Drinks: What is a shrub?

So, What is a Shrub?

A “shrub” is a drink that was popular during America’s colonial era which is made by mixing a vinegar syrup with water, seltzer or spirits. The vinegar syrup is made by basically infusing fruit with sugar and vinegar.  Back in the colonial days, prior to owning a refrigerator, a vinegar syrup was used as a way to preserve the berries and fruit in the off season.  A syrup can be made with not only a variety of fruits and berries infused in vinegar but you can also make infusions with herbs, spices and vegetables. Once the syrup is made, simply mix in a cocktail or seltzer for a refreshing twist.

All of our finishing vinegars are shrubs and can be used as cocktail and seltzer mixers.  We infuse all of our vinegars with whole fruit and a medley of spices and we allow for a slow infusion process resulting in flavors which are deep and complex.  Our most popular cocktail shrubs are our Strawberry Rhubarb Vinegar, Pear Ginger Vinegar and Cranberry Saffron Vinegar.  Mixed with flavored seltzer waters and fresh fruit they are perfect for a hot summers day. 


A few suggested summer combos are:

3 Tbs Wozz! Pear Ginger Vinegar + 1 Cup Pear Vanilla Seltzer +  Fresh Pears over ice.

3 Tbs Wozz! Strawberry Rhubarb Vinegar + 1 Cup Strawberry Seltzer  + Fresh Strawberries over ice.

3 Tbs Wozz! Cranberry Saffron Vinegar + 1 Cup Mandarin Seltzer + Fresh Orange Slices over ice.

3 Tbs Wozz! Balsamic Blueberry Maple Vinegar + 1 Cup Blueberry Seltzer + Fresh Blueberries over ice.

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