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Wozz! North African Chermoula Dressing wins NYC sofi™ Gold Award!

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Ashley Thompson | 0 comments

We are dancing in the living room today....all gitty and gleaming with the latest announcement that our North African Chermoula Dressing has won the prestigious NYC sofi™ Gold award for outstanding dressing.  Chermoula was one of our original products introduced back in 2010 and has always been one of our faves.  It's eye popping puckery and will hit all your senses and people often try it and say "wow" as they get all wide eyed and crazy....okay i am exaggerating but not really.  Trust me...It is the most un-boring dressing you will ever try.  


Is it hot?'s not's full of spice and flavor but it's not hot spicy.  It's intriguingly spicy and bright and zesty! 

Is it curry?  

That is a question we often get because of it's bright yellow's full of Moroccan and North African spices but it's not curry...

What is Chermoula you ask?  Our North African Chermoula is a bold lemony dressing full of Moroccan spices including coriander, cumin, ginger, turmeric, paprika and saffron.  It's super healthy and full of clean non gmo ingredients including 100% fresh lemon juice, fresh local cilantro from our local friends at Meadowstone Farm, high quality spices and olive oil. Full of tang and bite, chermoula traditionally is served over fish and seafood but is just as delicious used as a marinade for lamb, beef and chicken.  We often drizzle it over a dish of warm lentils or couscous with fresh torn mint or cilantro.  We also mix it with Greek yogurt for a zingy dipping sauce for grilled lamb chops or chicken skewers. You can use this same dip in place of mayonnaise on a wrap or pita sandwich. 

It's May and it's grilling season....Who isn't excited?  A time to eat healthy and clean, so marinate some chicken wings, lamb chops or beef skewers with our chermoula and chuck em on the won't be disappointed.  

Oh make us proud! 

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