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Flavored Vinegar Set For Salad


Flavored Vinegar Set For Salad - A Set of 3 Handcrafted All Natural Flavored Vinegars Perfectly Suited for Salads.  

Our vinegars are made using an artisan process - very different than most commercial processors.  We use a slow infusion method using fresh fruit ingredients and fragrant custom blended spices.  It is a process that requires both patience and time but the flavor is unmatched.  We never use concentrates or fruit purees in our vinegars, only healthy all natural whole fruits, vegetables, spices, apple cider and balsamic vinegar.  

Wozz! Flavored Vinegar Set For Salad includes 3 of our exquisite slow infused vinegars designed to dress a variety of salads. Flavors include:

  • Balsamic Blueberry and Maple Vinegar - Winner of Yankee Magazine's Editor's Choice Award. This rich and smooth blueberry vinegar is a fusion of wild Maine blueberries, pure NH Maple Syrup and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.   Try our Balsamic Blueberry Maple Vinegar as a dressing over a shredded chicken salad with fresh greens, mint, feta and walnuts or drizzle over a summer caprése style salad with roasted peaches, basil and mozzarella cheese.  Try our balsamic blueberry vinegar over this quinoa pecan salad for a healthy lunch idea.

  • Cranberry Saffron Vinegar - Made with New England Cranberries with fresh orange zest, this tart and toasty cranberry vinegar has a smooth spiced saffron finish. A perfect salad dressing for hearty fall and winter salads.  Try drizzling our cranberry vinegar over a holiday salad of roasted butternut squash and spinach or try over this delicious fried goats cheese salad with spinach and pomegranates.
  • Spiced Beet Vinegar - One of our most awarded products, our Spiced Beet Vinegar has won both the prestigious NYC Fancy Food Show Sofi Award and The Good Food Awards.  Local beets are infused with fragrant spices including bay leaf, orange peel and cinnamon.  Drizzle this spiced beet vinegar on a rustic fresh from the garden salad with tomato and feta or try over these simple roasted baby carrots.  A decadent and healthy vinegar for a variety of salad dishes.

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