Tastes of Newcastle

 Talk about life in a fish bowl.... Attending Newcastle's Farmers market as an artisan gives the notion of what an uninspiring piece of art at the Louvre Paris might feel like. 



   Passed by hour after hour by hoards of onlookers seemingly on an endeavour to take in the whole show in 45 minutes. 

   As far as a cheap day out goes, your local market is a very affordable option. It is an intriguing visual display, a great social event and an exciting journey of discovery. Exciting that is, if you were actually to give pause long enough to experience it. That means taking some time  dear friends to stop and smell the roses. Consider it a kind of adventure in the trying something new.

Here in lies the Hunter Valley artisan's kunudrum, why wont  Novacastrians stop and try something new?

    Newcastle houses a fantastic farmers market of farm to table produce unrivaled by many parts of Australia and even the world. Cheeses, wine, goats milk soaps. Hand made condiments and preserves, Organic fruit and vegetables. Crafts, pastries, breads and meat. All offered by real people with real passion. Offered to you, the people of Newcastle by the very hands that crafted, grew and butchered the very experience you are about to have wash across  your palate. Well it would wash across,  if only you might allow it.

   We artisans and producers watch as a stream of voyeurs push along crowded thoroughfares, fighting the urge to turn their heads left or right, somehow in fear that to absorb the sights and smells of the market place may trap them in an awkward exchange that will lead to commitment of purchase. Like some short lived high school fling, that ends up as marriage. Its not about the buy dear friends, its about the try. It is about the social interaction, the story of the "who, where and how" behind the food we love and share.  

   So my dear voyeur, drift through the market place if you will but try try try. Stop and receive our smiles on offer. Savoring the presentation, smell the flavour of your local market. Allow your lives to be made richer by the experience. Then find that one personal momento of the day to take home and make some thing special and share its and its story with friends and family. Help us take back to a time when life was simpler. When a supermarket chain meant a green grocers sons ran a second fruit shop at opposite ends of town. When seasons rolled through carrying our anticipation of the fruits they would bring and present us with a story of where our plate of food came from.

Check this out to see what your missing out on!!



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