What is Shawarma and How To Use It in Recipes

What is Shawarma and How To Use It in Recipes

Shawarma History

What is Shawarma and how is it different from Turkish Döner, Greek Gyros and even the more modern day Mexican dish "tacos al pastor's” or "tacos al trompo"? The short answer is essentially nothing, as all of these "rotisserie" cooking styles or dishes originate from the same place and point in time. That being the Ottoman empire in the early 19th Century which is now modern day Turkey.

What is Shawarma Style Of Cooking

All of these styles of "shawarma" cooking use thin slices of seasoned meat, stacked in an inverted cone shaped skewer which are roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie or spit. Shawarma is the Arabic derivative of the Ottoman word "çevirme," which means "turning" where as the modern day Turkish word Döner is derived from donmek, which means “one that turns”. Gyro means “ring or round” and Trompo means “spinning top".

Shawarma Spice Flavor Profile

The difference between these rotisserie style cooking methods comes down to the choice of meat and with what it is seasoned with.  This as a result is where all these culinary styles carve (pun intended) their own delicious paths and where Shawarma distinctively sets itself apart. What I love about the Middle Eastern Shawarma seasoning is its layering of exotic sweet spices missing from the other styles of seasoning. Shawarma embraces spices of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. The aromatics that pour out of the kitchen or off the grill while your Shawarma is cooking, is simply so very good. Don’t worry you still have all your savory spices in there like cumin, paprika, oregano, ginger and black pepper to balance and carry the bottom end of a Shawarma seasoning flavor profile. So don’t worry, this doesn’t taste like apple pie seasoning if that's what you were thinking.

Difference Between a Dry Shawarma Spice Blend and A Shawarma Marinade

A dry Shawarma spice blend recipe will add an acid as part of the marinade recipe. Possibly vinegar, usually lemon juice along with olive oil. We here at Wozz! never satisfied to do the status quo, incorporates the addition of acid driven wet ingredients which gives us a second opportunity to layer even more flavor and increase the depth of an already wonderful deep seasoning as well as adding those necessary sour bright notes. This is what sets Wozz! Middle Eastern Shawarma apart from a regular dry spice mix. Not only is the spice blend ready to go in its entirety but we have layered the sour ingredients. Starting with candied orange for citrusy sweetness, 100% fresh orange juice, preserved lemon for a salt toned down lemon flavor, rising up to the brighter ingredients of 100% lemon juice and a little cider vinegar. All of these flavors are brought together in an infusion of black tea, and for anyone who’s been to the Middle East or Turkey knows that the sipping of tea is as customary as breathing. 

Shawarma Uses and Application

The practical application of such a deep flavored marinade is as diverse as its ingredients. Shawarma is a great way to enjoy all your flatbread and pita style sandwiches whether using shawarma marinated animal protein or vegetables. Shawarma is a wonderful marinade for beef, lamb or chicken and is a fantastic vegan seasoning for roasted cauliflower, falafel and winter root vegetables.

Additional ways to use Shawarma?  To season ground meats for meatballs, patties, cabbage rolls and kebabs. With Shawarma, you can also season rice dishes, salad ingredients like chickpeas and lentils and all your favorite dips and sides. This seasoning is not just for Middle Eastern recipes either; Its a great addition to a roast dinner, to season all your vegetable sides or for a Greek Moussaka (a Greek beef and eggplant lasagna), stuffed zucchini and of course all of your favorite soups, stews and curries.

For some easy recipes and ideas, here are our favorite ways that we use our Middle Eastern Shawarma Marinade and Sauce

1. Use Shawarma As A Chicken Marinade

One of the most classic ways to use Shawarma is to season or marinade chicken.  Once you are finished marinating the chicken in the shawarma spice, you can simply grill it or bake it and serve it with traditional sides such as hummus, garlic yogurt, grilled pita bread and salad. 

Pictured Below:  Shawarma Marinated Chicken 

Chicken Shawarma


2. Roasted Vegetables Marinated in Shawarma Seasoning

Shawarma seasoning with it's aromatic warm flavor profile is delicious with roasted root winter vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato and butternut squash.  Simply marinade your vegetables with our shawarma marinade and roast until slightly crisp and tender.   

Pictured Below:  Shawarma Roasted Vegetables with Burrata

Roasted Vegetables with Shawarma Marinade and Burrata


3. Shawarma Seasoned Grilled Lamb Koftas or Beef Meatballs

Shawarma is a wonderful seasoning or marinade for grilled lamb koftas or beef meatballs.  Serve your shawarma grilled meats with all the traditional sides:  Tomato Cucumber Salad, Tabbouleh, Red Onion, Grilled Pita, Tahini Sauce, Hummus or Yogurt Sauce.  

Pictured Below:  Shawarma Lamb Koftas with Tabbouleh and Lemon Tahini Sauce

Grilled Shawarma Lamb Koftas

4.  Shawarma Seasoned Yogurt Sauce, Dip or Flavored Hummus

Add our Middle Eastern Shawarma Sauce to Greek yogurt, a tahini sauce or to your hummus for an aromatic flavor boost for all your sandwiches, grilled pita, burgers, wraps or vegetables. 

5.  Shawarma Seasoned Roasted Cauliflower and Hummus Bowls
Super healthy and low in sugar, Shawarma is a marinade that is delightful for a number of vegan dishes from shawarma marinated cauliflower bowls to falafel and hummus salad bowls. 

6.  Shawarma Marinated Ground Beef For Cabbage Rolls or Moussaka
I love to marinade ground beef in our Middle Eastern Shawarma Marinade to make a beef and eggplant Moussaka style lasagna, to make the seasoned beef filling to cabbage rolls or to for the meat flavoring in a meat pie.   It's absolutely delicious.

7. Shawarma Marinated Beef, Lamb or Chicken or Falafel In a Warm Pita Wrap

Hands down our favorite way to enjoy Shawarma seasoning is to marinate whatever protein or veggie you want - either beef, lamb, chicken, mushrooms, cauliflower or falafel, then grill or cook to your liking, add to a warm pita with all the toppings:  yogurt sauce, hummus, tomato, cucumber, tahini sauce and then wrap up and devour!  It's is so so good!

Chicken Shawarma Pita Wrap
Middle Eastern Shawarma Seasoning and Marinade
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The Best and Easiest Ways To Use Korean BBQ Sauce

The Best and Easiest Ways To Use Korean BBQ Sauce

The Best and Easiest Ways To Use Korean BBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce.  We all have our favorite varieties and our preferred way to use it.  From sweet and spicy to smokey and molasses driven to mustard and vinegar based, there's a flavor profile for everyone. But our love affair with "BBQ, barbecue, barbeque sauce" has only become richer with the discovery of Korean barbecue sauces and what they bring to the grilling table.

What is crazy is the Korean BBQ sauce rising popularity goes back to the 17th century and its origins can be traced as far back as the Goguryeo Dynasty in 37 BC. What!? Does this make Korean barbecue sauce the Godfather of grilling sauces. I'm starting to think so.

A Korean barbecue sauce is a balancing act of soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin, sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger, and garlic. A sweet sauce with deep umami undertones brought about by the soy sauce, sesame oil and in spicy versions the addition of gochujang paste.  Of course we at Wozz! always looking to take our favorite traditional sauces and turn them up a couple of notches, so along with a traditionally fermented gochujang paste we also included fresh pickled raspberries to add a subtle fresh acid and brightness.

What sets a Korean barbecue sauce apart from our favorite American BBQ sauce is the insurmountable versatility this sauce brings. Typically beef, pork or chicken are used and whether applying traditional Korean BBQ styles or sticking to American BBQ cooking methods, the results are equally spectacular.  But Korean barbecue sauce can go further and is commonly used in side dishes of vegetables, rice, noodle or egg dishes and even salads.  These are some of our favorites ways to use Korean barbecue sauce.

1. Korean Beef Bulgogi

The most easily recognized use for Korean barbecue sauce is beef bulgogi.  Beef bulgogi is usually made from thinly sliced marinated beef sirloin or tenderloin that is cooked quickly over either a hot grill pan, outdoor barbecue or pan fried.  

Pictured Below:

Beef Bulgogi with Wozz! Korean Raspberry Gochujang Barbecue Sauce

Beef Bulgogi with Korean Barbecue Sauce

2. Glazed Salmon with Korean BBQ Sauce

Our Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce is a fantastic marinade and glazing sauce for salmon.  Simply pan sear your salmon and then glaze it with the Korean barbecue sauce and pop it under the broiler.  An easy weeknight meal that can be served with steamed veggies or rice.

Pictured Below:  Salmon glazed in Wozz! Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce

Salmon Glazed with Korean Barbecue Sauce

3. Korean Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a Korean fried rice dish with assorted vegetables and meat.  It's usually topped off with a fried egg and it all comes together with a gochujang based bibimbap sauce.  There are a few variations of bibimbap sauce and our Korean Raspberry Gochujang Barbecue Sauce works well in this dish.  We like ours with sauteed spinach, carrots, bean sprouts, pickled veggies and ground beef. 

4. Korean Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Korean barbecue pulled pork sandwiches are a crowd favorite!  A great pick for a summer grill party or game day.  You can slow roast your pork in the oven or in the smoker and once finished, you just shred your pork and toss it with sweet sticky Korean barbecue sauce.  Pile it up on a bun and serve with a kimchi slaw or cucumber pickle.  

Pictured Below:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Korean BBQ Sauce

Korean Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwiches

5. Korean Barbecue Salad Dressing or Drizzle Sauce

Thin down your Korean barbecue sauce with a little rice wine vinegar, you can also add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime and use as a dressing for chopped veggie salads and cold Asian noodle salads. 

6. Korean Barbecue Sauce For Stir-fry, Tofu and Noodles

Stir fry vegetables and your choice of protein in Korean barbecue sauce and serve over rice or noodles.  We make Korean rice bowls with Korean bbq glazed chicken, beef or tofu and add a little fresh flair with edamame beans, fresh herbs or pickled veggies.  

Pictured Below:  Korean Gochujang Barbecue Glazed Tofu Bowls with Edamame, Fresh Herbs

Korean BBQ Gochujang Tofu Bowls

7. Korean Barbecue Dipping Sauce

Our Korean Raspberry Gochujang Barbecue Sauce makes a terrific dipping sauce for summer rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, fried wontons, beef skewers and crispy Korean pancakes. 

8. Korean BBQ Grilled Chicken, Steak and Pork

As you grill your steak, chicken or pork, baste it with Korean barbecue sauce just like you would with regular ole barbecue sauce. We love to marinate steak tips in our Korean Raspberry Gochujang Sauce, they are so flavorful!  Serve your grilled meats with traditional coleslaw or with an Asian style slaw made with fresh mango, cabbage and fresh cilantro or mint.  

Pictured Below:  Grilled Barbecue Chicken with Korean Barbecue Sauce


Grilled Chicken with Korean Barbecue Sauce

9.  Glaze Meatballs in Sticky Korean Barbecue Sauce Glaze

Heat up your Korean BBQ Sauce is a saucepan and glaze your meatballs or add to crockpot meatballs for a delicious party appetizer.  Add the meatballs to a sub sandwich with pickled cucumber, cabbage or kimchi and matchstick carrots, mayo and a bit of fresh herbs.  Yum!   You can also add your sticky glazed Korean meatballs to a rice bowl with a fresh herb salad of cilantro, radish, green onion and salad greens and add a side of kimchi for a delicious weeknight dinner. 

10. Korean BBQ Chicken Skewers

Marinate cut chicken pieces in Korean BBQ Sauce and thread onto skewers and grill until caramelized and slightly charred on the outside but still tender on the middle.  A must-have summer BBQ grilling recipe!

Pictured Below:  Korean BBQ Chicken Skewers with Grilled Radicchio Salad and Raspberry Vinegar

Korean BBQ Marinated Chicken Skewers

There you have it, our best and easiest ways to use Korean Barbecue Sauce.  This sauce is so versatile and full of flavor, it should be a staple in everyone's pantry. 

Wozz! Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce was winner of the NYC Fancy Food Show Sofi Gold For Best BBQ Sauce.

Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce


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Best Ways To Use Sweet Chili Sauce

Best Ways To Use Sweet Chili Sauce

Best Ways To Use Sweet Chili Sauce

Oh the love affair we all have with a good sweet chili sauce.  It's got to be sweet yet tangy and savory with a meaningful chili kick (not overwhelmingly spicy but you've got to experience a good bit of oomph).  Most sweet chili sauces are Asian in origin and are made with a combination of chilis including Fresno and Thai chilis, fresh garlic, rice wine vinegar or citrus juices, sugar for the sweetness and may contain other ingredients including ginger or fish sauce.  

Over the years, here at Wozz, we have developed a few sweet chili sauces including our Asian inspired Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce, our Thai Hot Pepper Jelly, and our Vietnamese Mint Lime and Chili Sauce.  All 3 of these sauces are made with fresh non GMO ingredients including fresh chilis and fresh garlic so they taste fresh, vibrant, are layered with umami flavor and of course all display a nice moderate level of chili kick (with no added preservatives or junk).

Whether you have any of our sweet chili sauces in your fridge or a different brand or you make your own, here are our favorite ways to use sweet chili sauce.

1.  Sweet Chili Sauce as A Dipping Sauce For Coconut Shrimp

Nothing is as delicious as crispy coconut shrimp dipped in sweet chili sauce!  Great for game day, as a holiday appetizer or just everyday entertaining.

Pictured Below:  Coconut Shrimp Dipped in Wozz Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce

Coconut Shrimp Dipped In Sweet Chili Sauce

2.  As A Sweet Chili Glazing Sauce For Salmon

Many of our customers love to use our Thai Hot Pepper Jelly and our Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce on salmon.  Simply cook your salmon to your liking and finish with the sauce poured over top and popped under the broiler for a few minutes for a delicious sweet chili glaze. 

Pictured Below:  Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon Bowls

Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon Bowls 

3.  Sweet Chili Sauce For Chinese Orange Chicken

Copycat recipe right here.  If you love General Tso's Chicken (Chinese Orange Chicken) like we do, then this recipe below is just what you need.  Instead of ordering out this weekend, you can make this right at home.  

Pictured Below: Chinese Orange Chicken with Sweet Orange Sesame Chili Sauce

Chinese Orange Chicken with Sweet Orange Sesame Chili Sauce 

4.  Make a Sweet Chili Dressing For Noodle Salads

Our Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce is made with fresh orange, sesame oil, fresh lime, fresh chili and it has a nice balance of sweet heat but it's citrusy and bright so it makes a wonderful dressing for Asian noodle salads.  If you have straight up sweet chili sauce, you can always add a little rice wine vinegar or fresh lime to liven up your sauce to use as a salad dressing.  

Pictured Below:  Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Shrimp and Sweet Chili Dressing

Shrimp and Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Sweet Chili Dressing

5.  Use A Sweet Chili Sauce For Dipping Potstickers, Dumplings, Spring Rolls or Rice Paper Rolls

Sweet chili sauce is a classic dipping sauce for so many appetizers from potstickers to spring rolls to wontons to chicken fingers and crab rangoons.  A great alternative to traditional duck sauce.  We love it with rice paper rolls. Our Vietnamese Mint Lime and Chili Sauce and our Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce are both our favorite dipping sauces here at Wozz.

Pictured Below:  Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls with 3 Wozz! Dipping Sauces:  Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce, Vietnamese Mint Lime Chili Sauce and Japanese Sesame Miso Sauce

Rice Paper Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

6. Use As A Stir Fry Sauce

You can use sweet chili sauce as an ingredient to add to any stir fry from beef and broccoli to tofu and veggies. Adding additional ingredients to the sauce including soy sauce, fresh garlic, ginger or sesame oil can add additional layers of flavor to your sweet chili stir fry.  Our favorite pick for stir fry's is our Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce because it's layered with fresh orange citrus, sesame oil, fresh garlic and organic tamari.

Pictured Below: Spicy Orange Beef with Green Beans Stir-Fry made with Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce   

7. A Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce For Meatballs

Toss meatballs in a sweet chili sauce for the perfect party food or serve over rice for an easy weeknight meal.  You can also use any leftovers to make a meatball sub.  

Pictured Below:  Thai Hot Pepper Jelly Chicken Meatball Sub {Banh Mi Style}

Thai Hot Pepper Jelly Meatball Sub

8. A Dipping Sauce For Chicken Tenders or Grilled Chicken Skewers

9. As A Sweet Chili Dressing For A Thai Chicken Salad

A Thai chicken salad is made with lettuce, cilantro, shaved cabbage, bean sprouts, grape tomatoes, cashews, cucumber and red onion.  Shredded chicken breasts is added to the salad and it's dressed in a tangy sweet chili citrus dressing.  You can add rice wine vinegar, lime juice or fresh orange juice to sweet chili sauce and dress this salad.  

10. Drizzle Sweet Chili Sauce over Thai Fish Cakes 

Thai fish cakes are made with flaky white fish cut into chunks and mixed with red curry paste, cilantro, egg whites, corn flour, lime juice and fish sauce.  They are pan fried and served with a side of sweet chili sauce for dipping.  They are delish.

11. A Dipping Sauce For Potato Wedges or Topping For Baked Potato

Instead of ketchup, serve potato wedges or top a baked potato with sweet chili sauce and sour cream.  A pub food favorite. 

Pictured Below:  Crispy Potato Wedges with Thai Hot Pepper Jelly Chili Sauce and Sour Cream

Potato Wedges with Sweet Chili Sauce 

12.  Drizzle over Pulled Pork Sandwiches or Vietnamese Pork Bowls

A good sweet chili sauce is delicious drizzled over pulled pork or used as a salad dressing over crispy Vietnamese pork bowls with sliced cucumber, matchstick carrots, cilantro and noodles.  Yum!

Pictured Below:  Vietnamese Pork Bowls with our Vietnamese Mint Lime Sweet Chili Sauce

Vietnamese Crispy Pork Bowls with Vietnamese Mint Lime Sweet Chili Sauce

13. Drizzle Sweet Chili Sauce over Tacos or Lettuce Wraps

From sweet chili shrimp tacos to Thai chicken lettuce wraps to San Choy Bow (Chinese lettuce wraps), sweet chili sauce can be added to your ground pork or chicken or it can be simply used as a topping for extra flavor and spice.  Try drizzled over Baja style fish tacos with a creamy slaw. 

14.  Serve with Cheese and Crackers

Serve sweet chili sauce with cream cheese for a quick and easy no-fuss appetizer.  An easy dish to put out when friends and family turn up for a casual visit.

Pictured Below:  Cream Cheese and Crackers with Thai Hot Pepper Jelly

15. Drizzle Sweet Chili Sauce over Scrambled Eggs or a Breakfast Sandwich

16. Drizzle Sweet Chili Sauce over Pork Chops

17. A Sandwich Sauce

Mix sweet chili with mayo for a sweet creamy and spicy sandwich sauce.  Spread on a Vietnamese banh mi style sandwich or a shaved beef sandwich with cilantro and cucumber slices.  

18. Sweet Chili Wing Sauce

Toss baked or fried chicken wings in a sweet chili sauce for an easy appetizer or game day snack.

Pictured Below:  Sweet Chili Wings with Orange and Sesame

Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili Sauce


19. Sweet Chili Dressing For A Cucumber Salad or Veggie Dip

For a lighter dish, toss fresh cucumber slices in sweet chili sauce with a splash of rice wine vinegar and garnish with sesame seeds.

20. Use Sweet Chili Sauce as A Tossing Sauce For Fried Cauliflower or Veggie Tempura 

Fried cauliflower bites or broccoli tempura is delicious served with a side of sweet chili dipping sauce.

If you are looking for a Sweet Chili Sauce that is an all around versatile sauce that can be used for stir-fry, dipping, salads and drizzling, check out Wozz! Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce.  

Pictured Below:  Wozz! Sweet Chili Sauces Set

Sweet Chili Sauces Set


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Our Favorite Dipping Sauces For Potstickers, Shrimp, Chicken...Everything!

Our Favorite Dipping Sauces For Potstickers, Shrimp, Chicken...Everything!

When you really think about it, in the world of food, eating and entertaining, we dip a lot.  People love dips - hot dips, cold dips, creamy dips, dipping sauces, hot sauces, condiments, all things dip.  In so many of our meals we incorporate a good ole' dipping sauce; spicy ketchup for dipping fries, sweet chili sauce for dipping dumplings, creamy ranch for dipping chips, pepper jelly for dipping crackers, barbecue sauce for dipping chicken, marinara for fried calamari, it goes on and on and on and on.  You get the point.  So we decided to round up of all of our favorite dipping sauces here at Wozz! to give you a new perspective on dipping.  It doesn't have to be boring ranch or honey mustard anymore, we've got so many options that will take your dipping to a whole new level. 

1. Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce - A Favorite Dipping Sauce For Chicken Satay and Lettuce Wraps

Our Cambodian Peanut Coconut Sauce has a kick fresh lime, chili and southeast Asian spices. It is the ultimate dipping sauce for chicken satay and is terrific with rice paper rolls, spring rolls, vegetables, Thai lettuce wraps and shrimp.

2. Sweet Chili Orange and Sesame Sauce - A Thai Chili Dipping Sauce For Shrimp, Spring Rolls and Dumplings

Our Thai style Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce is a customer favorite here at Wozz.  Use as a sweet and spicy Thai chili Dipping Sauce for potstickers, dumplings, egg rolls, spring rolls or wontons.  Serve as a dipping sauce for potato wedges with sour cream or serve alongside grilled shrimp skewers, lettuce wraps or crab rangoons.   

Pictured Below:  Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

3. Korean Raspberry Gochujang Barbecue Sauce - A Korean BBQ Sauce For Dipping Grilled Steak and Pulled Pork

A sticky spicy Korean barbecue sauce for dipping grilled steak tips, ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.  Also delicious as a barbecue sauce for dipping gyoza, beef kebabs and chicken wings.

4. Ginger Soy Sauce - Our Favorite Potsticker Dipping Sauce

Our award winning ginger soy sauce takes your potstickers to the next level of dipping.  Similar to a Japanese ponzu sauce, our ginger soy sauce is used as a dipping sauce for dumplings, sashimi, seared tuna (add a little wasabi for a kick), fried tempura and grilled steak tips.  

5.  Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce - A Tomato BBQ Dipping Sauce For Grilled Chicken, Crispy Fries and Sausages

Our Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce is a cross between a globally inspired ketchup and a smoky spicy barbecue sauce. This is a dipping sauce for all things barbecue from dipping crispy potatoes, sweet potato fries, burgers, sausages, grilled chicken and hot dogs.

6.  Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde - A Salsa Verde For All Your Mexican Favorites

Our kiwi lime salsa verde is the perfect accompaniment to all your Mexican dishes!  Drizzle this salsa on nachos, enchiladas or fish tacos.  Use as a vibrant spicy dipping salsa for taquitos and quesadillas.  We make a fantastic guacamole with this salsa for dipping tortillas.

7. Southern Style Rustic Mustard - A Hearty Wholegrain Mustard For Dipping Pretzels, Hot Dogs and Sausages

For all the mustard lovers, our Southern Style Rustic Mustard can be used as a dip for cheese, charcuterie, crackers and pretzels.  It's also a great one for all your barbecue favorites -  sausages, brats, hot dogs and grilled pork chops.  

8. Spicy Summer Mango Chutney - Sweet and Spicy Mango Chutney For Chicken, Indian and Coconut Shrimp

Our sweet and spicy mango chutney makes a fantastic dipping sauce for chicken, coconut shrimp, Indian samosas and papadums.  Serve on the table to spoon over chicken tacos, grilled pork chops or spicy grilled chicken.

Pictured Below: Indian Grilled Chicken with 3 Dipping Sauces:  Mango Chutney, Cilantro Mint Sauce and Yogurt Raita

9. Vietnamese Mint Chili and Lime Dipping Sauce - A Nuoc Cham Style Dipping Sauce 

2x NYC Fancy Food Show sofi Gold winner for best sauce.  This Vietnamese inspired Nuoc Cham dipping sauce is absolutely delicious!  It's sweet yet tangy and lime-y with a little chili kick.  It's a vibrant dipping sauce for rice paper rolls, spring rolls, savory crepes and Vietnamese pancakes and delicious for dipping lamb kebabs, grilled chicken skewers, shrimp and dumplings.  One of our favorites dipping sauces in our line-up.

10.  Serrano Cilantro Lime Hot Sauce - For Those Who Dip Everything in Hot Sauce

Our serrano cilantro lime hot sauce is super fresh and vibrant with a heat level of 7/10. Use this hot sauce on your scrambled eggs, pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, tacos, tortilla chips, literally everywhere. Mix with mayo or sour cream for a creamy dip or stir into a cheese dip for an amazing queso! 

There you have it, 10 Wozz sauces and condiments that will take your dipping to a whole new level.  

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Press Release: Wozz Globally Inspired Cooking Sauces Win 3 Pretigious Gold sofi™ Awards

Press Release: Wozz Globally Inspired Cooking Sauces Win 3 Pretigious Gold sofi™ Awards

Press Release News

Wozz Trio of Globally Inspired Cooking Sauces Wine 3 Prestigious Gold sofi™ Awards at 2022 NYC Fancy Food Show

Bethlehem, NH (May 9, 2022)Wozz! Kitchen Creations, a NH based specialty foods company has earned the specialty foods industry’s highest honor, the prestigious sofi™ Gold award for 3 products in 3 categories.

Nearly 2000 Products Competed for the Specialty Food Association’s Top Honors

GOLD Winner: Vietnamese Green Tea & Mint Dressing, Dipping Sauce & Marinade – A Vietnamese dipping sauce better known as nuoc cham, with the unexpected twist of organic green tea, fresh mint, sweetened lime and chili.  A sweet savory and tangy salad dressing, a marinade for grilled chicken and lamb chops and a delicious dipping sauce for rice paper rolls and shrimp. 

Category:  Condiment, Marinade and Dressing

GOLD Winner:  Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce – A Korean inspired barbecue sauce infused with tart raspberries, toasted sesame, organic tamari, fresh garlic and umami rich gochujang. Serve with Korean style steak, beef bulgogi, pulled pork and glazed salmon.

Category:  Barbecue Sauce 

GOLD Winner:  North African Chermoula Sauce – A bold and bright fusion of fresh lemon, cilantro, fresh ginger and simmered spices including cumin, paprika and saffron.  A traditional Moroccan cooking sauce for fish, tagine, chicken, lamb, couscous and lentils.

Category:  Sauce 

“We are sincerely honored to be awarded 3 sofi™ Gold awards,” says Warrick Dowsett, former Sydney Australia trained chef and owner of Wozz! Kitchen Creations. “We always strive for excellence in every product we make, focusing on fresh local ingredients, superior craftmanship and attention to all the fine details that create intricate and delicious flavor profiles.  Winning a sofi™ award is a true testament to our dedication to the craft and we are very grateful.”

About Wozz!  

Wozz! Kitchen Creations is a specialty foods company based in the White Mountains of NH.  The company produces a line of globally influenced cooking sauces, grilling sauces, marinades and chutneys, a line of savory jams and spreads for cheese and charcuterie pairings and a line of slow infused vinegars and cocktail mixers.  Using fresh local non gmo ingredients and custom blended aromatics, Wozz has been praised by industry leaders, award winning chefs and fine food purveyors for their exceptional flavor profiles, innovation and quality consistency. The company was founded by Warrick Dowsett and his wife Ashley Thompson in 2010.  Prior to starting the company, Warrick spent nearly a decade working as private luxury yacht chef in Europe, Asia and Central America. 

“Our goal at Wozz is for people to take a memorable culinary experience and be able to recreate it at home.  From Cambodian noodles to Korean steak to a sophisticated cheese and charcuterie board. All you need is a few ingredients and a bottle or jar of Wozz.” - Warrick Dowsett, owner 

Wozz! Kitchen Creations has received a total of 16 sofi™ awards in the past 10 years making them one of the most awarded young specialty food companies in the industry. 

The Specialty Food Association (SFA) has been the leading trade association in the $170.4 billion specialty food industry for 70 years.  The SFA is known for it’s fancy food shows and the sofi™ awards, which have honored excellence in specialty food and beverage for 50 years.

Wozz sells wholesale to independent retailers, grocery stores, delis, coops, olive oil stores, gift stores and cheese shops across the country.  Click here for wholesale information.  


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How To Use Japanese Sesame Dressing?  Let Us Count The Ways.

How To Use Japanese Sesame Dressing? Let Us Count The Ways.

If you’ve ever been out to a Japanese restaurant you know the dressing I am talking about, that nutty tangy sesame ginger dressing that is drizzled over that shredded lettuce salad or served as a sauce with Hibachi grilled steak and chicken.  It’s nutty, slightly sweet, tangy and pretty addicting.   

{Now I am not talking about our Ginger Soy Sauce, that is similar to the Benihana’s ginger dipping sauce, it’s sweeter and more of a dipping sauce - if you are looking for this kind of sauce, you can find that here.}

Our Japanese Sesame Miso Sauce is tangier, nuttier and more savory than sweet and is one of my favorites of all our sauces and dressings (not that I like to pick favorites).  We make this in the most traditional way, we simmer together tahini and sesame with organic tamari, a homemade dashi stock, fresh ginger, saki and mirin.  We balance the flavor with a touch of sweet, umami and vinegar tang.

Our Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing is one of our routine go-to’s for not only a salad dressing but a marinade and sauce for a number of dishes - and the clincher – it’s very low in sugar, vegan and still so good (a good pick for healthy keto dinners or plant based meals).  From dipping wontons to drizzling over avocado toast, to marinating chicken skewers and dressing noodles and simple greens, here are our favorite ways to use our Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing, Sauce and Marinade.

1. Japanese Sesame Dressing As A Salad Dressing

Well of course, one of our favorite ways to use our Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing is as a dressing for a variety of salads.  Drizzle this dressing over a simple spinach or shredded lettuce salad, mix in an Asian coleslaw or add to a chopped Oriental chicken salad with almonds, shredded cabbage and carrots.   

Pictured Recipe Below:  Kale Salad with Crispy Chickpeas and Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing

2. Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing as a Dipping Sauce

From grilled chicken skewers to fried shrimp, rice paper rolls and potstickers, our Japanese Sesame Miso makes a fantastic dipping sauce!  It’s got all those flavor profiles going on, the slightly sweet, the nutty, the tang…the creaminess…it’s all there…so let’s dip.  

Pictured Recipe Below: Rice Paper Rolls with Japanese Dipping Sauce

3. Japanese Sesame Miso Sauce Drizzled Over All Your Roasted Vegetables

Our Japanese Sesame Sauce makes all those roasted vegetables taste so good.  I like to slow roast carrots in the oven with our Japanese Sesame Miso drizzled over top then finish with a little drizzle of honey, more sesame miso and sesame seeds. You can also add a sprinkle of chili flakes if you want a bit of heat.  I use our Japanese Sesame Dressing over roasted brussels sprouts, butternut squash and roasted eggplant and it's vegan, so if you are focused on eating more plant based foods, this sauce is a good one to have on hand.

Pictured Below:  Roasted Carrots with Japanese Sesame Dressing and Honey

4.  Japanese Dressing Makes A Fantastic Steak Sauce

Grilled hibachi steak drizzled with our Japanese Dressing or serve on the side to dip your steak in.  That's all I have to say about this one. 

5. Japanese Sesame Dressing as a Marinade For Chicken, Pork and Beef

My number #1 simple go-to healthy dinner is chicken skewers marinated in our Japanese Sesame Dressing / Sauce served with a side salad of baby spinach drizzled with the Japanese Sesame as well.  It’s easy and incredibly satisfying.  When protein and salad or veggies is what you want, with no lack of flavor, this sauce is the b-o-m-b.   I also mix our Japanese Sesame Dressing with mayonnaise and serve it as a drizzle sauce over pork schnitzel (panko crumbed and fried thin pork cutlets).  It's delicious.

Pictured Recipe Below:  Chicken Skewers Marinated in Japanese Sesame Sauce

6. Japanese Sesame Miso Sauce As A Seafood Sauce and Fish Marinade

Slow marinated cod, salmon or mahi mahi with our Japanese Sesame Miso Sauce is a classic way to prepare fish.  Pat dry your fish pieces, then marinate for 24 hours in the Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing.  Pan fry the fish fillets in a skillet with hot oil for a couple minutes each side then transfer to oven at 400 degrees F and bake for 5-8 minutes and serve (cooking times will vary based on size of fish fillets).  You can drizzle extra Japanese Sesame Sauce on your fish right before taking out of oven for an extra glaze.

7. Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing As a Sandwich Sauce

Slather our Japanese Sesame Dressing over a roast beef bulkie roll, banh mi, fried chicken sandwich, veggie wrap or drizzle over your next avocado toast.  It also makes a great marinade for grilling portabello mushrooms.  Try this Japanese Sesame Marinated Mushroom Burger recipe pictured below:

8. Japanese Sesame Dressing Over Noodles

Drizzle this dressing all over your cold noodle salads, add a bit of cucumber, red pepper, scallions or bean sprouts with a dash of sesame seeds.  This makes a simple, delicious lunch option and makes a nice side salad for a picnic, outdoor summer dinner or bbq event. I like to use soba noodles. 

Pictured Recipe Below:  Soba Noodle Salad with Japanese Dressing, Cucumber and Nori

There you have it.  A variety of ways to use our Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing, Marinade and Sauce at home.  Now you don't have to wait till your next Japanese hibachi restaurant experience to indulge in the goodness.



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Cocktail Recipes Using Wozz Infused Vinegar Shrubs

Cocktail Recipes Using Wozz Infused Vinegar Shrubs

What is a Cocktail Vinegar or Shrub?

Adding flavored vinegar or what some call shrubs or tonics to cocktails is not a new trend, in fact, "shrubs" which by definition is "a beverage made by adding acidulated fruit juice to water" have been around since the pre-refrigeration days of the colonial era.  Fruit was preserved in vinegar and mixed with sugar or honey, essentially creating a juice or cordial that could be used to mix in water or alcohol for a simple drink or cocktail.  

Whole Fruits and Aromatic Spices Infused in Non GMO Apple Cider Vinegar For A Healthy Alternative To Traditional Simple Syrup Commonly Used in Cocktails

We started making our finishing vinegars back in 2010 and we follow the same process, we slow infuse fresh whole fruit ingredients in apple cider vinegar, add a bit of sweetness to extract the natural juices from the fruit, add herbs and aromatic spices and then we patiently wait and allow all the flavors to combine before we bottle.  It's a labor of love but the process is worth it.  The resulting vinegars have a slightly thicker consistency, rich natural fresh flavor, vibrant color and just enough sweetness to balance the acidity.   A common addition to many cocktail recipes is to add a simple syrup that you make at home, basically equal parts sugar and water dissolved on the stovetop with added herbs, fruits, vegetables added for whatever flavor you desire.  Our infused vinegars take this step out for you plus we use healthy apple cider vinegar and a medley of antioxidant rich spices in our vinegar shrubs so theirs more involved than just a simple syrup.  Just to note as well, we use all fresh fruits and vegetables in our vinegars, no concentrates and no purees.  So in example in our Lemon Thyme Vinegar Cocktail Mixer, we hand cut all fresh lemons and infuse bunches of fresh fragrant thyme with cider vinegar making it a bright lemony delicious addition to your cocktails. 

Our vinegars are not only served as a tonic for cocktails and seltzer but can be used as a healthy salad dressing for your everyday lunch greens or roasted vegetables but in this blog post we are going to focus on our favorite cocktail recipes using our fruit infused vinegars.  

A Basic Guide To Constructing A Cocktail Using Shrubs

1 -2 ounces of your choice liquor (Gin, Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka)
1-2 ounces of your choice shrub
Top up glass with desired amount of seltzer water.  I like to use no calorie flavored seltzers (lime, lemon, cranberry, strawberry, etc.) 

Garnish with fresh lime. lemon or orange slices or whatever fruit depending on your cocktail
Garnish with fresh sprigs of herbs if desired (thyme sprig, mint leaves, etc)

Serve in low ball glass with ice, stirred. 

{This is a basic shrub cocktail recipe, you can certainly add ingredients such as aromatic bitters, orange juice, ginger beer, ginger ale, champagne, grenadine, etc to your recipes ~ it all just depends on what type of cocktail you are making}

Okay now let's get to the good stuff.

Our Favorite Cocktails Using Wozz! Fruit Infused Vinegar Shrubs

1.  Lemon Thyme Margaritas featuring our Lemon Thyme Vinegar Cocktail Mixer Shrub Recipe

Fresh hand cut lemons and bouquets of fragrant fresh thyme with cider vinegar is how me make this delicious super lemony and fragrant shrub.  It is one of my favorite picks of our vinegar shrubs and can be mixed with Gin, Vodka, Tequila, or Bourbon.  This is definitely my go-to at home cocktail mixer.

 2. Strawberry Rhubarb Mojitos Featuring Spiced Strawberry Rhubarb Vinegar Cocktail Shrub Mixer.

I describe this Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub as "the taste of summer".  Its like strawberry rhubarb pie, intensely strawberry yet a little tart from rhubarb with warm aromatic spices.  It's just so good and it's amaaazing in these mojitos.  I love the combination of strawberries and fresh mint.  This is a summer's day porch cocktail.

 3. Pear Ginger Dark and Stormy Featuring our Spiced Pear Ginger Vinegar Cocktail Shrub

Who doesn't love a good dark and stormy?  Our Spiced Pear Ginger Vinegar Shrub is made with fresh cut pears, peppery ginger root and aromatic spices including star anise and bay leaf.  Mix this with rum, ginger beer and fresh lime.

4.  Grapefruit Tequila Paloma featuring Wozz! Grapefruit Juniper and Honey Shrub. 

Grapefruit Juniper and Honey is another favorite shrub of mine for cocktails. We use ruby red Texas grapefruit in this shrub and the citrus is so refreshing, the juniper and honey along with a touch of bitter from the grapefruit give a nice depth and complexity to this shrub making it a good all rounder for most alcohols from Gin to Bourbon. 

5.  Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail Featuring our Cranberry Saffron Vinegar Shrub Cocktail Mixer

A festive fall and holiday cocktail using Wozz! Cranberry Saffron Vinegar Shrub.  Cranberries infused with fresh orange, warm winter spices, cider vinegar and velvety saffron.  

There you have it, 5 of our favorite cocktails made using our handcrafted slow infused vinegar shrubs.  

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How To Create A Dessert Cheese Board

How To Create A Dessert Cheese Board

Whether you are entertaining friends and family or cozing up by the fireplace on a cold winters night, a dessert cheese board is a wonderful way to end an evening.  Pairing cheese with slightly sweeter accompaniments and pairing with dessert wines, ports and stouts can be a nice change from the classic dessert menu.  We've created a simple yet sophisticated dessert cheese plate to put together that makes a delicious spread for any occasion, whether it's a summer night picnic or holiday gathering.   Choosing the cheese selection and accompaniments doesn't have to be complicated or an over thought process, but it should be a selection of complimentary pairings so it's not confusing to the palate.

Which Cheese To Choose For A Dessert Cheese Board

Some of our favorite varieties of cheese for a dessert inspired cheese plate are as follows:

1. Nutty Hard Chees such as Manchego, Aged Gouda and Aged Cheddar.  They are slightly sweet and nutty with a slight caramel flavor which pairs wonderfully with dried or fresh fruits, nuts and sweeter crackers such as oat biscuits and are a lovely match for caramel sauce including our Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce.  

2. Soft Ripened Bloomy Rind Cheese - These are your classic brie and camembert cheese varieties.  They are baked and gooey with a mushroomy rich buttery flavor and pair well with full forward fruit jams such as our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote or Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote.  They also pair well with candied walnuts, pecans, honey and fresh fruits.  Look for a triple cream brie variety for extra creamy decadence and pair with champagne and strawberries.

3.  Blue Cheese - Creamy blue cheese that is a bit more salty and pungent can be a nice contrast to a sweeter pairing, such as caramel or fruit jam on a dessert cheese board.  It's like the ying to the yang for your palate.  Pair blue cheese with a savory sweet biscuit such as Effies Rye Cakes or Effies Cocoa Cakes and top with with our Rum Toddy Toffee Caramel Sauce or our Sour Cherry Compote for a sophisticated sweet and savory delight.  Blue cheese pairs well with dried apricots, dark chocolate and walnuts.  A delicious blue brie blend cheese, named Cambozola (the blue label) is a nice choice for a dessert cheese board because it's a cross between a brie and a mild blue cheese with an uber creamy texture.

4. Goats Cheese -  Creamy fresh chevre and aged goats cheese are a wonderful addition to a dessert cheese board.  You can dress up goats cheese with a variety of topping from crushed marcona almonds and honey to cranberry chutney or fig spread.  There are many options in the cheese section of your grocery store to purchase goats cheese that already has fruit in it.  I like to pair goats cheese with fruit and nut crisp crackers and a drizzle of honey or side of fruit jams or chutney to give a little sweetness to the tangy goats cheese.  One of my favorite pairings is our Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote with Vermont Creamery's Coupole Aged Goats Cheese.  Serve with a glass of sweet Riesling for an after dinner dessert treat.

Accompaniments For A Dessert Cheese Board

When creating a dessert style cheese board it's nice to have the addition of some sweeter accompaniments such as dried fruit, honey, caramel, candied nuts, fruit jams and spreads and sweeter style crackers, however it's also important to have a contrast of fresh light ingredients which include fresh fruit and plain crackers.  You don't want the pairings sickly sweet or overly indulgent especially if you are pairing with dessert wines or rich ports. These are our favorite accompaniments:

1. Crackers and Biscuits:  I like to have a variety of crackers from sweeter varieties to more salty savory and plain varieties.  Sometimes if you have a pungent blue cheese, you may want the contrast of a sweet cracker but if you are having a richer buttery style cheese such as brie with honey and walnuts, you may want to serve that on a plain cracker or piece of crusty bread to offset the richness.  So have a selection of crackers to choose from.  For our dessert style cheese board, we used rosemary sea salt water crackers for the more savory option, Jan's fruit and nut cranberry pistachio crisps for the sweet and savory option and Effies Rye Cakes and Cocoa Cakes for the lightly sweeter option.

2. Dried Fruits and Fresh Fruits:  I like to use dried fruits such as apricots and dates and fresh fruits such as strawberries, fresh pear slices, grapes or fresh green apple slices.  The fresh fruits act as a palate cleanser and add a little acidity to the plate. Fresh fruits such as grapes are a classic pairing for any cheese plate.

3. Nuts:  You can serve walnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds or macadamia nuts with your cheese.  Lightly toasting them will bring out their flavor or you can candy them for a more special occasion.  I like to add candied rosemary walnuts or pecans to a holiday dessert cheese board.  If you are choosing a baked brie or camembert wheel to include on your board you can top this with toasted nuts, fruit spreads, honey and a pinch of fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme.

Pictured Below:  Baked Brie with Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote, Pecans and Fresh Thyme

4. Fruit Spread, Compotes and Jams:  I like to have at least 1 fruit spread or compote on my dessert cheese plate and my favorite go-to's are our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote and Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote (with balsamic and rosemary).  I think these both pair well with a variety of cheese, especially your brie, blue and goats cheese varieties.  These fruit compotes also have a little savory addition to them making them not sickly sweet like a straight up jam and more complimentary to cheese. Other good options include apricot jam or fig spread.  Our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote which I used in the dessert board featured in this post pairs well with dark chocolate, Effies Cocoa Cakes, Walnuts and Blue Cheese and it's a classic accompaniment to a baked brie.

Pictured Below:  Irish Crozier salty creamy blue cheese paired with Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote on Effie's Cocoa Cakes.  A Delicious Dessert Cheese Pairing.

5. Caramel Sauce, Dark Chocolate and Maple Syrup

These are the rich decadent additions that make your dessert cheese plate, just that...Dessert.  I love our Rum Toddy Toffee Caramel Sauce lightly drizzled over a creamy salty blue cheese such as Croziers Irish Blue on rye cakes or lightly drizzled over aged gouda and served with fresh strawberries.   Dark chocolate is a complimentary pairing with aged gouda, aged cheddar and blue cheese.  Maple syrup can be drizzled over aged cheddar and served with fresh fruit such as sliced green apple. 

Pictured Below: Blue Cheese and Wozz! Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce.  A Dessert Cheese Board Pairing

6.  Wine, Port, Stouts and Champagne

Depending on which cheese and accompaniments you choose depends on what wine or spirits will pair the best.  Champagne, prosecco and sparkling wines go well with your more buttery rich creamy cheeses such as brie and camembert, serving as palate refreshers.  Rich ports and dessert wines pair well with blue cheese such as stilton and Roquefort, cutting through the salty more pungent flavors.  Sweeter white wines such as Riesling pair well with tangy goats cheese and blue cheese such as gorgonzola.  A heavy stout pairs well with a salty blue cheese and a brown porter pairs well with aged gouda.

Wozz! Dessert Inspired Cheese Board Recipe


Cheese Selection:  Triple Cream Brie (bake to soften prior to serving), Aged Gouda (sliced) and salty creamy Blue Cheese (Irish Crozier Blue Cheese is what I chose)

Cracker Selection:  Jan's Farmhouse Fruit Nut Crisps, Rosemary Sea Salt Water Crackers, Effie's Rye Cakes, Effie's Cocoa Cakes

Fruit Spread:  Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote

Dessert Caramel Sauce:  Wozz! Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce

Fresh Fruit:  Strawberries

Dried Fruit:  Apricots

Nuts:  Toasted Walnuts

Dark Chocolate

This dessert cheese board is simple to put together and the flavors compliment each other nicely.  The salty creamy Irish crozier blue cheese pairs with both the Rum Toddy Toffee Sauce and the Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote.  The blue cheese also pairs with the apricots, chocolate, crackers and walnuts.  The fresh strawberries pair with the brie, the rum toddy caramel sauce and the gouda.  The sour cherry spread is delicious served on the cocoa cakes (think chocolate and cherries) and the cherry spread is a perfect accompaniment to the brie.  For a lighter less sweet pairing, the blue cheese can be served on the rosemary sea salt crackers with walnuts or the aged gouda can be paired with the dried apricots.  So when planning your dessert cheese board, think of the plate as a whole, how each ingredient can be paired with each other.  

Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote


Wozz! Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce

Quick Tips For Preparing Your Dessert Cheese Board

Pick 3 cheeses and serve at room temperature with separate serving ware

Include fresh fruits (such as sliced fresh pears or grapes) as a palate cleanser and to offset the sweeter flavors of your dessert cheese board

Pick complimentary flavors

Offer an assortment of crackers and breads so your guests can choose if they want a sweeter or more lighter plain pairing.  




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Condiment, Spreads, Jams, Sauces Gift Set | Holiday Foodie Gifts | Wozz Kitchen Creations

Holiday Gift Guide: Our Top Sauce Gifts + Condiment Gifts + Savory Spreads + Jam Gift Sets For Holiday Gift Giving

If you are looking for that perfect foodie holiday gift for those who love to cook and entertain, something that is special, original, unique and thoughtful, than look no further. Our curated collections of handmade artisan cooking sauces, jam spreads and condiment gift sets are created with artful attention to detail, fresh non gmo ingredients and are sent in beautiful packaging with recipe cards and a personalized note from you.  Our gourmet spreads, condiments and globally influenced sauces are multi award winning, receiving over 10 prestigious NYC Fancy Food Show sofi™ awards and their versatility is endless.  From cheese and charcuterie boards to cooking up international global cuisine, our condiment and sauce gift sets are delicious one of a kind gifts that make cooking and entertaining easy and most importantly - fun.

1. For The Cheese Lover - Wozz! Cheese Pairing Spreads and Jams Gourmet Gift Box

A collection of our favorite fruit spreads and savory jams designed for all your cheese and charcuterie pairings.  From blue cheese to goats cheese to baked brie these spreads and savory jams will make your cheese plate shine.  

Pictured Below:  Creamy Gorgonzola Crostini with Wozz! Balsamic Fig Spread

2. Wozz! Cooking Sauces Gift Set - For Those Who Love To Cook and Get Creative in The Kitchen

Our Cooking Sauces Gift Set includes a range of rich and savory sauces made with fresh ingredients and slow cooked custom blended spices. This gift set is designed for those who love to explore in the kitchen and create delicious meals with global influence. From Cambodian Noodles to Moroccan Tomato Chicken To Salsa Verde Enchiladas, these sauces will make spectacular dishes. 

3. Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Set - A Hot Sauces Set For Those Who Love Both Heat + Serious Flavor 

Our Hot Sauce Gift Set is a collection of our small batch handmade hot sauces made with fresh chilis straight from the farm balanced with fresh lemon and lime juices, fresh herbs and vinegar.  These hot sauces range from sweet with medium heat to savory and straight up hot, so they are versatile - use these on eggs and pizza, in stir-fry's and noodle dishes, on sandwiches, with cream cheese and crackers - wherever you want some extra heat.

Pictured Below:  Pork Carnitas Tacos with Wozz! Serrano Cilantro Lime Hot Sauce

4. Jams For Cheese and Charcuterie Trio - A Simple Yet Elegant Hostess Gift

Looking to bring a simple yet elegant hostess gift to a party?  Wozz! Jams For Cheese and Charcuterie Trio is a good bet.  It's 3 of our best selling gourmet spreads and jams designed for easy entertaining.  From our award winning Balsamic Fig Spread to our best selling Triple Ale Onion Jam, these jams make a wonderful addition to cheese plates, appetizers and charcuterie pairings.  

Pictured Below:  Baked Brie Cheese with Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote

5. Around The World Sauces Gift Set - For Those Who Love Global Cuisine and Around The World Adventure

Influenced from our travels around the world and Wozz's near decade as a private yacht chef, these full flavored global cooking sauces and rich savory simmer sauces are slow cooked and authentically made with fresh ingredients and bold custom blended spice mixes.  This is a wonderful gift for those who have been exploring in the kitchen and making all their favorite international dishes at home. From Vietnamese Crispy Pork and Noodles to Chermoula Lamb Tagine to Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Blackened Fish Tacos, these sauces are sure to capture the essence of a far away tasting adventure.

Pictured Below:  Moroccan Tomato Chicken over Saffron Rice made with Wozz! Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish and Simmer Sauce

6.  Jams and Spreads For Holiday Entertaining Gift Set - For Those Who Love To Entertain At Christmas and The Holidays

Want to sit by the fire with your friends and make rum toddy cocktails or how about setting up your holiday table with an assortment of cheese and jam pairings or maybe you want to serve your Thanksgiving turkey with some cranberry orange chutney on the side.  This set of savory jams, spreads, chutneys and dessert sauces are classic accompaniment to the holiday table and make wonderful appetizers, cheese plates and holiday dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Pictured Below:  Open Faced Turkey Sandwich with Wozz! Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney

7. Award Winners Sauces and Condiments Gift Set - For Those Who Want The Best of The Best

Each one of these sauces in our Award Winner Condiments and Sauces Gift Set is the winner of a prestigious food award, whether it be the NYC Fancy Food Show, Royal Sydney Fine Food Awards or the San Francisco based Good Food Awards, these sauces and condiments are a curated collection of our shining stars and they are totally vetted as some of the best of the best sauces in the industry.

8.  Asian Sauces Gift Set - Cooking Sauces For The Asian Food Lover

So many of us want to cook our favorite take-out dishes at home and now you can, easy peazy and without a long list of ingredients.  Wozz! Asian Cooking Sauces Gift Set is a delicious set of authentic Asian sauces that makes cooking all your favorite noodle and stir fry dishes at home so easy.  Create a classic Chinese Chicken Chop Suey with our Ginger Soy Sauce, a Shrimp Lo Mein Noodle Dish with our Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Sauce, Pad Thai with our Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce or drizzle your grilled steak with our Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing for a hibachi style Japanese dinner.  

Pictured Below:  Pad Thai Noodles with Cambodian Coconut Peanut Sauce 

9. The Ultimate Dips and Spreads Gift - For The Hostess or Foodie Who Likes To Entertain with Savory Appetizers and Dips

Wozz! Ultimate Dips and Spreads Gift is a collection of our favorite dips and spreads that range from savory to sweet that can be used in a number of appetizers from hummus boards to guacamole and tortilla chips to simple cheese and meat platters.  Serve our Bruschetta Caponata on your next antipasto platter, serve our Southern Style Rustic Mustard on some ham and cheese sliders, mix our Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde with avocado and tomato for a knock your socks off guacamole!   

Pictured Below:  Simple Cheese, Cracker and Charcuterie Pairings with Wozz! Southern Style Rustic Mustard

There you have it, our top picks for our condiment, jam and sauce gift sets that are not only unique and well crafted but delicious.  Each of our gift sets arrive in beautiful eco-friendly packaging with recipe cards and a personalized message from you. 

Happy Holidays To You All!  Stay Safe and Thanks For Supporting Small Business! :)

Check Out The Entire Wozz! Collection of Condiment, Jam and Sauce Gifts Here

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5 Fresh Alternative Summer Pizza Recipes That Will Make You Swoon

5 Fresh Alternative Summer Pizza Recipes That Will Make You Swoon

We've created some delicious summer pizza recipes using our scratch made spreads and condiments as base sauces and have dressed them up with fresh produce straight from the backyard garden and local farm stand. 

What's great about summer pizza is that you can get all those healthy salad ingredients, your greens, fresh herbs, fresh tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions all piled high on your delicious crispy flatbread pizza and our sauces and condiments make awesome unique bases for a variety of alternative pizzas.  You can also add any leftover grilled meats like chicken or lamb to your pizza and can cook it right outside on the grill which is ideal when entertaining with friends or family on these beautiful mild summer evenings.  Serve up your gourmet summer pizzas with some cold craft brews or cocktails and you've got a perfect night out on the deck.

Here are 5 Fresh Alternative Summer Pizza Recipes That'll Make You Swoon!

1. Balsamic Fig Tomato Basil Caprese Pizza Featuring Wozz! Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread

Our Balsamic Fig Spread on fresh dough with farm stand vine ripened tomatoes, mozzarella, burrata cheese and fresh basil from the garden.  This one is summer pizza at it's finest. It's so good and so fresh.  Recipe: Balsamic Fig Tomato Caprese Pizza

2. Triple Ale Onion Steak Bomb Pizza with Smoked Cheddar Featuring Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread

Serve this steak bomb pizza with some cold beers on a hot summers night.  Fresh dough is slathered with our Triple Ale Onion Spread and topped with shaved steak, green peppers, onions, smoked cheddar, mozzarella and fresh mesclun and mustard greens from the garden. Finish it with a drizzle of sour cream and some hot sauce.  Recipe: Triple Ale Onion Steak Bomb Pizza


3.  Moroccan Tomato Lamb Pizza with Feta Yogurt Sauce and Mint Featuring Wozz! Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish

For this summer pizza we used leftover grilled lamb chops, sliced up the lamb and placed it on a pizza dough base with our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish and mozzarella, baked it off and then topped it with a feta yogurt sauce and fresh mint from the garden.  Recipe: Moroccan Tomato Lamb Pizza with Feta and Mint


4. Pickled Beet Pizza with Goats Cheese, Burrata, Arugula and Walnuts Featuring Wozz! Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish

Our Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish is used as an alternative pizza sauce for this recipe, baked until crisp and bubbly with goats cheese and mozzarella and finished with fresh arugula, torn burrata cheese, roasted walnuts and fresh thyme.  Recipe: Pickled Beet Summer Pizza with Goats Cheese, Burrata, Arugula and Walnuts


5. Grilled Peach and Balsamic Fig Pizza with Bacon, Basil and Brie Featuring Wozz! Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread

This flatbread pizza during the height of summer is just bursting with flavor.  I love the combination of grilled ripe peaches and basil, then you add some Wozz! Balsamic Fig Spread, bacon and brie in the mix and me oh my...  Recipe: Grilled Peach and Balsamic Fig Pizza with Bacon Basil and Brie


Want to get creative and make your own pizza magic?  Here we have a set of 4 of our favorite Wozz! appetizer spreads for making delicious pizzas and flatbreads at home.

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Best Fruit Spread Pairings For Blue Cheese

Best Fruit Spread Pairings For Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese 

Not everyone's favorite but but after an aged Gouda, certainly mine. With its bold, sharp, and tangy flavor with grassy notes and hints of mushroom, an array of textures and in mouth feels from buttery to crumbly. This is a style of cheese that just keeps on giving. This cheese may be an acquired taste for a discriminating palate, but you don’t need to start with a bold Roquefort or Stilton. There are a wonderful array of milder blues, that with their buttery textures can ease you into the wonderful nuances and layers that come with exploring this style of cheese. My love affair with blue cheeses has not waned in spite of a newly discovered allergy to penicillin.
Often our first experience is with blue cheese is with a notorious bold Picante Gorgonzola or Roquefort. A punch to the senses for the uninitiated and often results in a once bitten twice shy stance to blue cheese. If this is you, I beg of you to retrace your steps and begin with some of these milder blue cheese varieties and ease yourself from mildest to bold of my favorite blue cheese suggestions and pairings. 
Pairing Blue Cheese with Fruit Spreads 

Traditional pairings for blue cheese include fresh fig, pear and apple slices, dried fruits, walnuts, chutneys, some jams, honey, truffle, chocolate, sherry, ports, stouts and of course wine…. Lots and lots of wine :)

With pairing for any cheese I always recommend try the cheese first, what does it taste like. Is it sour, musty like a goat cheese. Is it a bit sweeter with a mushroom feel like brie or bold heavy nutty tones like an aged Gouda or Alpine cheddar? Or in the case of blue cheese the bold acidity of the mold that gives a blue its distinctive flavor. Is it bold? Does it leave a slight burn in the mouthfeel? Is the cheese sweet, creamy or more tangy and bright? Once you have a feel for your cheese as it stands on its own, ask yourself, what is it you want from a pairing. Is it to be a palate cleanser for the next bite? Do you want to cut the acidity of a bold cheese or are you looking for a flavor combination the brings out or highlights different flavors and aspects of cheese that you didn’t notice before. Basically you are either pairing cheese with similar flavors to compliment a cheese or are looking for opposite flavors to contrast the cheese. The same when choosing a wine. What's great about bolder blue cheese and pairings is because of the strong nature and acidity of blue cheese, it allows for sweeter pairings that I would normally never recommend for cheese like overly sweet jams. Not only are some jams too sweet for almost every cheese imaginable, but the very nature of a jam is a reduction of fruit that simply is too heavy, smothering the cheese thus hiding its natural characteristics. You still want a little acidity which is why we pair with our chutneys, savory spreads and our fruit compotes with a range of cheese, they have a balanced acidity from balsamic vinegar, citrus and the natural acids of the fruit and have a third less sugar than traditional jam which result in perfectly balanced pairings. That is why quince paste and fruits are such a natural pairing, because they still offer some acidity and often why chutneys and pickles are more often chosen pairings.  In saying this, the sharp bold flavors of a strong blue cheese can be nicely paired with sweeter fruit compotes and condiments such as honey.  

Varieties of Blue Cheese and Pairings 

Blue cheese ranges from mild and creamy to bold crumbly sharp and tangy. Combozola which is a combination of a triple cream brie and a gorgonzola is a milder creamier type of blue-brie cheese and a French Roquefort is your more picante tangy pungent blue cheese.  Stilton is a beautiful well rounded blue cheese made in the UK, it's sweeter, creamier and more nutty than your salty tangy gorgonzola or piquant Roquefort - I almost think of it as a cross between a mild creamy aged cheddar and a blue cheese.  I think Stilton is a great all around blue cheese, especially for those who don't particularly enjoy a salty tangy sharp blue cheese.  Some of our favorite New World Blue Cheese varieties made right here in the USA are phenomenal and my personal favorites for a cheese plate - they include Jasper Cellars Bayley Hazen Blue (which reminds me of a Stilton), Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue (more of a classic picante blue) and Bay Blue (a milder creamier blue) and the 2019 World Cheese Award Winner Rogue River Blue.  Each variety will pair well with apples, walnuts, grapes, pears, honey and a number of our chutneys and fruit compotes. Below is some of our favorite fruit spread pairing with blue cheese.

Mild Blue Cheese Varieties & Fruit Spread Pairings

Wozz! Best Fruit Spreads and Savory Jams For Blue Cheese Pairings:

Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote (with balsamic & rosemary) - Wild blueberries steeped in balsamic with grade A maple syrup, toasted walnuts and floral rosemary.  This blueberry compote is a divine pairing for a blue cheese, simply served with crackers or crostini.

Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread - Fresh onions are caramelized with 3 craft beers, brown sugar and roasted garlic. This savory sticky delicious onion jam is fantastic paired with an English Stilton and Roquefort. It's delicious on a blue cheese burger or with steak and blue cheese. Also a superb pick for a charcuterie and blue cheese board or as a base for flatbread blue cheese pizza.


Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote - Sour cherries from upstate NY are simmered with winter spices, red wine and cracked black pepper. This fruit forward spiced cherry compote pairs well with a mild to medium blue cheese and is delicious on a dessert style cheese board. 

Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce - Now this is not your typical blue cheese accompaniment but it's decadent and wonderful paired with a creamy salty Cozier blue cheese, Cambozola or a Stilton.  It's more of a dessert style cheese plate - think caramel and cheese (heavenly).  Drizzle our Rum Toddy Toffee Sauce over Effies Rye Cakes with a chunk of salty Cozier or entertain your next guests with our Dessert Cheese Board.

Pictured Below:  A decadent dessert cheese pairing.  Crozier Irish blue cheese atop Effies Rye Biscuits, drizzled with Wozz! Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce. 

Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread Figs simmered in balsamic with fresh apples and pears and finished with pure mustard oil. This is an amazing mostarda that pairs beautifully with blue cheese, especially delicious with roasted meats like roast beef and cured meats like prosciutto. Great for crostini appetizers and as a base for flatbread.

Blue Cheese Varieties: 

Cambozola Classic Blue Cheese - Bavaria Germany

The cheese that brought me back to blue. A rather new edition to the blue cheese world only making its first appearance around 1900 before being revamped by Käserei Champignon creamery in Germany. Cambozola Classic is a triple cream brie-style blue cheese hails from the Allgäu region in southern Germany. Cambozola Classic has a delicate blue cheese flavor and a softer—almost spreadable—texture than a typical blue style cheese. Ideal for the blue beginner, smoother, creamier and milder than a typical blue, so even folks who think they don’t like blue cheeses because they’re “too strong” may find themselves craving more. 

Lighthouse Blue Brie -
Tasmania Australia

From Australia's King Island Creamery is a beautiful blend of creamy brie with a subtle touch of blue. is made from a combination of Penicillium camemberti and the same blue Penicillium roqueforti mold used to make Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton. Extra cream is added to the milk, giving the Lighthouse Blue a rich consistency characteristic of triple crèmes, while the edible bloomy rind is similar to that of Camembert or Brie. 

CAMBOZOLA Black Label Blue Brie - Bavaria Germany

CAMBOZOLA Black Label, also from Käserei Champignon creamery in Germany. It has been aged longer and colder than the classic, which makes it  creamier and a little stronger in the blue notes. You can easily recognize this triple cream soft ripened cheese by its beautiful grey exterior mold. The cheese is injected with same blue Penicillium roqueforti mold used to make Gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton. However, it is neither pungent like Stilton nor crumbly like Roquefort. The cheese, a cross between Camembert and Gorgonzola, is creamy, moist and rich like a Camembert with the sharpness of Gorgonzola. A soft-ripened cheese, the insides reveal pockets of blue veining and a unique exterior of grey mold. Its savory, nutty flavor with undertones of sweetness enhances the wonderful characteristics of the cheese. For a food connoisseur, the Cambozola is a great start into the world of Blue Cheeses. Taste it with fruits, honey or a Chardonnay.

Our favorite Wozz! savory jam pairings for this creamy blue brie cheese is our Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote, Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney and our Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread.  Both of these were a fantastic accompaniment to the blue cheese served on simple crackers and crostini. 

Wine Pairings: Eden Cider VT Claudine Keeved cider, chardonnay, and Brut. 

Cooking: salads, mild dressings, grilled sandwiches, a wonderful dessert cheese served with fruits

Fourme d’Ambert - Auvergne France

 Pronounced dom-BEHR Fourme d'Ambert is a rich and creamy cow milk blue from the Auvergne region of France. It has a thin, yellowish rind mottled with sandy molds. Its interior is bone white with distinctive bluing. Although its scent is very earthy, fruity, strong and woody. Fourme d'Ambert has a creamy,mild flavor with a slight nutty finish. The paste is both soft and smooth with a velvety mouthfeel full of sweet cream and an earthy, mushroomy roundness. The cheese has an aroma reminiscent of the caves where it was aged, a dense and creamy texture and a fruity flavor with hints of nuts on the finish. Despite the thorough blue veining, this is one of the milder blue cheeses.

Wine Pairings: Fourme d'Ambert is a very wine-friendly cheese. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blends  sauternes and other dessert wines, but also some full-bodied reds such as Rhones, pinot noirs and syrahs.

Cooking: Crumble this blue cheese in salads, serve with fresh pear, stir the blue cheese into creamy sauces, add to quiche and savory baked torte.

Semi Mild Blue Cheese Varieties and  Fruit Spread Pairings

Chiriboga Blue - Bavaria Germany

A native of Ecuador, Arturo Chiriboga has mastered the art of German cheesemaking at the foot of the Alps in Bad Oberdorf, Bavaria. His cow's milk blue was modeled on Roquefort but tastes more creamy and buttery than the peppery, assertive French classic. Chiriboga Blue is intensely rich and buttery, with a dense, tongue-coating texture that is reminiscent of frozen custard. The ivory interior with very few blue-gray streaks of veining produces a very subtle flavors of sweet cream and grass, with a splash of mushroomy goodness and balanced blue piquancy.
Wine Pairings: something sparkly like prosecco or champagne, medium bodied red or citrusy white wine and Bavarian style ales

Cooking: Melts wonderfully for pasta and risotto dishes. Creamy sauces and dressings. Spreadable.

Gorgonzola (dolce)-  Lombardy Italy

Often most are familiar with a crumbly bold aged version of this cheese (Picante), but that is not what I am talking about. When young, (dolce) it is soft and creamy, opening with nimble strokes of butter and slowly approaching a slightly acidic finish. It has a wonderful balance between the creamy rich texture and the brighter acidity. Mature versions are stronger, piquant and deliver a pungent bite to finish.  Easy find recommendations Creamy Gorg cheese from BelGioioso Creamery Wisconsin.

Wine Pairings: Soft savory Red and/or White wines, Riesling, Pinot Bianco, Prosecco and other sparkling varieties.

Cooking: It melts wonderful for Italian pasta and risotto dishes, pizza, steak, crostini and sandwiches. Also delicious and frequently crumbled into salads, delicious on a salad with Wozz! Pear Ginger Vinegar drizzled atop.

Middlebury Blue Salisbury Vermont

Blue Ledge Farm Creamery, Middlebury Blue. The interior of this 2-3 month old blue is grassy, salty, and a little sour – a great way to expand beyond mild beginner blues. Earthy and milky, Middlebury Blue an almost cheddary texture, and blue veining adds a balance of earthy hay and sweet caramel, with a bite of pepper as well, with its crusty, rustic natural rind and smoother, creamier paste. Despite all this it is really quite a mild blue.

Wine Pairings: Sweet light reds
Cooking: Salads, Sweet Roast Vegetables, Walnuts 

Medium Blue Cheese Varieties and Fruit Spread Pairings
Jersey Blue Switzerland: Lichtensteig Rolf Beeler

Produced by legendary cheesemaker Willi Schmid. The Jersey Blue is Willi Schmid’s most decorated product: . The Jersey Blue undoubtedly proves the immense talent of its creator. Willi uses two different Italian molds. He doesn’t reveal which ones, we only know Gorgonzola mold is not part of it. Natural calf rennet is used. The Jersey Blue is especially appealing cut when you see the fine light blue to dark green veins that grow into the core from the outside. The buttery feel of the Jersey milk coats the palate and then the powerful flavors of the mold burst out. It has an unbelievable long finish, a masterpiece indeed. In flavor, it is sweet, complex, vegetal and fruity, with a fiery bite and high sapidity. The Jersey Blue can be enjoyed young but ages well. When it starts to dry out the flavors get sharper.

Wine Pairings: best paired with white wines such as Gewurztraminer and riesling. For red wine, try Brunello, or a dessert wine such as Vin Santo

Rogue River Blue Cheese - Grants Pass Oregon

An organic, cave-aged blue cheese wrapped in pear spirit-soaked Syrah grape leaves, is a seasonal product. The award winning cheese is made exclusively with milk from Rogue Creamery’s Certified Organic Dairy Farm in Grants Pass, Oregon. It is only made for a few months each year beginning on the autumnal equinox when cooler temperatures bring renewed growth to the pastures and the cow’s milk becomes richer and higher in butterfat. Aromas are of earth, cellar, sherry and port. The texture is dotted with crunchy bits (crystalized amino acids) that give it a slightly granular mouthfeel. Flavors are incredibly complex. Notes of butterscotch and caramel are balanced by a pronounced tang and hints of spice from the blue mold.  

Wozz! Pairings: Balsamic Fig Mostarda 
                          Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney
                          Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread

Wine Pairings: choose wines of age and distinction: Viognier, classic French or German Gewürztraminers, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, dessert wines; pear brandy; whiskey or rum; brown ales and stouts.  

Cooking: Tarts and quiche. Bruschetta and crostini. Bakes and gratins.

Strong Blue Cheese Varieties
Old World Blues Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Cabrales Asturia Region, Spain

Spanish semi-hard, fatty blue cheese, prepared within the administrative region of Cabrales Council and some towns in the Upper Peñamerella region. Both these areas are located at the foot of the Picos de Europa Mountains in Asturias. The cheese can be made from unpasteurized cow’s milk or blended with goat and/or sheep milk. It is aged between two and four months in naturally formed limestone caves. Chilly and humid conditions in the caves facilitate the growth of bluish-green penicillium mould on this highly prized cheese. Unlike other blue cheeses injected with Penicillium, Cabrales cures from the outside of the cheese to the inward. A finished Cabrales can be characterized by its  smooth texture, punctuated with holes and pockets of blue. The creamy paste is studded with crunchy granules of crystallized amino acids. A strong, penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, slightly salty taste. Cabrales cheese is compact but crumbly with a unique, long lasting, developed and piquant taste for lovers of strong cheeses. Its aroma is also strong, typical of matured blue cheese. 

Wozz! Pairings: 
Wine Pairings: Red wine, Cider, Sweet Sherry, chilled sweet white wines, Brown Ales and stouts

Cooking: Great with fresh fig, salami and dried sausages. Treasured as a base for sauces, for melting over grilled or roasted meats and goes well along with baguette slices, crackers, or fruit.
Blue Stilton Tuxford and Tebbutt Creamery Melton Mowbray

One of the oldest creameries in The United Kingdom, Tuxford and Tebbutt has been running since 1780, producing many award-winning English cheeses, especially their famous Blue Stilton - they're one of five cheesemakers allowed to produce this classic British cheese. 

Tuxford and Tebbutt use traditional techniques like hand-turning on their cheeses, each wheel individually matured and graded to ensure quality and consistency, with methods they have perfected over the past 235 years and which is sometimes referred to as the “King of Cheeses,” Stilton has a protected origin designation, meaning any cheese labeled as "Stilton" must meet a particular set of standards. All protected origin cheeses are monitored by independent government agencies that perform random quality checks.To be a Stilton cheese means it must be made in Leicestershire,  Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire in England, where only seven dairies are licensed to make it. 

Stilton is always cylindrically-shaped and never pressed. It has its own unique crust and the blue veins radiate out from the center in a very distinctive pattern. It is a semi hard cheese also made from cow's milk. It has creamy, crumbly & smooth texture and spicy & strong flavors.

At the World Cheese Awards in 2012, Tuxford & Tebbutt Blue Stilton was crowned as the Supreme Champion of the event, taking home a total of five awards.

                          Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread
                          Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney
                          Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread

Wine Pairings: Traditionally Sherry and Tawny port wine. Suggested with sweet dessert wines. Brown Ales and stouts.

Cooking: good choice to go with walnuts, crackers, biscuits and bread. Soups and Gratins particularly cauliflower, broccoli and leeks. Beef. Fondue.
Roquefort - Toulouse southern France

Roquefort is one of the oldest and strongest blue cheeses and is made from sheeps milk. Roquefort is one of the oldest known cheeses. It was reportedly the favourite cheese of the emperor Charlemagne, and in France it is called le fromage des rois et des papes (“the cheese of kings and popes”) The unique characteristics of Roquefort are largely imparted from aging in the Roquefort caves near Toulouse in the southern part of France, the milk of the Lacaune sheep also plays a large role in the outcome of flavors. A light white to cream color with rich salty, sharp and tangy flavors and melts in mouth. It is creamy and aromatic, complex and intense, with sharp and tangy nuances. Like Stilton in England, by French law, only cheese that is processed at Roquefort, France, may be labeled “Roquefort”

Wozz! Pairings: 
                          Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote 
(with rosemary & balsamic)
                          Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread
                          Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney
                          Triple Ale Onion Jam Savory Spread

Wine Pairings: Dry Red wine, Sauternes 
Cooking: Salads, Quiche, Tarts, Pasta and Risotto, Beets, Leeks, Creamy White Sauces, Béchamel and Fondue.

New World Blue Cheese Varieties and Fruit Spread Pairings

King Island Roaring forties - Tasmania Australia

Produced by the King Island Dairy,  King Island dairy products have long been acclaimed throughout Australia and they’re rapidly building extraordinary reputations in the international marketplace. Unlike typical French blue cheeses like Roquefort made from ewe's milk, Roaring 40's Blue is made entirely from cow's milk. The result is a milder taste. Roaring 40's is a full-bodied blue with a honeyed, slightly nutty quality and great aftertaste. It is a rindless cheese, matured in wax coating, which cuts off the oxygen supply and encourages sweet and fruity flavor. The wax coating also preserves the cheese's moisture and creates a smooth and creamy texture. Cheesemaker Ueli Berger ensures that each of his cheese wheels is full flavored with a sweet, slightly nutty character, a rich mouthfeel, and good aftertaste. Its flavor is greatly enhanced by pristine natural resources, unscathed by pollution and human encroachment. These advantages, along with the year round grazing season, complement traditional King Island cheesemaking recipes to create this famous, nontraditional Blue.

Wozz! Savory Spreads & Jam Pairings For Strong Blue Cheese:

Wild Blueberry Maple Walnut Compote 
(with balsamic & rosemary)

Bayley Hazen Blue - Greensboro Vermont

Behold Bayley Hazen Blue!  One of our personal favorite blue cheese varieties. Bayley Hazen Blue is named for an old military road that traverses the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. The road was commissioned by George Washington and built to carry troops to fight the English on the Canadian front. Though no battle ever took place, the road brought the first settlers to Greensboro and is still in use today. This cheese is developed and aged in the same area Wozz! first began it’s production and cheese pairings. Bayley Hazen Blue has developed a loyal following because of its fudge-like texture, toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice character. The paste is dense and creamy, with well-distributed blue veins. The usual peppery character of blue cheese is subdued, giving way to the grassy, nutty flavors in the milk. Flavors are complex and multi-layered. The typical tang of the blue mold, Penicillium Roqueforti, takes a back seat to a wide array of flavors that include butter, chocolate, and occasionally licorice.  This multi award winning blue cheese is fantastic and is one of our must-haves for any cheese plate or charcuterie board. 

                          Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread
                          Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney
                          Triple Ale Onion Savory Jam Spread

Maytag -
Newton Iowa

Maytag is a blue cheese produced by Maytag Dairy Farms from the milk of prize-winning herd of Holstein cattle. The farm located outside Newton, Iowa has been making this handcrafted cheese since 1941 using traditional methods of curing. Even today, the blue cheese is not produced in huge quantities as the cheesemakers want to ensure that only the best quality cheese reaches the consumers.  Maytag Blue cheese is ripened over six months during which it develops a dense, crumbly texture and semi-sharp flavor. Every bite of Maytag melts in the mouth releasing a slightly tangy flavor with a lemony finish. With its pungent odor, the cheese might not suit everyone’s tastes. 

                          Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread
                          Sticky Date Candied Orange Chutney
                          Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread

Cooking: This American gourmet cheese can be crumbled into salads, on crackers or melted on a burger while you are sipping that ale or lager. cheese delivered in decorative silver foil tastes delectable when crumbled into salads, crackers or melted onto a burger.  This blue cheese is fantastic on a burger with Wozz! award winning Triple Ale Onion Jam Spread

Point Reyes Farmstead - California

Point Reyes Farmstead has 2 varieties of award winning blue cheese that are personal favorites of mine - their bay blue and original blue.  The bay blue is milder, sweet and earthy vs. the original blue which is creamy, bold, slightly sharp and tangy - both are just stellar for any cheese plate.  
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Our Favorite Spreads, Chutneys and Condiments For Delicious Sandwiches

Our Favorite Spreads, Chutneys and Condiments For Delicious Sandwiches

Yes, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard do have there significant role in the sandwich world but sometimes you just get bored with the status quo and need a spread or condiment that lifts your taste buds to a whole new level.  Your sandwich shouldn't always be a rerun of your 6th grade brown bag lunch, am i right?  Now don't get me wrong, there are certainly days when that old school bologna and cheese on white with mayo is just what the doctored ordered but I'm pretty sure we can raise the bar.  Here are our favorite sandwich recipes using our condiments, chutneys, spreads and relish that will take your sandwich to another level of tasty deliciousness and will leave you truly satisfied. 

1. Ultimate Hummus and Veggie Sandwich with Wozz! Pickled Beet Relish

Your everyday hummus and veggie sandwich just got Wozz'ed up with our Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish.  This beet relish is made from fresh from the farm beets, roasted and shredded and pickled with our own blend of Indian spices.  It's most at home on a veggie hummus or goats cheese panini.




2. Grilled Chicken and Brie Sandwich with Wozz! Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney

Juicy grilled chicken atop thick grilled bread and topped with gooey cheese, fresh avocado and our cranberry orange cognac chutney   Our Cranberry Orange Cognac is a blend of New England Cranberries blended with fresh orange, aromatic spices and cognac liquor.  Just delicious with a roast turkey sandwich.



3. Ham Egg and Avocado Bagel Sandwich with Wozz! Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce

Our globally influenced spicy tomato kasundi sauce with cumin, paprika and chili is a a cross between a wordly ketchup and a smoky bbq sauce and it completely transforms this breakfast bagel sandwich.



4.  Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs and Wozz! Super Hot Chii Sambal

Poached eggs on smashed avocado toast topped with our Indonesian style Super Hot Chili Sambal Hot Sauce



5. Falafel Gyros with Lemon Green Tahini Sauce

Lebanese street food made at home.  Is there anything better than a loaded gyro wrap with veggies, tzatziki, lemon green tahini dressing and falafel.  Survey says no.  This lemon green tahini dressing is also fantastic stirred into chopped eggs for an egg salad sandwich and if you are vegan, swap out the eggs and use tofu.



6. Turkey Cheese Wraps with Thai Orange Ginger Relish

Simple turkey and cheese wraps get a bold and tangy twist with Wozz! Spicy Savory Thai Orange and Ginger Relish 



7.  Balsamic Fig Caprese BLT Club Sandwich with Wozz! Balsamic Fig Spread

A BLT perfect for the summer garden season when ripe tomatoes and bunches of fresh basil are ready for harvest.  Add some sliced mozzarella, our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread, cripsy thick cut bacon, avocado and mayo and you've got yourself one ridiculously delicious sandwich.

8. Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Wozz! Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish

This grown up style grilled cheese is made with crusty sourdough bread, our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish, sliced ham, fresh spinach, Gruyere and cheddar.



9. Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger with Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread

What do you get when you take a Bacon Cheeseburger and add Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread to it?

The most mouthwatering delicious flavor explosive bacon cheeseburger you have ever tasted.



10. Corned Beef Reuben with Wozz! Southern Style Rustic Mustard

Layered corn beef on marble rye bread with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Wozz! Southern Style Rustic Mustard.  This sandwich is a full on flavor bomb. 


11. Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich with Green Tomato Jalapeno Spicy Mayonnaise and Special Sauce Coleslaw.

The ultimate buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with spicy mayo and "special sauce" coleslaw made with our Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Spread.  Served on a toasted brioche bun with pickles.

Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Spread | Wozz! Kitchen Creations


12. Pulled Pork Banh Mi with Thai Orange Ginger Relish

Pulled pork on a crispy bun with Wozz! Thai Orange Ginger Relish, mayonnaise, cilantro and red onion.  Delicious!

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Thai Orange Carrot Relish


All of our condiments and spreads are versatile and can be used on a variety of sandwiches.  Here are a few more of our favorite sandwich and condiment combinations:

Shaved Turkey + Bacon + Mayo + Cheddar + Spicy Summer Mango Chutney + Salad Greens + Baguette 

Prosciutto + Fresh Pear + Goats Cheese + Fresh Basil + Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread on Hearty Artisan Bread Grilled

Roast Beef + Horseradish Mayo + Triple Ale Onion Spread + Lettuce + Bulkie Roll

Turkey Burger + Melted Cheddar + Thai Orange Ginger Relish + Lettuce + Whole Wheat Hamburger Bun

Goats Cheese + Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish + Arugula on Grilled Bread

Pulled Pork + Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney + BBQ Sauce + Fresh Cilantro + Pickles + Brioche Bun

View The Entire Collection of Wozz! Condiments, Spreads, Relish and Sauces

Wozz! Sandwich Lovers and Condiments Set
Sandwich Sauces and Condiments Set


Wozz! Global Relish Trio ~ A set of 3 Globally Inspired Relishes



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