of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt gets its namesake from the coastal city of Si Racha on the east coast of Thailand where it is commonly used as a dipping sauce for seafood. Originally fresh ingredients were ground down with a mortar and pestle.

The American version of Sriracha for me is more like a ketchup both in consistency, culture, flavor and method of preparation. Just like ketchup in that it has been so far removed from it's humble beginnings, by that I mean it has been processed from within an inch of it's life drowned in vinegar, sugar and salt, boiled thickened and bottled....  just exchange tomato for peppers. This might explain why America found it so very easy to embrace.

Despite being authentically Thai, in origin it would have to be one of the least Thai flavor profiles I think I can imagine. We usually associate Thai food with light fresh ingredients, sweet, sour and salty notes and chili. For me American Sriracha or rooster sauce is none of those things. It uses dried garlic, is heavily processed and its flavor, though hot is very muddy. Despite it's flavor it is much easier to be used than your usual vinegar based hot sauces. Lets face it, it's in everything over here from lollypops to pop corn. Thick enough for dipping, and a little squirt will add a nice little bit of heat with out completely changing the over all dish. For me Sriracha is always a bottle sitting lonely over in the corner of a Chinese restaurant on some tired fold out side table with the spare bottles of soy sauce. It is not very popular in Australia, I've never bought a bottle either as a chef or consumer and probably never will.


So What is Sambal Then?

Sambal: Indonesia, Malaysia or Sri Lanka. Sambal comes in many slight variations and with each is a variation in name. Sambal in it's simplest translation means chopped or ground. This fresh ground chili condiment is usually chunkier and full of seeds and texture and often with the addition of a sour, sweet or umami ingredient like lime, palm sugar, fish sauce or shrimp paste or a little bit of all. Usually served fresh, but can be cooked. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, hot or mild. Sometimes with the addition of tomato, herbs, fruit or spices. Some variations like ambal durian or Sambal tempoyak are fermented and aged creating wonderful depth of flavor while others made fresh and clean are sharper. The constant varieties and simple fresh ingredients and obvious lack of vinegar make Sambal a perfect companion to actually cook with and an essential addition to your pantry or culinary repetitoire.
Let's break down some variations, but there are hundreds more to explore and create.
The most recognizable;

Sambal Oelek (elek) A sambal in it's purest form and essentially just chopped chili with some variations calling for lime and/or salt. (bright red, thin and a little sharp in flavor)

Sambal Goreng 
Literally means "fried sambal". It is a mix of crisp fried red shallots, red and green chili, shrimp paste and salt, briefly stir-fried in coconut oil. Crisp fried shallots and Umami of shrimp give this a nutty flavor, great for noodles .

Sambal uyah-lombok A kind of sambal which is only made from raw chilli and salt. Very simple and easy to made, and usually eaten with steamed rice and fried foods like fried chicken. Clean savory heat.

Sambal tauco A Sulawesi sambal, contains the Chinese tauco (an Indo Chinese sauce made from fermented yellow soybeans), lime juice, chili, brown sugar, and salt. Balance with an Umami richness.

Sambal rica rica A hot sambal from Manado region, it uses ginger, chili, lemon and spices. Suitable for barbecue meats. Higher fresh notes.

Sambal tumis Chili fried with belacan shrimp paste, onions, garlic, tamarind juice. Tumis means "stir fry". Often the cooking oil is re-mixed with the sambal. A balanced, well rounded flavor.

Sambal lado mudo Literally a word for "green sambal". It is also known as sambal hijau or sambal ijo, also "green sambal". Sambal lado mudo, a West Sumatran specialty, used green chili, with dried shrimp, red shallots, garlic, and spices. It is one of those taste sensations that’s hard to beat with a unique fresh flavor that compliments the richness of Sumatran food so extremely well. The sambal is stir fried. 

Sambal setan A very hot sambal with Madame Jeanette peppers.  The name literally means "devil's sauce". (red brownish, very sharp)

That's why we choose a Sambal as our go to hot ingredient in our collection of condiments. We wanted something to be cooked with, with a balance of flavor, a medium high heat that will blend in and add heat to any type of cuisine, even if it's not Asian. What we took was the best of everything above to bring about a balance of flavor with a long palate. 

Super Hot Chili Sambal | Chili Sambal | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

We use fresh Fresno peppers, onion in place of shallots, 100% lemon and lime juice. High notes of ginger and warmer notes from garlic. For Umami we use an anchovy fermented fish sauce and a little sugar to bring it all together. What we have is a fresh clean tasting sambal, with a slight sweetness in the beginning, washed away by the citrus for a long full flavored, slow burn. This so that you can taste all the other ingredients before the heat kicks in after half a minute or so. We testify it is the perfect heat.... and don't get us wrong, it is quite hot.

Health and Nutritional Benefits:

and last but not least are they good for you?

  • Hot peppers and thus hot sauce are a great source of antioxidant such as vitamin-A, and flavonoids like ß-carotene, a-carotene, lutein, zea-xanthin, and cryptoxanthin
  • Chilies carry a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.
  • Chilies are also good in B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), riboflavin and thiamin (vitamin B-1). These vitamins are essential in the sense that human body requires them from external sources to replenish.
  • Chili peppers have amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals. Just 100 g provides (in % of recommended daily allowance):

240% of vitamin-C (Ascorbic acid),
39% of vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine),
32% of vitamin A,
13% of iron,
14% of copper,
7% of potassium,

Diabetes Prevention and Well Being

A study published in the July 2006 issue of "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" found that when participants consumed a meal with capsaicin and a meal without it, their insulin levels were more normalized after consuming the capsaicin meal than the plain meal. This was especially true for overweight participants. The study indicates that the habitual consumption of meals containing capsaicin may be useful in preventing meal-induced hyperinsulinemia, or increased insulin levels, which can lead to insulin resistance -- and Type 2 diabetes.

Adding hot sauce to your diet is good for your mental health too. Eating spicy peppers feels good. Capsaicin binds to pain receptors in the mouth and nose, which creates a burning feeling that gets passed along to the brain. The brain reacts by releasing endorphins, which are natural opioids that produce a feeling of well-being. So if your too old to hit the rave scene any longer than that spiritual explosion of endorphins you're looking for might be as easy as reaching for the hot sauce!

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The Ultimate Condiment For Your Burger says Yankee Magazine!

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Sometimes when crafting condiments and sauces you reach that perfect balance of sweet and savory and immediately you know you struck gold. At least you are pretty sure you've crafted a masterpiece that is until you bring it to market and then you really find out.  Let me tell you, our customers are not shy, they say it like it is...if they like it, they gasp and swoon, tell their friends, and tell us over and over they think it's amazing ...which is always nice.  When they don't like something, they also gasp in a different kind of way, tell us over and over how much they don't like it and sometimes even dramatically spit it out (that's really nice)...but hey!  that's people and if it wasn't for those folks that either scream in excitement or gag in dismay we wouldn't know what our customers wanted and we certainly wouldn't have gained all the knowledge we have on the wide variations of people's palates.  Our product line goes from sweet to tangy with a lot of variants, spice, umami and depth in between.   We created a specialty food line of dramatic variation to meet the demand of everyone's taste.  BUT, for all taste testing we have done along the way, I do have to say this...

Our Triple Ale Onion Spread has become a star athlete in the Wozz! condiment world. There are very few who don't like this one and I have my dad to thank for this because if he gives it the green go ahead then we have all kicked a goal.  Let's just keep this short and sum it up to the fact that he is a bit opinionated about food...not in a pretentious dorky "foodie" kind of way but in a 5 year old "I don't want to eat that" kind of way.  So when he devoured a whole lot of triple ale onion spread slathered all over his steak we knew we were onto something...  

Triple Ale Onion Spread | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

We have always referred to our Triple Ale Onion Spread as the ultimate "man jam" for the summer grill...and about 90% of the time when a customer tastes it for the first time they say to me, "You know where I could see this going?" and of course, I don't want to ruin their "a ha! oprah moment" so I usually say "where?" with eyes wide open and of course I know they are going to say "A Burger!"  and so after years and years of this interaction with customers at tasting events and demos we were thrilled to hear the news that Yankee Magazine chose our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread to be the condiment used on Vermont's Ultimate Burger Slider at this year's Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival.  It has been officially validated.


Vermont Ultimate Burger


We were in great company with the additional ingredients for the Ultimate Vermont Sliders which included Beef Patties from the Vermont Beef Industry Council,  6-Month Aged Cheddar Cheese from Shelburne Farms, Potato Slider Rolls from the Vermont Bread Company and Gourmet Horseradish and Maple Wholegrain Mustard provided by our friends at Green Mountain Mustard.  These juicy burgers were grilled to perfection on a state of the art Kenyon Grill.

And just a note...the Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival takes place every July at the beautiful historic Shelburne Farms on Lake Champlain.  It's a gathering of the best cheese makers and artisan purveyors of specialty foods in Vermont and in the country. It's one of our favorite events, orchestrated beautifully.  If you can attend one year, it's worth it, it's a great day out.

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Cooking with Condiments | Use Em Up, Add Authentic Flavor and Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

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Cooking with Condiments.  How to use em up, add authentic flavor and make easy meals that cut your cooking time in half!

I get this all the time.  I bought a jar of your sauce but I am not sure what to do with it. 


First of all, our website has heaps of recipes so no excuse but let’s take a minute or two to talk about condiments and why they should be your best friend.   First of all most “true to their craft” artisan condiment makers like ourselves, strive to create the best authentic condiments we can, using fresh fruits and vegetables, quality spices, non gmo ingredients and have spent years developing recipes, so use us as your kitchen go-to. Most of our products, because they are savory rather than just sweet, are a perfect accompaniment to everything from simple roast chicken to stir-fry’s, noodles, salads and sandwiches. 

Now think about this.  You get home after a long day at work and you want to make Asian noodles, just like you had the other day at that Japanese lunch spot….you kind of know how to make an Asian style dressing to put on noodles. Maybe a little soy mixed with sesame?  Add some fish sauce?  Oh wait, you think to yourself, do I need rice wine vinegar and fresh ginger?  Oh forget it!  You are tired, don’t have any vinegar or ginger on hand and you definitely don’t want to run to the grocery store.  Sound familiar?  Now here is where we come in.  Take our Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing and pour over noodles.  Done.  It’s got all the above and then some…we start with Dashi stock, add fresh ginger, organic tamari, saki, fresh garlic, unhulled sesame seeds…. You see we just made your dinner go from…recipe hunting, ingredient buying and stressful to easy peasy Japanesey!  And our dressing is authentic and all natural, just read our ingredients.


Scenario number 2.  Chicken.  Boring Chicken Again?  What am I going to do with these chicken thighs tonight?  Hmmm…Do you want to make caramelized onion chicken with rosemary and potatoes…yes, yes you do BUT, you don’t want to chop onions, cry, ruin your eye makeup and then caramelize onions for 20 minutes before you even think about baking your chicken so instead you add Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread to your chicken thighs with some potatoes and pop em in the oven for 20 minutes.  YUP. 

Caramelized Onion Ale Chicken | Wozz! Kitchen Creations


That’s condiments.  Wait… at least that’s Wozz! Condiments.  Let’s not stoop so low to be compared to ketchup, because we are far ahead of the curve of corn syrup and canned tomatoes…we are a whole lot of fresh local ingredients, bold spices, no concentrates or gunk wrapped up into a whole lot of hard work in the kitchen and some real handcrafted love and care is added to each and every jar that may be sitting in your fridge right now.

Wozz! Kitchen Creations | Gourmet Food Online

Some may say, but I can make all that myself….sure you can but do you always want to?  Some say, I can make it better, I challenge that.  But hey…if you are a condiment champion, we’ll rise to the occasion. :) We spend hours painstakingly perfecting our recipes, sometimes we are in the kitchen for 12 hours making 1 batch of product.  Some say but mine are healthier.  We source a variety of our ingredients from local farms, use local 100% local maple syrup, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, super spices including coriander, turmeric, paprika, fresh ginger and garlic.  We use only apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice to acidify our products, no purees or concentrates so If you are worried about them not being clean…you can stop worrying. If you would rather make all your sauces from scratch than that is ideal, of course!  but we just make it easier for you.  If you are worried about sugar, please know that because most of our condiments are savory rather than sweet that they are pretty low in sugar.  Our Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde has no added sugar, our Thai Orange Ginger Relish, Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish and North African Chermoula Dressing and Marinade are just a few others that are very low in sugar compared to most other jams and spreads on the market.  


Unless you only put a squeeze of lemon on everything…then yes maybe we are not for you.  But if you want full flavor and weeknight dinners that give you those memories of your travels around the globe but take less than 30 minutes to make than look no further than Wozz!

From burger toppings to salad drizzles to salmon marinades to chicken dinners to shrimp stir-frys to grilled pork chops, our condiments and sauces take your boring ole dinners and transform them into a unique tasting experience that takes no time at all and makes you look like a pro in the kitchen.

Want to make Japanese Sesame Beef and Broccoli?  All you need is Wozz, beef and broccoli.  Think about how you would make it from scratch. 

Think about it….



I bet I got most of you stumped….well unless you are an Asian cook connoisseur….if you are than good on ya.

Japnese Sesame Beef and Broccoli | Wozz! Kitchen Creations


Break out those condiments folks.  Open that bottle and pour it in the pan with your favorite meat, seafood or veggies. Cook and Serve. Garnish with parsley or a kale leaf if you must! ;) 

Cooking with condiments is easy, and with the rise of artisan food makers, it’s not unhealthy, it’s not generic, it’s not hard.  It’s easy, delicious and it will awaken your palate!  No one wants to eat another baked chicken breast dipped in ketchup.  No one wants to empty their kitchen cupboard at 7 at night looking for 18 ingredients to make an Asian stir-fry sauce.  So don’t!  All you have to do is buy Wozz!, eat Wozz! and repeat. And if you are stuck for ideas….just check out our recipes!


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The Best Condiments For the Summer Grill | Our 6 Picks

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It's late July...high season summer.  My favorite time of year.  The fans are on, the windows are open, the nights are warm, the beer is cold, the pool is clear, the garden is growing and the grill is on...

We've spent many a nights on our front porch grilling with the added deliciousness of some Wozz! condiments and we've picked our favorite 6 sauces for the summer grill. Not all of them are to be used as a marinade, a couple more like a condiment, but they are absolutely delicious condiments to dollop on all things grilled, be it, meat, seafood or veggies.  So here are our picks for the Wozz! Summer Grilling Sauce Collection.

First and foremost, Our Triple Ale Onion Spread, because it's THE burger condiment.  It is truly the best condiment for your burger.  Sweet caramelized onions and garlic are slowly cooked down and infused with 3 artisan ales that leaves the palate with just a little hoppy kick. It's was born for burgers.  Yankee Magazine just featured it on "The Ultimate Vermont Burger Slider".  All you need is a juicy burger, some melted cheddar and then a big ole dollop of our Triple Ale Onion Spread. 

Triple Ale Onion Spread | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Next, let's talk about our Spicy Tomato Kasundi Ketchup.  It's ketchup but it's a step above and aside your regular ketchup.  It's savory with a hint of sweet and infused with a medley of Indian spices and a bit of chili heat.   It's spicy but it's the right spicy, it leaves just a little tingle on the tongue, not knock your face off heat.  It's about full on flavor with this one.  Try it on a burger, hot dogs, sausage, grilled potatoes, steak, grilled get the's pretty versatile.  It's ketchup, globally inspired.  and you can use this before or after grilling.  

Spicy Tomato Kasundi Ketchup | Burger Condiments | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

If you love lamb, you must try our North African Chermoula  Dressing & Marinade.  It did just win the NYC sofi GOLD last month so I am not exxagerating about how the flavor of this will knock your socks off.  It's lemony, spiced and bold and the acidity cuts through the fattiness of lamb which makes it just the perfect pairing.  It's bursting citrus notes also make it ideal for seafood.  Traditionally Chermoula is a spice blend in a paste form that originates from Morocco and is used on fish.  We switched up the traditional chermoula concept of a paste and made this truly outstanding dressing.  One of my favorite ways to use this is to mix it with a bit of greek yogurt and serve it with grilled lamb and grill toasted naan bread.  

Grilled Lamb Chops with Chermoula | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Spicy Summer Mango Chutney.  Doesn't the name just say it all.  Summer,'s the perfect chutney for this time of year.  Fresh mango gives it that straight from the tree mango sweetness that you can't replicate using green mango.  It's amazing on these grilled pork chops and beautiful with grilled swordfish and atop chicken burgers.

Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Chutney | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney screams screams hot days, ocean waves, fresh fish off the boat, rum cocktails....We grill up fresh chopped pineapple, add sweet jerk spice and fresh mint.  This chutney is amazing on grilled shrimp, on tacos, on grilled blackened fish, on grilled turkey burgers and perfect for a backyard sausage sizzle.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney

If you are looking for an authentically made Asian style marinade that rocks the summer grill, then look no further than our Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing and Marinade.  This Japanese style dressing is the real deal, the ingredients say it all, we use dashi stock, fresh ginger, organic tamari, saki wine, unhulled sesame seeds, this is Asian marinade perfection.  It's one of our best sellers...and we've done everything from grilled chicken skewers to grilled shrimp to grilled eggplant with this one.  Drizzle over salmon and swoon.

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Ginger Soy Marinade

Well what more can I say...these are our top 6 picks for the summer grill and we have them all bundled up in a sale collection for you to try em out.  We only have a couple months left before old man winter sneaks up on us so enjoy those summer nights, get the grill out, invite some friends over, turn up the radio and eat some good food!

Summer Grilling Sauces | Grilling Condiments | Wozz! Kitchen Creations


Shop Wozz! Grilling Sauces Collection SALE!  



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Thai Peach Basil Salsa is Back!

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Thai Peach Basil Salsa

We are excited to announce that our Thai Peach Basil Salsa is back for a limited time!   We make this salsa once a year using only fresh summer peaches, fresh basil and Thai chili spice.   This salsa, I have got to tell you is a labor of love.  Every peach is pitted and hand cut by us.  It's a lot of work which is why we do 1 big batch and call it good until the next peach season arrives!   So get in while the gettin's good!   It's delicious atop grilled swordfish, mahi mahi, pork chops, duck, on these killer chicken tacos and with plain ole tortilla chips.  

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A Summer Cheese Plate and Pairings featuring Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co.

Posted on June 22, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Most of the time, we all don't think about breaking out the cheese board until fall settles in and it's time for a cozy fire and red wine or the holidays have arrived and you need to pull something together to impress your guests or work mates, but cheese plates are also a great addition to a summer picnic, camping trip, bbq or family gathering.  Break out the rose or some savignon blanc, assemble a cheese plate with some in-season summer fruits, raw honey comb, your favorite condiment (hint hint), charcuterie, savory crackers and voila, your average summer day just got a bit more special. This is what cheese plates do to you, they make you savor that glass of wine and pay attention to the medley of flavors that hit your palate.  Cheese plates just seem to slow time down, allowing you to savor and truly enjoy the moment.  I know that sounds a bit like a hallmark card but it's true.  Think about when you gather with a glass of wine around a cheese plate, you don't bite in like you are eating a big mac, you don't throw back your wine like it's 1992 and you are tail-gaiting at a pearl jam concert.  You just become a bit more postured, a bit more intellectual, a bit more well traveled, a bit more aware of what you are putting in your mouth.....right?   A bit more sophisticated in both taste and experience.  

Cheese does that to us.  

Fig and Cheese Pairing | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company is an artisanal award winning cheese company based out of South Woodstock, Vermont.  They handcraft their cheeses in small batches and have their own herd of Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn cows.  They also work with local Vermont dairy farms so all their milk is 100% from Vermont.  They were kind of enough to send us a variety of their amazing cheeses to pair with our condiments and we spent the week not only making a couple cheese plates but experimented with their cheese in a bunch of new recipes.  We actually assembled two cheese plates, one that was a bit of a romantic style with their creamy Lille Cheese that paired beautifully with our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread and another cheese plate featuring a variety of their cheeses and a few of our condiments including our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish, Triple Ale Onion Spread and Sticky Date Candied Orange Spread. 

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company

We came up with our favorite pairings and with that we went a step further and created a few pizza, salad and sandwich recipes that were out of this world this Bacon, Triple Ale Onion, Apple and Smoked Tilsit Pizza.  

Here are our Wozz! condiment pairing suggestions in collaboration with Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company.

1. Lille (Coulummiers)

Lille comes from the northern regions of France and is an ancestor to Brie.  It's a soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese that has a supple paste core enveloped by a rich creamy body and reveals a subtle mushroom nuance with notes of nut and butter.   This cheese pairs very well with our Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney, Cranberry Blood Orange Cognac Gourmet Chutney and our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Savory Spread.  

2. Sugarhouse Edam

Vermont Farmstead added a twist to this semi hard Dutch cheese by adding the spice Fenugreek. The traditional Indian spice imparts a maple and walnut nuance that is reminiscent of Vermont beloved sugar shacks. The Edam has a soft buttery note that adds just enough savory to balance the sweet.  Our favorite Wozz! pairings with this cheese were Sticky Date Candied Orange Gourmet Chutney and our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish.  

3. BrikHaus Tilsit

 A medium firm cheese and a distant relative of the Havarti family, Vermont Farmstead Cheese BrickHaus Tilsit is rich with buttery and fruity notes and a full flavor and is also a terrific melter.  Tilsit paired best with our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread and our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread.  

4. Smoked BrikHaus Tilsit

 A smoked version of their BrikHaus Tilsit.  Absolutely delicious.  Pairs best with our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread and our Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney.

5. Alehouse Cheddar

Made with two brews from Harpoon Brewery.  This cheese leads with a fragrant ale nose, has a flavorful balance of cheddar and nuts and ends with a strong hop finish.  Obviously is a classic pairing with our Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread and also a great pairing with Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney and Balsamic Fig Mostarda.

6. Windsordale

This firm, flaky raw milk cheese which leads with a hint of tart apple and delivers a honeyed aftertaste that pairs perfectly with all things apple.  It was fantastic paired with our Sticky Date Candied Orange Gourmet Chutney and with our Triple Ale Onion Spread.  

and there you have it....summer days paired with artisan cheese and Wozz! condiments. Don't forget to also add these delicious accompaniments to your cheese plate:  artisan crackers including Jan's Farmhouse Crisps and Castleton Crackers.  If you are looking for cheese and cracker pairings check out Vermont Farmstead's website they have a great pairing guide featuring Castleon Crackers.  Additions to our cheese plate also included charcuterie, in-season fruits including apricots and grapes, raw honeycomb and these fantastic greek olives from Lakonia Greek Products.

Cheese Plate Ideas | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Don't forget to check out our complete cheese pairing guide here or have a look at our complete line of cheese pairing condiments. They make perfect hostess and housewarming gifts!





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Wozz! North African Chermoula Dressing wins NYC sofi™ Gold Award!

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

We are dancing in the living room today....all gitty and gleaming with the latest announcement that our North African Chermoula Dressing has won the prestigious NYC sofi™ Gold award for outstanding dressing.  Chermoula was one of our original products introduced back in 2010 and has always been one of our faves.  It's eye popping puckery and will hit all your senses and people often try it and say "wow" as they get all wide eyed and crazy....okay i am exaggerating but not really.  Trust me...It is the most un-boring dressing you will ever try.  


Is it hot?'s not's full of spice and flavor but it's not hot spicy.  It's intriguingly spicy and bright and zesty! 

Is it curry?  

That is a question we often get because of it's bright yellow's full of Moroccan and North African spices but it's not curry...

What is Chermoula you ask?  Our North African Chermoula is a bold lemony dressing full of Moroccan spices including coriander, cumin, ginger, turmeric, paprika and saffron.  It's super healthy and full of clean non gmo ingredients including 100% fresh lemon juice, fresh local cilantro from our local friends at Meadowstone Farm, high quality spices and olive oil. Full of tang and bite, chermoula traditionally is served over fish and seafood but is just as delicious used as a marinade for lamb, beef and chicken.  We often drizzle it over a dish of warm lentils or couscous with fresh torn mint or cilantro.  We also mix it with Greek yogurt for a zingy dipping sauce for grilled lamb chops or chicken skewers. You can use this same dip in place of mayonnaise on a wrap or pita sandwich. 

It's May and it's grilling season....Who isn't excited?  A time to eat healthy and clean, so marinate some chicken wings, lamb chops or beef skewers with our chermoula and chuck em on the won't be disappointed.  

Oh make us proud! 

North African Chermoula | sofi Gold award winner | Wozz! Kitchen Creations



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The Resurfacing of Dessert...

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Spring of 2016 is a sweet one...

The idea of making dessert sauce didn't start in 2016, and by all means it didn't start in 2015 with a trend in caramel.  In fact, we had a Rum Toddy Dessert Syrup back in 2010 in Australia, we sold it in a dressing bottle with our fantastically lime green home grown first edition labels as you can see below.  Ha!

The recipe was inspired by Wozz's decade long career working at sea.  A hot toddy is a classic sailor's drink, traditionally drunk before retiring for the night after a wet and cold day on the deck. It's traditionally made with honey, lemon, rum or whiskey and butter and was a doc's prescription back in the day for cold and flu.  Probably still not a bad choice when feeling ill...:)

In crafting the recipe for our Rum Toddy Sauce we looked to one of our favorite desserts in Australia: Sticky Date Pudding, which is why we use dates to add "the meat to the bones" of this sauce and then finish it with creamy butter and a big shot of rum.  In Australia, we used Dandelion tea in our recipe to add an interesting twist of flavor but opted to switch that out this time for a home made Chai Tea which adds a nice depth of spice to the recipe.  We thickened up the consistency to make it nice and spoonable and rich like toffee.  So there you have get some vanilla ice cream and a spoon this decadence over top or drop a few tablespoons into some hot boiling water with rum and turn on some celctic folk rock or whatever makes you feel like a sailor inside...

Rum Toddy Toffee Desser Sauce | Dessert Sauce | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Jumping over to our White Chocolate Banana Bread Dessert Spread.  Wozz made me this crazy out of your mind dessert back when we were working on a yacht called "taTii" in 2011.  He actually made it for the owners but slipped me and the rest of the crew a piece.  It was a crepe pastry with a white chocolate banana fudge topped with ice cream and berries and it was the best dessert I think I have ever had.  It was frozen but still creamy, like a banana ice cream cake but waaayyyyy better.  So fast forward to this year, Wozz tells me he has this idea for this banana white chocolate spread and at first (not realizing this was the banana chocolate sauce in his famous dessert) I was skeptical.  I said what are you supposed to do with it?  White chocolate banana spread? Then one day I came home from work and it was there in a jar, our first test batch.  I tasted it and immediately....mind blown...and went right back to the memory of that dessert..that dessert I had on taTii.   Right then and there with a spoon in hand I said, who cares how you eat it?  Just grab a spoon.  It literally tastes like banana bread in a jar. Since our release I have experimented with it and there are so many ways to use a frosting for cupcakes, just slather it on cinnamon swirl toast or put it on crepes.  Yes those crepes were phenomenal.  Like banana bread crepes...need I say more?  

White Chocolate Banana Bread Dessert Spread | Dessert Spread | Wozz


Now onto our last release of 2016...with the idea of dates and continuuing on the momemtum of sticky date pudding, we thought sticky date for cheese?  Yes. Yes. Yes! 

And can I just tell you how sticky this is?  It's sticky on the spoon...sticky in the jar...sticky when I am washing the pots after cooking it...sticky after chopping therefore, it is appropriately named.  Now let me talk about the candied oranges.  The candied oranges in this chutney are a labor of love but well worth it because they add such a bright pop of chewy citrus orange goodness to every bite.  I will admit after a day spent making candied oranges I thought this is going to be a killer. These take hours.  I thought, maybe we should just source already made candied oranges from a company just to see what they are like?  So we got a sample sent to us and they were okay but kind of sugary and the fresh citrus zing just wasn't there and to be's really hard for me and Wozz to not make almost everything from scratch...we want our products to be the best so getting us to take short cuts is like pulling teeth, so hours of making candied oranges is in our future for this one.  On that note, every time you spoon out this sticky deliciousness and see a little wedge of bright orange candied goodness, think of us in the kitchen slicing oranges, poaching oranges, drying oranges, then slicing oranges   To finish off the recipe there is just a pinch of heat...just to leave a little itsy bitsy tingle in your mouth. Our sticky date candied orange chutney is a cheese pairing classic and absolutely delicious with pork, ham and duck. 

Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney for Cheese | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

So 2016 brought us right back to where it all began...Australia travelling around the countryside in an old Mercedes sprinter van selling chutney out of the "boot" at farmers markets.  We dug up the ole' toddy recipe, scrambled to find an old label to remember all of our ingredients...we reminisced on our love for sticky date pudding and wonder why Americans haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet....and I had a complete flashback to the best dessert I ever had, while having the best adventure I have ever had which was living in Europe.  So my conclusion is that  

food = experiences = nostalgia = creativity

and so there you have it.  

Our food is not about the latest fad. It's not about sriracha in everything....that caramel is hot right now...that you better start putting turmeric in something because that's the trend..."trends are NAF.  Yes in ugghhh, crap...old news.  boring...yawn...let me make a sriracha chocolate granola bar...not."    Our products are about us and we choose to develop new products and ideas based on our experiences, our adventures and on what we genuinely love.  

So on that note, take a trip down memory lane with us and check out the new products, I can tell you that the Rum Toddy Toffee will make you scream from the rooftops, the Banana Bread spread with make your jaw drop and the sticky date candied orange chutney will make you say "it's pretty sticky"...

haha...until next time's always a pleasure. xx






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Top 10 Healthy Recipes Using Wozz! Condiments and Sauces

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Happy 2016 everyone!  It's January, it's so cold and all you see on TV is ads to get back in shape, get healthy, eat clean....yada yada yada...well we are trying but when it's -13 outside I just want to sit in front of the fireplace and eat buttery bread dunked in stew and drink red wine.  But in saying that, I also do not want to be a big ole chunky pasty girl come spring so, we've come up with 10 delicious healthy recipes using our condiments, sauces and dressings that are not only good for you but taste awesome and are full of flavor. So if you found a little Wozz! in a gift basket this Christmas, it's time to get creating!

Before I get to the list of our top picks...I just want to emphasize that our condiments and sauces pair well with the simplest of meals...whether it be chicken thighs in the oven, a pork chop on the stove top or a simple couscous salad, a simple drizzle or topping of our condiments and sauces work well to add a heap of flavor without you having to change much of your cooking style.  So with these recipes below keep this in don't even need a recipe!  Throw a bit of chicken in a crockpot with our Moroccan Tomato Onion Savory Relish and there you go!  Slather some Wozz! Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread onto some chicken thighs and bake in the oven.  Dinner done. Easy. Healthy. Simple. Goodness.

So for more inspiration and recipes ideas:  Here are our top 10 healthy recipes using Wozz! Condiments and Sauces:

1.  Chicken Salad Bowls with Wozz! Spicy Tomato Kasundi Savory Sauce

Our spicy tomato kasundi savory sauce tastes like a spicy smoked amped up ketchup that is delicious on this grilled chicken salad with Israeli couscous, avocado, feta and fresh lime.  It's kind of like a bbq chicken bowl meets the Mediterranean.

Chicken Salad Bowls | Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce


 2.  Grilled Salmon with Wozz! Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

This grilled salmon recipe is so easy.  Basically just grill salmon on hot grill pan and drizzle some Wozz! Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing over top.  (just a note make sure your grill pan is brushed well with oil so it doesn't stick!)  

Grilled Salmon with Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

3. Kale Citrus Salad with Grilled Halloumi Cheese and Wozz! Spiced Beet Vinegar

This bright and lively salad with gorgeous in season blood oranges and grapefruit is perfect for beating the winter blues!  If you have never had grilled or fried halloumi cheese, you must try it. It's a cheese from Cyprus, made from sheep and goats milk and it's known as "grilling cheese".  It's mild and salty in flavor with a springy type texture similar to mozzarella.  You can find it in the gourmet cheese section in most grocery stores and coops.   

The pairing of our spiced beet vinegar, the fresh citrus and grilled halloumi is a classic medley of flavors that are delicious when combined.

Kale Citrus Salad with Spiced Beet Vinegar | Wozz! Kitchen Creations  

4. Blackened Fish with Spiced Pickled Cabbage and Wozz! Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney

This is the best fish recipe, it's so full of flavor and our pineapple chutney gives it a vibrant tropical punch!  Serve with spiced pickle cabbage or make a quick and easy rice by just folding through some Wozz! Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney with basmati, jasmine or white rice. (I told you, you don't need a recipe!)

Blackened Fish with Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney


5. Lentil Salad with Wozz! North African Chermoula Dressing

Cheap and easy.  I'll take it!  Green lentils are boiled and drained and tossed with our North African Chermoula Dressing, fresh parsley and fresh mint.  This dish can be served warm or cold, it's refreshing and lemony.  

Lentil Salad with Chermoula Dressing | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

6. Grilled Chicken Breasts Marinated in Wozz! Lychee Coconut Lime Sauce

Sweet lychee, creamy coconut and a splash of fresh lime make up our Lychee Coconut Lime Dressing which works well as a marinade and sauce.  We added a bit of chili to this recipe to give it some spice for the grill.  

Grilled Chicken with Lychee Coconut Lime Marinade

7.  Chopped Asian Chicken Salad with Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing and Sesame Toasts

Want the full flavor of a restaurant Asian salad without the fuss?  This salad is it.  Simple chopped romaine, shredded carrot, spring onions tossed with grilled chicken and our award winning Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing.  That's it.  and the sesame toasts on the side are so good..maybe not so healthy...but hey at least you are eating salad right!?  

and just fyi-  Our Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing like all of our condiments is so versatile.  Try it on this Ginger Soy Salmon, drizzle over a cold noodle salad, use it on chicken skewers, pork stir frys, over rice, etc. 

Asian Chicken Salad with Ginger Soy Dressing

8.  Baked Cod with Thai Orange Ginger Sauce

Want to know a simple easy no mess way to cook fish?  Cook it in foil or wrapped up in parchment paper and chuck it in the oven.  This method is also called "fish en papillote".  Our Thai Orange Ginger Savory Relish is perfect for fish and seafood.  It's tangy spicy and complex and adds the perfect savory zing.   You can also do a recipe like this with our award winning Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde.

Baked Cod with Thai Orange Ginger Sauce

9. Shrimp Vermicelli Salad with Sweet Orange Chili Sesame Dressing

This cold noodle salad with chilled shrimp and our spicy sweet orange chili sesame dressing is light and flavorful.  Who doesn't love a shrimp cocktail style of salad? 

Shrimp Vermicelli Salad | Sweet Orange Chili Sesame Dressing

10.  Salad Power Bowls with Wozz! Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

For the ultimate healthy vitamin packed salad bowls with no lack of flavor, this is it.  Protein packed grilled chicken salads with brown rice, cherry tomatoes, heart healthy avocados, purple cabbage and beta carotene rich roasted sweet potatoes topped with our toasty nutty and creamy Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing.  These salad bowls are delicious and a great way to start the new year's detox!

Salad Power Bowls | Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

There you have it. Our top picks for healthy recipes using Wozz! condiments and sauces...but like we always don't need a recipe! Just whack it on. Grill a piece of fish, whack it on. Make some rice, whack it on. Chop up some lettuce, whack it on. Make a sandwich, whack it on. Got it? Good!  :) 




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Heirloom Tomato Pie with Beet Vinegar Reduction

Posted on August 30, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Summer is here and the tomatoes are plentiful.  This was the first year that we were finally settled enough to have a vegetable garden and we are now addicted.  There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own food!  With all of this amazing produce we tried to come up with a few recipes to incorporate your garden harvest with some Wozz! specialty foods.  First that came to mind was this Heirloom Tomato Pie with a finishing drizzle of our Spiced Beet Vinegar (we made a reduction sauce with it and it came out delicious).   Along with this recipe, we sauteed plenty of vegetables with our ginger soy infusion dressing - check out our Sauteed Kale with Ginger Soy Infusion, also works beautifully with baby bok choy!  We made Cabbage Rolls with our Moroccan Tomato Relish and a cherry tomato, torn basil pasta salad with our Spiced Basil Cider Dressing.  As soon as potatoes are ready for harvest I will be making a Kiwi Mustard Poppyseed Potato Salad so stay tuned...until then check out this pie.

Heirloom Tomato Pie | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Heirloom Tomato Pie with Beet Vinegar Reduction Drizzle


Heirloom Tomatoes 2 1/2 lbs
Kosher Salt
Pie Crust (I used Pillsbury refrigerated dough)
Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)
Parmesan Asiago Romano cheese (shredded)
Mayonnaise 1/4 cup
Breadcrumbs 4 Tablespoons
1 medium yellow onion sliced
10-12 basil leaves chiffonnade
5 sprigs thyme leaves (discard stem)
1 Tbs fresh oregano leaves chopped
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper 
Olive Oil

Wozz! Spiced Beet Vinegar (1/2 cup)

Slice tomatoes thinly, place in colander and sprinkle with kosher salt, let sit for 30 minutes then place on paper towels to soak up water (this keeps pie from getting soggy)

In a pan on the stovetop, sautee sliced onions in olive oil until golden brown and remove from pan, set aside.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees, roll pie crust onto pie dish and pre-bake crust for 10-12 minutes until golden brown (I just followed package instructions which included pricking bottom and sides of crust with fork to let air escape while cooking to keep from bubbling)  Once golden brown, remove from oven.

Turn oven temp down to 375 degrees (this is the temperature you will cook your pie)

In a mixing bowl combine breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, onions, basil, oregano, thyme, mozzarella cheese, parmesan asiago romano mixed cheese, salt and pepper.  

Spread mixture onto bottom of pie dish, arrange your sliced tomatoes on top, top with a sprinkle of thyme, drizzle of olive oil and pepper. 

Bake for 50 minutes on 375 degrees F

To make beet vinegar reduction drizzle.

In a small saucepan on stovetop, on low to medium heat, simmer 1/2 cup Wozz! Spiced Beet Vinegar. Allow to reduce down until a thick syrup forms, be careful not to burn, the vinegar will start to bubble, remove from heat and pour into small cup, vinegar will continue to thicken upon cooling.  Drizzle over top of pie and serve. 

Spiced Beet Vinegar Reduction | Wozz! Kitchen Creations 

 Heirloom Tomato Basil Pie | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

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Taco Bar and Toppings with Wozz!

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Get your grill on and let's make some tacos Wozza style shall we? So you've received a gourmet gift basket full of Wozz! gourmet condiments, relax we've got lots of recipe suggestions for you.

Taco Bar Ingredients Guide:

Grilled Meats, Fish & Seafood:

Grilled chicken breast spiced and grilled
Beef Flank Steak Spiced and grilled
Grilled Shrimp
Blackened Fish

*Brush grill with oil prior to grilling

Flour Tortillas Grilled
Corn Tortillas Grilled

Taco Bar Toppings:
Jalapenos Grilled
Cherry Tomatoes Grilled
Pickled onions
Black Beans Drained, add a squeeze of lime, sprinkle of salt
Diced Red Peppers
Sour Cream
Fresh Cilantro, Fresh Mint, Thai Basil (whatever fresh herbs you prefer)
Bean Sprouts (if desired)
Avocado or Guacamole
Wozz Taco & Summer Grilling Condiment Collection $36 On Sale
includes the following 4 condiments:
Wozz! Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney
Wozz! Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde
Wozz! Thai Peach Basil Salsa
Wozz! Spicy Summer Mango Chutney

Simple Spice Mix For Grilled Meats:
Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Chili Powder, Juice of 1 Lemon, Salt & Pepper

Simple Spice Mix For Blackened Fish & Shrimp
Jamaican Jerk Spice Blend, Salt, Pepper, Juice of 1 Lime

Quick Pickled Onions Recipe:

1 Large Red Onion Sliced
1.5 Cup White Wine or Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tbs Kosher Salt
1/2 cup sugar
Bring salt, sugar and vinegar to a boil, add onion, turn off heat, allow onions to cool in liquid stirring to make sure onions are submerged in liquid. store in fridge.  this will work with cucumbers, cauliflower and carrots as well.


Simple Guacamole Recipe:

3-4 Avocados
1 Tomato
1 Clove Garlic
1/2 large Red Onion
2-3 Limes Juiced
Handful Cilantro
1/4 Red Pepper
Salt Pepper

In a small food processor chop tomatoes, onion, red pepper, cilantro, garlic, salt and pepper.  In a bowl crush up avocado with a fork or masher with chopped ingredients.  Squeeze in lime juice and serve. Add additional salt pepper or lime juice as needed.

Taco Combinations Featuring Wozz! Summer Taco & Grilling Collection

Shrimp Tacos: 
Grilled Shrimp, Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney, Fresh Mint

Fish Tacos:
Grilled Fish, Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde, Sour Cream or Cilantro Infused Mayo, Grilled Tortillas, Fresh Cilantro, Avocado

Grilled Fish, Thai Peach Salsa, Sour Cream

Beef Tacos:
Grilled Sirloin Beef, Spicy Summer Mango Chutney, Black Beans, Diced Red Pepper, Cilantro & Sour Cream

Grilled Sirloin Beef, Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde, Sliced Avocado, Feta Cheese, Grilled Corn

Grilled Sirloin Beef, Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde, Grilled Tomatoes, Pickled Onions, Cheese

Chicken Tacos:
Grilled Chicken, Thai Peach Salsa, Bean Sprouts, Thai Basil, Sour Cream

Grilled Chicken, Spicy Summer Mango, Black Beans, Sour Cream, Grilled Tomatoes

Grilled Chicken, Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney, Cilantro, Sour Cream

These are just a few of many combinations, mix match toppings per your liking.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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Wozz! Kitchen Creations wins sofi™ Gold and a Salute to our Fellow Makers

Posted on July 08, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Okay, so as an actual "maker" of specialty foods as in yes, we are in the kitchen every week peeling fresh vegetables, stirring pots, twisting lids and carrying boxes...we are thrilled to take the aprons off, leave the land of more pine trees than people and head down to NYC for the annual sofi™ awards to receive the sofi™ Gold for our Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde.  I guess peeling the sticky skins of tomatillos for hours and topping and tailing jalapeno after jalapeno and let's not forget peeling fresh kiwis....well I guess it's worth it?!

We were in great company at the awards ceremony with fellow Vermont producers taking home a few honors as well. Big Picture Farm won Best New Product for their Raspberry Rhubarb Goats Milk Caramel, Fat Toad Farm won Outstanding Product Line for their line of farmstead goats milk caramel sauce and Vermont Creamery took home the gold for their cultured butter sea salt basket. You can't get any more artisan than these guys...from raising your animals to the making of the products...that is straight up hard work and a whole lotta love. 

{photo courtesy of Big Picture Farm Blog}

I must add that Vermont Creamery was also nominated for their Bonne Bouche aged goats cheese which goes fantastic with our Spiced Beet Savory Spread and Balsamic Fig Mostarda....just thought I would slip that into the conversation.

Potlicker Kitchen took home a sofi™ Silver for their Carrot Cake Jam...yup carrot cake jam...and well it's THE jam.  We hung out with them at NYC's Eataly post show and closed the place much good cheese, pasta, wine...It's Eataly what can I say. 

{Vermont Sofi Winners: Potlicker Kitchen, Fat Toad Farm, Big Picture Farm and us}

We also got to share a table and a few bottles of wine with our new friends; Wackym's Cookies whose salted sour lemon cookie was nominated for a sofi™ in the cookie, cakes and brownies category...they were lovely, lovely people and Bittermilk, whose line of cocktail bitters is beautiful...they have the nicest packaging and they handcraft all their own products themselves down in Charleston, South Carolina.  They even smoke their own honey and char-grill grapefruit...don't you want a cocktail now?  That's why they were nominated for Oustanding Product Line.

I have to also give a little shout out to CoolHaus Ice Cream because if you guys didn't know it ...I work with your uncle Dr. D at the hospital. For real. Small world. And to Nella Pasta...#Boston #SOWAsundays

The sofi™ ceremony was held at the Javitz Center and not only were newbies like us celebrated but pioneers of the specialty food industry were recognized.  The founders of Dean and Deluca were one of the recipients of the lifetime achievement awards and listening to their speech was quite insightful. On opening up the first Dean and Deluca shop in NYC's soho district, co-founder Jack Ceglic spoke about the start up and how they painted the walls themselves because they had no mom was our first cashier, he said.  You realize we all start somewhere with a fire in our hearts and you learn quickly that opportunity is usually dressed in overalls.  Dean and Deluca, the big shiny storefront speckled with the best cheeses, cookware and specialty foods that you see now all over the started with one shop and a few people who had an idea. 

To be in a room a few tables across the way from these pioneers, to sit at a table and chat with fellow producers and to have won the sofi™ award  is such an honor and something we are truly grateful for.  The Specialty Food Association has been pivotal in our success, they've provided us with some amazing opportunities and we feel pretty damn lucky. ###


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Welcome To Our Blog

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Warrick Dowsett | 1 comment

After sailing the high seas for almost a decade as a private luxury yacht chef, I have retired my sea legs and started a specialty foods company. Within the last few years we have been lucky enough to have gained a great customer base, fantastic retailers and even brought home a couple sofi™ awards.  Who would have thought?  Not me, that's for sure.  However, at the end of the day, my roots bring me back to the kitchen, not to only make specialty foods, chutneys and sauces but to make everyday meals.  So I want to do more than offer you a line of gourmet products, I want to offer you basic cooking tips tricks and recipes that I have learned from my years working as a chef abroad.  I also want to keep our company personal because our food is personal.  All of our products are handcrafted by us in small batches and each product has it's own story that is ever evolving much like our own lives that we want to share with you.  So here you will find a mix of everything; Recipes, cooking lessons and tips, product posts, random stories, and a few flashbacks thrown in of our life abroad and our life welcome to our blog. 


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Shrimp Summer Rolls | Three Dipping Sauces

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Shrimp Summer Rolls | Dipping Sauces

It's been ages since I have been able to do some new recipe posts.  Finally today, Wozz and I were able to get in the kitchen and prepare some summer favorites of ours.  It's almost May so we are transitioning from crusty bread and beef stew to healthy fresh choices...we are a bit over due.   These shrimp summer rolls are just the transition fix we need.  Full of all the good stuff, fresh julienned carrots, cucumbers, mint, cilantro, shrimp but so delicious especially when dipped in 3 of our favorite sauces:  Thai Hot Pepper, Vietnamese Green Tea and Mint, and Japanese Sesame Miso.

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Gift Card Giveaway

Posted on April 18, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 1 comment

Hey guys!  We are doing a Wozz! Gift Card Giveaway!  To enter just sign up for our monthly newsletter in the sign up form below.  That's all it takes and you will be in the drawing to win a $50.00 Wozz! Gift Card.  The gift card can be used to shop our entire store from collections to gourmet condiments to fresh fruit vinegars.  Our monthly newsletter is full of recipe ideas, cooking tips, discounts and giveaways like these, so it's a win-win! 

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Giveaway Ends May 17th!  We will announce 3 lucky winners May 20th.  Don't miss your chance to win some Wozz!

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Wozz! Take 2

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Ashley Thompson | 1 comment


After 3 months of partial hibernation, late nights, design conundrums and kitchen experiments (some good, some bad) we have emerged with our NEW LOOK and NEW PRODUCTS for 2015.  It's not a complete change just a tune up. I guess we'll call it a refinement or a revamp.  We went a bit mad...

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