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Vietnamese Cucumber Mint Salad

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Vietnamese Cucumber Mint Salad

Perfect for a healthy light summer lunch, this cucumber mint salad is dressed in our Vietnamese Green Tea and Mint Nuoc Cham Style Dressing / Dipping Sauce and garnished with chopped cashews and black sesame seeds.

Vietnamese Cucumber Mint Salad ~ Serves 1


1 Small Cucumber (cut into thin strips lengthwise - we used a peeler to cut the cucumber into strips)
2 Sprigs of Mint (leaves removed and stems discarded)
1/4 Red Onion finely sliced
Small Handful of Cashew Nuts (toasted and chopped)
Sprinkle of black sesame seeds
Wozz! Vietnamese Green Tea Mint Dressing/Dipping Sauce 

Make Your Salad:

Arrange your cucumber, mint leaves and red onion on plate, garnish with sesame seeds and chopped cashews.  Drizzle Wozz! Vietnamese Green Tea Mint Dressing over top.  Serve.  


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