Nominated! | 3x sofi™ Award Finalists

Say What?

We are thrilled gobsmacked over the moon excited to have just received news that our Triple Ale Onion Spread, Spiced Beet Vinegar and Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing have been nominated as 2014 sofi™ Award Finalists. We are still in the shock and awe phase...slowly allowing this news to sink's still just permeating the surface.  We are humbled. We are bananas.


We kept saying to each other during the judging process and live blog posted at "if we could just be a finalist in one category"...and to see our name in 3.  Say What? (just put me on a rocket and send me to the moon)

{sofi stands for specialty outstanding food innovation and is considered the most coveted award in specialty foods}


Our company is small, we have been pretty grass roots, attending farmers markets and events all over New England and slowly approaching retailers along the way and along the many many roads we travel just trying to spread the word and get people to try our products.  We started in Australia in 2010 and to think of some of the first markets we I recall was on a hot dusty day (115 degrees to be exact) with a lady selling underwear across from us (large white grannies perfectly displayed on tables, posts and hangers!) and a live chicken raffle was 3 booths up.   Amidst the sound of the old chicken auctioneer over the microphone and the farmers walking buy with their new feathered friends in cages, I remember looking at each other and saying, "I think we picked the wrong market"...oh we laughed.  and still laugh.  but this is what it's all about.  Working hard, finding your niche, struggling through this entrepreneurial world just trying to make your mark.  Trying to become something and get noticed by making a product that's quality can't be denied and of course laughing, kicking, screaming and persevering throughout the process.  This award to us is a true testament to making these quality products and not sacrificing anything to be more of what you think people want.  So we are just amazed and truly blown away by this recognition and we can't wait to battle for gold in NYC on June 30th. 



We will attend the NYC summer fancy food show in all it's crazy bedazzled glory and I am sure not sleep for weeks leading up.  In the next months we will be busy preparing sales sheets, booth layout, logistics, shipping, hotels etc. and it will be a ride.  This is what our long days at the kitchen, many miles on the road and piles of overdue paperwork are all about...these moments.  These crazy bedazzled moments when you can finally say to yourself, this is working.  this is worth it.

Cheers to that.




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