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Condiments and Spreads For Charcuterie Board


Condiments and Fruit Spreads For Charcuterie Pairings - 5 of Our Best Condiments, Fruit Spreads and Savory Jams Designed for Charcuterie Boards, Meat and Cheese Platter Pairings. 

Whether you are keeping your entertaining on the casual side or going all out fancy, this set of condiments, fruit spreads and savory jams is a fantastic addition to any charcuterie board or antipasto plate.  From simple meat and cheese platters with cold cuts and pickles to a sophisticated arrangement of aged cured meats with terrines and paté, this selection will suit a variety of charcuterie board pairings.  

Our Condiments and Spreads For Charcuterie Pairings Set Includes:

Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread:  

Our NYC Fancy Food Show Gold Winner, Triple Ale Onion is a caramelized onion jam made with roasted garlic and 3 craft beers.  This sticky sweet and savory spread is delicious paired with a number of charcuterie and salumi options including cured salami, soppressata, cured dry sausages along with cheddar, swiss cheese, crackers and crusty bread. 

Pictured Below: A Festive Fall Charcuterie Meat and Cheese Platter with Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread and Southern Style Rustic Mustard 

Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread:  

Our signature cheese pairing condiment and amazing paired with a variety of charcuterie and cold cuts including prosciutto, ham, roast beef, corned beef and a variety of dry cured sausages and salami.  Our Balsamic Fig Mostarda is made by slowly simmering figs with balsamic and robust red wine and is finished with mustard spice.  The mustard finish with the balsamic fig makes this an ideal accompaniment to meats and cheeses. 

Pictured Below:  Gorgonzola Crostini with Wozz! Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread with Crispy Prosciutto

Southern Style Rustic Mustard:  

Our Southern Style Rustic Mustard is a southern BBQ inspired whole grain mustard with a bit of sweet and vinegary tang.  This mustard is a classic addition to a charcuterie board, pairing with crusty breads, crackers and pickles, along with all your cold cuts and cured meats.  A nice little bit of buttery bread, some peppery soppressata or Genoa salami and our southern style rustic mustard is just perfect.  Also a wonderful accompaniment to terrines and paté. 

Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote Spread:

Our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote is a gorgeous addition to a charcuterie board with its bright burgundy sour cherries.  Sour cherries are simmered in red wine  with warm aromatic spices and finished with a touch of cracked black pepper making it a great match for peppery salami and sausages.  It is our favorite pairing for pate, foie gras and terrines.  This sour cherry compote paired with duck paté and simple buttered toast is a lovely winter or holiday appetizer. 

Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly 

Sweet tangy and spicy, our Green Tomato Jalapeno Spread is a hot pepper jelly made with farm grown green tomatoes and fresh jalapeno peppers.  It has a nice vinegary tang and is similar in flavor to a mustard pickle making it a flattering addition to charcuterie and cheese.  We love this pepper jelly on a simple antipasto platter with soft cheeses and cold cuts paired with a baguette and pickles, it is a perfect pairing for ham or Mortadella (Italian bologna) and cheddar.  


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