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Goji Berry (Wolfberry)

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Warrick Dowsett | 0 comments

 Goji Berry (Wolfberry)

  Among the berries, the everyday champ is the blueberry. But that is a mere piker compared to the wolfberry, according to anti-aging guru and New York Times best-selling author Eric Braverman, MD (Younger You, Younger (Sexier) You). According to Dr. Braverman, the wolfberry carries 20 times the anti-oxidant powers of the blueberry. Also known as the goji berry, the wolfberry is a Chinese plant that comes from the same family as the potato, tomato, eggplant, deadly nightshade and chili pepper.


For an easy way to receive the healthy benefits of goji berries, try our Wozz! Miso Goji Berry Dressing. Great as an asian style salad dressing and a perfect dipping sauce for rice paper rolls and steamed dumplings or pot stickers. 

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