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White Chocolate Banana Mini Cheesecakes

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These white chocolate banana mini cheesecakes are rich, decadent and addicting!  Super easy to make and I want to emphasize "easy!" because our White Chocolate Banana Bread Dessert Spread cuts out half the work.  A great idea for entertaining when you want to whip up a little something special.  :)

White Chocolate Banana Bread Mini Cheesecakes (makes two 3" ring cheesecakes or four 2" ring cheesecakes)


To make the Crust:

8 Graham Crackers 
4 Tbs Butter (melted)

To make the Filling:

1 Jar Wozz! White Chocolate Banana Bread Dessert Spread
8 oz (1 block) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese


Toasted Coconut
Whipped Cream
Sliced Banana (to keep banana from browning - coat in a little bit of lemon juice)


To Make The Crust:

In a food processor, add graham crackers and melted butter, pulse until combined.  

To Make the Filling:

Scoop the Wozz! White Chocolate Banana Bread Spread into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or so, until softened or bring a saucepan of water to the simmer, add jar of white chocolate to water bath, simmer the jar for 10 minutes until spread is nice and soft. Carefully remove lid (hot) and spoon contents into a medium mixing bowl.

Add cream cheese to the mixing bowl and mix with hand blender until smooth. 

**To assemble your mini cheesecakes you can use baking rings (which is what we used) or you can assemble them into mini ramicans or even cupcake papers. (you won't get the same look using ramicans or cupcake papers but it will still taste delicious and it's easy!)

Assemble your cheesecakes:

Place parchment paper on a flat baking sheet, put your baking ring down, press in graham cracker crust and top with white chocolate banana bread mixture until ring is 3/4 full.  Put in the fridge for 8 hours or preferably overnight.  Once set, remove from fridge, run a hot knife around edge of ring and then carefully remove from ring.  Top with whipped cream, toasted coconut and slice of banana.  

White Chocolate Banana Cheesecake


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