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Lemon Green Tahini Dressing, Marinade and Sauce

"creamy . fresh . vibrant"

Serve our Lemon Green Tahini Dressing and Sauce with salad, wraps, slaws, pita, falafel, salmon, seafood, grilled chicken, egg salad, tofu, hummus, vegetables, chickpeas.  Our Lemon Green Tahini Dressing is Vegan and Sugar Free.

Lemon Green Tahini Dressing

Inspired by the bright tahini dips used to compliment Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Known as Tarator, for Middle Eastern Shawarma dishes and Tashi, in Cyprus for Greek Gyros. Even Egypt has a version known as tahini bqaudoonis (tahini with parsley)
Keeping with these traditional cuisines our Lemon Green Tahini Dressing, Marinade and Sauce is remarkably fresh, vibrant and bright.  The texture is creamy from toasty sesame tahini and the flavor is nutty, lemony and herbaceous.  The distinct flavor of dill is noted with backdrop flavors of fresh parsley and spinach.  It's loaded with fresh picked ingredients:  Spinach, Parsley, Dill, Garlic, whole preserved Lemons all blended with 100% lemon juice (never from concentrate).  This dressing which works just as well as a sauce or ingredient is fantastic on roasted vegetable salads, buddha bowls, falafel pita gyros, grilled chicken and salmon.   Use as an alternative to mayo for sandwiches, salad wraps, potato salad, coleslaw, egg salad, hummus wraps. It's Non GMO and vegan with no added sugar, making it a healthy option for an everyday dressing and sauce.  

✓ Gluten Free
Additive Free
Preservative Free
✓ Vegan
 Non GMO
 No Added Sugar

Get Creative!

  • As a starter ingredient:  Use as a base ingredient for Middle Eastern Dips and condiments such as Hummus and Baba Ganoush.

  • Lemon Green Tahini Vegan Mayo: Our Lemon Green Tahini Dressing is a fantastic alternative to mayo!  Just throw into an egg salad or try this this Vegan "Egg Salad" Sandwich that will knock your socks off.
  • Lemon Green Tahini Dip: Hummus - Cream Cheese - Tahini - Tatziki
    Mix our Lemon Green Tahini Dressing with favorite hummus, cream cheese or tahini recipe for a great summery dip. Combine with yogurt for a tzatziki sauce that is phenomenal over these falafel gyros.  Use as it is to dip flat bread, vegetables, lamb meatballs and seafood.



Ingredients:  100% Lemon Juice (not from concentrate), Tahini, Non Gmo Olive Oil, Whole Preserved Lemons (lemons, salt) Fresh Garlic, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Herbs, Custom Blended Spices, Salt, Non Gmo Xanthan Gum.



No Added Sugar

Contains: Sesame (Tahini)


Please note our products are made in a Facility Where: Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Wheat, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soybeans and Milk May Be Present


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