Welcome to Wozz!

Hi.  I'm Warrick (my friends call me Wozz) and that's my wife Ashley. I am Australian and she is American. Our story began in Key West Florida and lead us to Europe where we traveled and worked aboard private yachts (I'm a chef and she's a nurse). If you throw in a few months in the Mediterranean, an apartment in Spain, an engagement in Paris, a wedding and two years in Australia, a gourmet food business called Wozz! kitchen creations and a crash landing back in America, you can get a rough idea of the last 5 years. So here we are in New England relaunching our food business, our web site and our blog, for all of you who missed out on the adventure while we we're "down under." So welcome to Wozz! we hope you enjoy our company, our food and our stories.

ciao, tchüse, doei

xoxo Wozz, Ashley & Henry oxox
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