10 Days in Paris

Paris has been referred to as the city of lights…the city of love…the most romantic place on earth…and why not. Because even if it rains every single day of your 10 day visit, it will manage to sweep you off your feet. We were engaged in Paris underneath the flickering lights of the Eiffel Tower (may I add- in the pouring rain!-which only made it all the more romantic) so we are SURE that it is the most romantic city in the world. Of course Paris is not only a mecca for romance, it’s a mecca of great works of art, architecture, fashion, and it’s food, well….is to die for.

During our 10 days in Paris we of course did the tourist thing (Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, A cruise on the Seine River, the Arc de Triumph; all of which you must do) but whenever we travel we al ways try to find our way out of the tourist hub and into the “real” city. The following is a list of our favorite Paris spots that you may not find on a tourist guide book.

Where We Stayed:


Boutique Hotel Duret

  The lovely four star boutique hotel called Hotel Duret- a little bit off the beaten path not too far from the Arc De Triumph. The rooms are large, and modern which is a nice change for Paris and the staff were incredible. They bent over back wards helping me arrange our surprise engagement evening.


Hotel Duret: 30, rue Duret 75116 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 45 00 42 60 Google Maps

Live Tunes:

Sometimes in a BIG city like Paris, (and it is massive) you want to find a small intimate bar to see some live music…

Aptly named "Le Cavern Club" We stopped in here to have a drink, had a chat to the barman who was Canadian (and the guy pouring the shots in the film, which has since disappeared) He spoke of of the other Paris. A hidden under ground city of tunnels, century's old below the lights of Parisian streets. Where entire bars, clubs and raves are run in secret (pardon the pun, but yes underground) Then we wondered downstairs to an intimate cave and watched this little firecracker sing and shake her butt off… a very cool evening it was

Le Cavern Club/Cafe: 21 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris 06, France


There are shopping spots all over Paris depending on what you like- vintage, high end, etc. What is fun about Paris is the exploring of it…. I would suggest wondering around some areas like 4 eme Marais area and St. Germain – they have a lot of boutique and vintage shops and great café culture…but all in all you just have to research and find what you are looking for…the fun part is exploring in Paris, not just hitting the tourist destinations but talking to the locals (don’t worry most speak English well and are quite friendly-although to be polite you should at least attempt to speak a bit of French-even if just bonjour) and finding out what’s really great about the city…explore different districts...finding the parts of the city that YOU love….there is nothing better than finding that quaint quintessential French bistro or fab vintage shop that you just happened to stumble upon when wondering up a random alley…..

Where We Ate:

Joel Robuchon - L’Atelier ★★Michelin Star

5, Rue de Montalembert, Paris France

Nouvelle French. Take a seat at the bar with food that is impeccable. This is a tasting experience. The service on point. The open kitchen counter and laid back but upscale ambiance allows for the experience of high class food without the high class stuffiness. It’s relaxing and the food was amazing. We got the degustation menu with wine pairings. One of the best meals I have ever had. Period. Expensive yes. Worth it. ABSOLUTELY!

Check out his creations here www.joel-robuchon.net/

Guy Savoy - ★★★Michelin Star
Probably one of the best restaurants in Paris…and for us the best.

18 Rue Troyon, Paris France

The Service at Guy Savoy was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You can’t sit your purse on the floor without someone catching it to set it on a stool for you. The wait staff is there to butter your roll, pour you another glass of wine, fillet your fish…unbelievable. They never miss a beat. Never miss a cue. And the food…Absolutely incredible…and just seems to keep coming one mouth drooling morsel at a time…

Guy Savoy just says PARIS- what you think of Paris is what Guy Savoy is. Sophisticated. Service. Exquisite. Gastronomical. Again this restaurant is very expensive but hey…You’re in Paris!! If given the chance take advantage of the special available to online patrons only. Its available to "one" lucky table each dejeuner (lunch) If you are the lucky table you can shave a cool 300€ off the Guy Savoy experience. Which we managed to, cha ching!

DO! check out their film:



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