Meat & Potatoes testimonials...

Testimonial Loren Smith, Chef Motor/Yacht SLOJO, Auckland, New Zealand. - via phone.

"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple Sauce"

"I just called to let you know that I used your sauce/dressing with roast venison and it was an awesome combination, just perfectly suited. Well done!"

Vicky Troptsidis, North Sydney, Australia. - via phone
"Deep Ocean Salt Blend with Lime & Green Tea"

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love using your Deep Ocean spice blend, it has such a fabulous unique flavour which enhances seafood that now I cannot eat my fish without using the spice blend. I am so excited that you have your online store up and running and can’t wait to receive my products!"

Lisa Storey, Newcastle, Australia. - via email
"Balsamic Blueberry & Maple"

"I was fortunate enough to visit your stall at the farmers market today and purchased Blueberry and Maple dressing. Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful product and I look forward to purchasing more in the near future. Thank you!"

Carle Baker, Whalan, Western Sydney. - via email
"Super Hot Chilli Sambal"

"I was given a jar of your "Super Hot Chilli Sambal" by my dad. It is one of the nicest chilli sauces I have had. Where can I buy more and please tell me it comes in a larger jar?"

Natalie Pye, Central Coast.  - via conversation
"Deep Ocean Salt Blend with Lime & Green Tea"

"Thank you Wozz!!! We just love your Deep Ocean seasalt with green tea blend. I have never been able to get my kids to eat fish until your Deep Ocean, they really love it! I have tried with other seasonings since and it never gets the same reaction, they just wont go for it. Thank you for sending an extra tin out especially. Keep the great flavors coming"


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