Recipe | Hoisin BBQ Pork Ribs



If chocolate were savory, it would taste like this. Sweet, sticky and wonderfully moreish. We have two methods for you, one slow one fast. Both give fabulous results and guaranteed to please, however the slow method of course gives a little more depth of flavour and is the method you would follow for more traditional American BBQ style ribs.

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Lesson | What is Dukkah!?


What is it? 

Basically, ground-up stuff. Nuts, seeds and spices. It originates in Egypt, and it does indeed have a heady flavor and aroma that suggests that part of the world. Traditionally for snacking by dipping Egyption white bread in olive oil then into the dukkah but also for seasoning things like a mutton stew.

There seem to be literally dozens of ways to make dukkah (or dukka…or duqqah… yes an plenty of ways to spell it too) and I can imagine every family has there own secret recipe. It has taken Australia and New Zealand by storm and has now been fused with flavors of all types of cuisines.

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Recipe | Baked Haddock with Almond Dill Dukkah Stuffing Crust



Fresh flaky haddock fillets are dressed with an almond dill nutty crust and placed atop a bed of asparagus salad. 



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Soul Food

Looking back on...

Ash and I in 'The Rock Bar' in Genoa Italy, 2009.

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