Our Favorite Spreads, Chutneys and Condiments For Delicious Sandwiches

Our Favorite Spreads, Chutneys and Condiments For Delicious Sandwiches

Yes, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard do have there significant role in the sandwich world but sometimes you just get bored with the status quo and need a spread or condiment that lifts your taste buds to a whole new level.  Your sandwich shouldn't always be a rerun of your 6th grade brown bag lunch, am i right?  Now don't get me wrong, there are certainly days when that old school bologna and cheese on white with mayo is just what the doctored ordered but I'm pretty sure we can raise the bar.  Here are our favorite sandwich recipes using our condiments, chutneys, spreads and relish that will take your sandwich to another level of tasty deliciousness and will leave you truly satisfied. 

1. Ultimate Hummus and Veggie Sandwich with Wozz! Pickled Beet Relish

Your everyday hummus and veggie sandwich just got Wozz'ed up with our Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish.  This beet relish is made from fresh from the farm beets, roasted and shredded and pickled with our own blend of Indian spices.  It's most at home on a veggie hummus or goats cheese panini.




2. Grilled Chicken and Brie Sandwich with Wozz! Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney

Juicy grilled chicken atop thick grilled bread and topped with gooey cheese, fresh avocado and our cranberry orange cognac chutney   Our Cranberry Orange Cognac is a blend of New England Cranberries blended with fresh orange, aromatic spices and cognac liquor.  Just delicious with a roast turkey sandwich.



3. Ham Egg and Avocado Bagel Sandwich with Wozz! Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce

Our globally influenced spicy tomato kasundi sauce with cumin, paprika and chili is a a cross between a wordly ketchup and a smoky bbq sauce and it completely transforms this breakfast bagel sandwich.



4.  Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs and Wozz! Super Hot Chii Sambal

Poached eggs on smashed avocado toast topped with our Indonesian style Super Hot Chili Sambal Hot Sauce



5. Falafel Gyros with Lemon Green Tahini Sauce

Lebanese street food made at home.  Is there anything better than a loaded gyro wrap with veggies, tzatziki, lemon green tahini dressing and falafel.  Survey says no.  This lemon green tahini dressing is also fantastic stirred into chopped eggs for an egg salad sandwich and if you are vegan, swap out the eggs and use tofu.



6. Turkey Cheese Wraps with Thai Orange Ginger Relish

Simple turkey and cheese wraps get a bold and tangy twist with Wozz! Spicy Savory Thai Orange and Ginger Relish 



7.  Balsamic Fig Caprese BLT Club Sandwich with Wozz! Balsamic Fig Spread

A BLT perfect for the summer garden season when ripe tomatoes and bunches of fresh basil are ready for harvest.  Add some sliced mozzarella, our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread, cripsy thick cut bacon, avocado and mayo and you've got yourself one ridiculously delicious sandwich.

8. Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Wozz! Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish

This grown up style grilled cheese is made with crusty sourdough bread, our Moroccan Tomato Onion Relish, sliced ham, fresh spinach, Gruyere and cheddar.



9. Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger with Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread

What do you get when you take a Bacon Cheeseburger and add Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread to it?

The most mouthwatering delicious flavor explosive bacon cheeseburger you have ever tasted.



10. Corned Beef Reuben with Wozz! Southern Style Rustic Mustard

Layered corn beef on marble rye bread with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and Wozz! Southern Style Rustic Mustard.  This sandwich is a full on flavor bomb. 


11. Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich with Green Tomato Jalapeno Spicy Mayonnaise and Special Sauce Coleslaw.

The ultimate buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with spicy mayo and "special sauce" coleslaw made with our Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Spread.  Served on a toasted brioche bun with pickles.

Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Spread | Wozz! Kitchen Creations


12. Pulled Pork Banh Mi with Thai Orange Ginger Relish

Pulled pork on a crispy bun with Wozz! Thai Orange Ginger Relish, mayonnaise, cilantro and red onion.  Delicious!

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Thai Orange Carrot Relish


All of our condiments and spreads are versatile and can be used on a variety of sandwiches.  Here are a few more of our favorite sandwich and condiment combinations:

Shaved Turkey + Bacon + Mayo + Cheddar + Spicy Summer Mango Chutney + Salad Greens + Baguette 

Prosciutto + Fresh Pear + Goats Cheese + Fresh Basil + Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread on Hearty Artisan Bread Grilled

Roast Beef + Horseradish Mayo + Triple Ale Onion Spread + Lettuce + Bulkie Roll

Turkey Burger + Melted Cheddar + Thai Orange Ginger Relish + Lettuce + Whole Wheat Hamburger Bun

Goats Cheese + Indian Spiced Pickled Beet Relish + Arugula on Grilled Bread

Pulled Pork + Jamaican Jerk Pineapple Chutney + BBQ Sauce + Fresh Cilantro + Pickles + Brioche Bun

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