Simple Citrus Bibb Lettuce Salad w/ Spiced Beet Vinegar

To be quite honest, I usually don't like citrus in my salads but I thought I would give this a go because the pairing of beet and orange is such a beautiful thing.  This orange citrus salad won me over.  It is delicious and it's a five minute fix. 

All you need is:

Bibb Lettuce leaves (I made a small salad using 3 large bibb leaves)
1/2 Red onion sliced (I used only a few sliced rings of fresh red onion)
1/2 Orange Sliced into rings and then I paired out the orange flesh from the rind into pretty round segments
Crumbled Feta Cheese
Wozz! Spiced Beet Vinegar to drizzle over salad



Arrange your Bibb lettuce leaves on plate,  place orange segments on top along with sliced red onion and feta cheese crumbles and drizzle with Wozz! Spiced Beet Vinegar.   Too Easy!




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