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Award Winners Gourmet Sauce Gift Set

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Award Winners Gourmet Sauce Gift Set - A set of 6 exquisitely crafted gourmet sauces, condiments and spreads, each award winners for best in show.

The signature collection of our unique award winning gourmet condiments, savory sauces and vinegars. Each thoughtfully crafted creation in this gift set has been recognized for outstanding quality, innovation, ingredients and taste by the leaders in the specialty food industry here at home in the US and abroad. 

Handmade with fresh non gmo ingredients, locally sourced fruits and vegetables and custom blended spices with no artificial preservatives, our sauces and spreads are layered with rich intense flavors and balanced with notes of sweet tang savory and spice. This collection of our Award Winning Gourmet Sauces is the perfect choice when you can't decide on which gourmet gift to send.  

Our Award Winners Gourmet Sauces Gift Set includes:

Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde:  Specialty Food Association's sofi GOLD winner for outstanding salsa and featured with praise on The Today Show. This is a vibrant, bright, tangy and spicy fusion of fresh kiwi, lime, roasted tomatillos, and fresh jalapenos.  A fantastically spicy fresh sauce for grilled fish, chicken, fajitas, tacos and nachos.

Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread: Specialty Food Association's sofi GOLD winner for outstanding condiment. This sweet sticky onion jam is made with three craft beers and roasted garlic.  Amazing slathered on burgers, grilled steak and grilled cheese sandwiches! Also a fantastic addition to any cheese plate or charcuterie offering.  

Indian Spiced Beet Savory Spread:  Farm fresh local beets simmered in a blend of our own slow cooked Indian spices.  This is a must have for burgers, lamb and crostini with goats cheese.  Winner of the Hobart Agricultural Fine Food Awards and NYC Sofi™ Award for best condiment.  A best selling customer favorite and our original signature spread.

Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing Marinade and Sauce:  Layered with flavor, our Ginger Soy Infusion sauce is a fusion of fresh chopped garlic, ginger, toasty sesame and soy.   A fantastic marinade for salmon, fish, chicken and pork and a delicious sauce for Asian noodles, stir fry's, potstickers and salad greens. A champion dressing, sauce and marinade all around!  A best seller and winner of the 2014 Specialty Food Association's sofi GOLD award. 

North African Chermoula Dressing Marinade and Sauce:  Winner of Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and the 2016 NYC Specialty Food Association's sofi GOLD award.  This is a savory sauce with a unique "wow" factor.  Fresh lemon tang with a medley of Moroccan spices, fresh cilantro and saffron.  It's bold and zippy and an ideal marinade for fish, seafood chicken and lamb.  It's also delicious when used as a dressing for couscous, warm lentils and roasted vegetables.  

Balsamic Blueberry & Maple Vinegar:  Winner of Yankee Magazine Editor's Choice for outstanding sauce. This vinegar is a combination of wild blueberries, 100% NH local maple syrup and balsamic vinegar.  It's a New England favorite, delicious served warm over duck, pork, chicken and grilled peaches!  Also serves as a beautiful dressing over a blue cheese, grilled chicken and walnut salad. 

These 6 artisan condiments and gourmet sauces are delivered in a Wozz! silver gift box and include recipe cards and a personalized note from you!  

*please write your personalized message in the note section at checkout

(trophies not included in gift box :) )

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