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Each of our sauces and marinades are completely natural, handcrafted in small batches with fresh non gmo ingredients with no artificial preservatives or msg.  From grilling shrimp to glazing salmon, we have a variety of healthy savory and flavorful seafood marinades and sauces that will transform your dishes.

Seafood Sauces and Fish Marinades | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Whether you are looking for a sweet and spicy glaze for salmon or a fresh vibrant salsa verde for grilled fish tacos, we've got you covered. 

Wozz! Seafood Sauces and Marinades Collection includes:

Ginger Soy Infusion Marinade, Sauce & Dressing 

Our best selling marinade and winner of the NYC Fancy Food Show sofi gold for best in it's class!  Our Ginger Soy Infusion is a delicious authentic blend of fresh chopped ginger, fresh garlic, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame seeds and organic tamari.  This sauce makes the most delicious Asian glaze over broiled salmon, mahi mahi and pan seared scallops!  Drizzle over seared ahi tuna for a fabulous appetizer. Pour over a shrimp and vegetable stir fry and serve over rice for a simple yet amazing weeknight dinner.

Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing, Sauce & Marinade   

A true-to-taste restaurant style Japanese dressing!  Creamy nutty and tangy, this sauce is just perfect drizzled over broiled cod and grilled salmon.  Try as a dipping sauce for shrimp rice paper rolls or use to marinate hibachi grilled shrimp.

Lemon Green Tahini Dressing, Sauce & Marinade

Remarkably fresh vibrant and light, this tahini based sauce is infused with fresh lemon and farm picked fresh herbs - dill, parsley and spinach.  It's creamy nutty lemony and herbaceous and perfect drizzled over salmon steaks, salmon potato cakes and fried haddock sandwiches.  With the bright combination of tart lemon and fresh dill, this sauce is perfect drizzled on almost all varieties of seafood and fish.  This sauce has absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR making it a super healthy option.

Thai Orange Ginger Relish

Our Thai Orange Ginger Relish is bright, spicy and full of citrus tang.  A complex relish made with fresh orange, grated carrot, Thai spices, a touch of umami lending fish sauce and fresh cilantro.  Well suited for a flaky white fish like cod, tilapia or haddock and is a nice fresh and spicy addition to grilled shrimp. Use as a relish a top a grilled fish sandwich or try our orange ginger baked cod recipe

North African Chermoula Sauce and Marinade

A traditional Moroccan seafood marinade bursting with fresh lemon, cilantro and a medley of fragrant Moroccan spices including cumin, paprika, turmeric, ginger and saffron.  Serve this with a Moroccan fish tagine or use to marinate halibut, sea bass or mahi mahi.  

Sweet Chili Orange and Sesame Sauce and Marinade 

This Asian style sauce is a combination of our own homemade Thai chili sauce made with fresh chili, garlic and ginger and infused with fresh orange, lime and toasted sesame.  Absolutely fantastic as a marinade for all types of seafood from scallops to orange glazed salmon to shrimp kabobs.  Makes a wonderful seafood stir fry sauce and is a delicious dipping sauce for fried coconut shrimp.

Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde

This salsa verde is as fresh and authentic as they get.  Made with all fresh from the farm ingredients:  Tomatillos, jalapenos, lime, fresh kiwi fruit and hand chopped cilantro.  A smoky spicy fresh and tangy salsa that is just terrific over grilled fish tacos or simply spooned over a flaky white fish.  Super low in calories - 80 calories in the whole jar and only 1 gram of sugar per serving!  Featured on The Today Show!

Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney

Made with grilled pineapple, fresh torn mint and aromatic jerk spices, this pineapple chutney is perfect for all your tropical seafood dishes.  Serve as a dipping sauce for coconut shrimp, spoon over blackened mahi mahi, cod, tilapia or swordfish.  Spoon over shrimp tacos and serve with tropical rum cocktails for an unforgettable summer session. 


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