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Chermoula | A Moroccan Marinade You Need To Try

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

Chermoula?  This undiscovered marinade with Moroccan roots will transform your life, once you taste it. 

Our North African Chermoula Marinade is one of our best sellers and the winner of the coveted NYC fancy food show sofi Gold award, but you wouldn't guess it right?  Because until our customers try it, they won't buy it simply because they have no idea what it is.  But once they have a little shot of this bold and zesty marinade, they are hooked.  Most people pick it up, look curiously at the label and repeat chermoula about 3 times before they ask to try it.  I think they are infatuated with the name, cha-moul-ah.  cha-moul-ah.  cha-moul-ah.

Chermoula | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

So what is Chermoula? and why is it so addicting?

Chermoula is a North African / Moroccan style marinade often made up of lemon or preserved lemons, cilantro, garlic, oil, onion and spices including cumin, saffron, coriander seed and paprika.  There are many variations of chermoula and ingredients change depending on the regions of North Africa.  It's typically found in either the form of a spice mix, paste or marinade.  Some variations of chermoula have more cilantro than others and are thicker in consistency like a pesto and some variations call for cayenne pepper while others do not.

Our North African Chermoula sauce is handmade with fresh lemon, blended cilantro, onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, turmeric and velvety saffron.  With it's bold lemon zing infused with this medley of slow cooked exotic Moroccan spices, our chermoula is excellent as a marinade or sauce on fish, seafood, chicken and lamb.  It's also delicious folded through couscous and drizzled over roasted vegetables.  Mixed with sour cream and fresh mint it's a perfect dip for pita chips, grilled chicken skewers or falafel.   

Chermoula is addicting!  Especially for the palates of people that prefer savory tang over sweet.  It's fresh and bold and livens up a variety of dishes.  I find it works with a great variety of vegan recipes from lentils and veggie burgers to roasted butternut squash and green beans.  Don't underestimate the versatility of this traditional Moroccan sauce, it will transform your cooking!


Chermoula Recipes:

Grilled Lamb Chops with Chermoula Pesto

North African Chermoula Couscous

Chermoula Marinated Chicken Wings

Roasted Squash and Green Bean Salad with Chermoula Dressing



Wozz! North African Chermoula Marinade

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