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Crispy Chilli Sambal Prawns

Yum! I'm making this.

If you don't know already, prawns are shrimp and shrimp are prawns. This spicy prawn dish works great with calamari, chicken wings or even pork ribs. There is tang, a little sweetness and a whole lot of spice in this and truly one of our favourite ways to eat prawns and calamari!


2lbs Green prawns/shrimp
Juice 1 lemon
2tbsp toasted sesame seed oil
¼cup corn starch
¼cup Super Hot Chilli Sambal
¼cup coconut butter (for frying)
2tblsp butter (optional)
salt and pepper


❶Clean and de-vein prawns. Leave heads and shells on or remove them, either is fine.
❷Use half the lemon juice along with a table spoon of Super Hot Chili Sambal to marinated prawns. For at least an hour.
❸Remove prawns from marinade and shake off excess moister. Coat evenly with the sesame seed oil and a pinch of salt and pepper before finally tossing them in the corn starch. The corn starch will soak up all moister and become sticky to the touch but that's fine.
❹Heat coconut butter in a deep skillet. Hot enough that it spatters and sizzles when you add the prawns. Place the battered prawns evenly around the pan on at a time, being careful not to let the oil temperature drop too much or crispy prawns you will not have! Cook the prawns both sides so that they are golden and crispy all over.
❺Turn off the heat and add the remainder of the sambal, lemon juice and coat the prawns evenly. For a slightly creamy sauce add the butter at the very end swirling the pan until the butter has melted.
❻Serve with rice, salad or on there own!  We leave the shell and tails on and just munch the whole thing down.



  ★For wings and ribs you need pre-cook them, allow them to cool enough to handle then carry on with the recipe from step❸
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