Traditional Fermented Miso; right here in New England!

 Folks often ask where we source our ingredients. We are proud to be able to support and source our Miso locally, right here in New England's Conway Massachusetts from the privately owned and run South River Miso Company.

Christian the owner make their Miso by strict traditional fermentation techniques handed down. As a result we use only 100% certified Organic and thus GMO free miso in all of our Wozz! products.

Miso (pronounced mee-so) is a delicious all purpose, high-protein seasoning which has played a major role in Japanese culture and cuisine for centuries. It is most often made from a combination of soybeans, cultured grain, and sea salt by a unique, double fermentation process, which was elevated to a state of fine craftsmanship in traditional Japan.

Miso is best known as a seasoning for soup. It is used for flavoring a wide variety of other dishes as well. Miso offers a nutritious balance of natural carbohydrates, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and protein of the highest quality, containing all of the essential amino acids.

It is great when medical science confirms the medicinal properties of important traditional foods, but researchers are not even close to understanding the importance of miso. Miso is a nourishing, high energy, whole food that helps maintain health and vitality. And because of the magic of lactic acid fermentation, miso is much more than the sum of its parts. During fermentation, the complex proteins, oils, and carbohydrates of grains and soybeans are broken down into more readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids, and simple sugars. This is why miso is considered an excellent food for people with weak digestion and is still used by traditional Japanese women for weaning.


Even today, in some parts of China and Japan, drinking miso soup every day is associated with a long, healthy life. Starting the day with miso soup is said to alkalinize the body and help neutralize the acid condition caused by eating meat and sugar and drinking alcohol. Also, alkaline blood system helps maintain health by making it easier for the immune to fight off disease. For quick relief, miso is like a traditional alka-seltzer. Also, once established in the intestines, the acid-loving bacteria found in abundance in sweet, light, unpasteurized misos promote health and stamina. For smokers, miso is thought to rapidly clear nicotine from the body, and miso broth is still used in Japan to clean tar from smoker's pipes. Research aside, let long tradition be your guide. Miso is the world's most medicinal everyday food, and it tastes good, too!

Many scholars theorize that miso developed from earlier fermented foods introduced into Japan from China along with the arrival of Buddhism in the 6th Century AD. Others trace the origins of miso to the northeastern provinces of Japan itself where archeological evidence indicates the early mastery of fermentation processes. According to Japanese mythology, miso is a gift to mankind from the gods to assure lasting health, longevity, and happiness.

  Research Finds a Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer Linked to Miso Soup - This article published in the English Journal of the National Cancer Institute in June 2003, reports breast cancer risk was reduced by one half in Japanese women who ate three or more bowls of miso soup on an almost daily basis.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute Source.


Want more Miso information; check out this leaflet supplied by the Miso Promotional Board of Japan, with nutritional information, varying miso types and a little history.  Click Here!










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