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Global Relish Trio

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Global Relish Trio - A Set of 3 Globally Inspired Relishes Designed For Cooking, Sandwiches, Chicken and More.

Wozz! Global Relish Trio is a set of 3 handcrafted bold savory and tangy relishes that will transform your sandwiches, wraps and burgers.  Add these spiced and savory relishes to your next cheese and meat platter or use them as a cooking sauce for a variety of dishes from Moroccan Tomato Lentil Curry to Thai Orange Ginger Baked Cod. Infused with a medley of fresh herbs and fragrant spices including ginger, cilantro, turmeric and cumin, this delightful collection of relishes will elevate the simplest of dishes.

Wozz! Global Relish Trio Includes:

Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish - Winner of the NYC Sofi Award for oustanding condiment, our Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish is a combination of fresh farm beets, our own slow cooked blend of Indian spices, red wine and cider vinegar.  Add this bold and savory relish to your next hummus and veggie sandwich or mix into Greek Yogurt for an amazing beet tzatziki dip for grilled lamb, veggies or crackers.

Thai Orange and Ginger Relish - Fresh carrot, chopped cilantro, peppery ginger, rice vinegar and Thai spices are combined in this relish that is ideal for chicken and fish.  Spread  onto your next turkey and cheese wrap for a tangy spicy kick or spoon over chicken thighs and bake in the oven.

Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish - Tomatoes and onions are slow cooked in a medley of toasted spices and fresh garlic.  Bursting with the richness of cumin, fennel, ras el hanout, mustard seed and a little cracked pepper for spice, this Moroccan tomato relish is perfect on grilled chicken, beef and lamb.  Mix into a lentil curry, spread onto your next grilled ham and cheese sandwich or serve alongside smoked cheddar.




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