Valentine's Day Sauce and Condiment Gift Sets

Shop our curated collection of gourmet sauce and condiment gift sets perfect for Valentine's Day!  Whether you are looking to send that special someone an elegant set of cheese pairing spreads or a delicious set of hot and spicy condiments and cooking sauces, we've got a range of flavors and gift sets to choose from.  Each of our Valentine's Day gifts are sent in a Wozz! Gift Box with recipe cards and a personalized note from you.  For all of those loved ones out there who prefer sauce and condiments over chocolate and roses, these gift sets are designed for you.

All of our products are handmade by us using all natural non gmo ingredients sourced from local farms and suppliers whenever possible.  We focus on attention to detail and flavor profiles in every batch we make - striving for that perfect balance of sweet savory spice and tang and our hope is to create a true tasting experience for your palate.  Our products have received over 10 prestigious NYC Fancy Food Show Sofi Awards and have been featured on such publications as The Today Show.  

Wozz! Favorite Valentine's Day Sauce and Condiment Gift Sets Include:

Wozz! Classic Cheese Pairing Gourmet Gift Setincludes 4 of our favorite classic cheese pairing gourmet spreads and savory jams.  It makes a terrific Valentine's day gift for the gourmet cheese lover and for those who love to entertain.  These 4 gourmet spreads can be paired with a variety of cheese and cured meats making them a delicious addition to any cheese plate.  

Wozz! Condiments For A Guy Gift Set - A Curated Collection Of 5 Condiments and Sauces For The Man In Your Life that Loves to Sauce Up Everything!  From our award winning burger spread, Triple Ale Onion to our favorite Sweet Chili Orange Sesame Dipping Sauce, the man in your life will thank you for this perfect Valentine's Day Sauce Gift.

Wozz! Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Set -  a fantastic Valentine's Day gift for the one who likes it hot and spicy with superb flavor!  This is not just about ego hot it's about artisan quality crafted sauces that are filled with fresh ingredients, complex spice blends, nice heat level and phenomenal flavor.  From our handcrafted Super Hot Chili Sambal Hot Sauce to our Sweet and Spicy Thai Hot Pepper Jelly this gift set is an awesome gift for your hot sauce lovin' Valentine.

Wozz! Dessert Sauces Gift Set - For the more traditional Valentine, who loves their sauces sweet and decadent!  Our 3 dessert sauces include White Chocolate Banana Bread Dessert Spread, Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce and Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote.  Spoon these dessert sauces over ice cream, pancakes, cheese and more!  

These are our top picks for Valentine's Day but we have plenty more gift sets to choose from! 

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