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Spicy Tomato Kasundi Chicken Bowls

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Spicy Tomato Kasundi Chicken Bowls

These spicy kasundi grilled chicken bowls hit the spot when you want a combination of healthy ingredients and spicy kick.  They are pretty filling so they are perfect when you need some serious sustenance full of good-for-you ingredients.  For all of you who are not familiar with Kasundi, Kasundi traditionally is a relish from Bengal India, made using Indian spices and mustard, green mango, eggplant or tomato. Our Spicy Tomato Kasundi has been converted from a relish to a savory sauce and it's tomato based, it's kind of like a ketchup with a savory, spicy, smoky twist.  It is awesome in this dish and works perfectly with the Israeli lime couscous, feta cheese, avocado and tomatoes.

Spicy Tomato Kasundi Chicken Bowl Ingredients:

2 Chicken Breasts Grilled (marinade in a bit of avocado oil (or olive oil), lime juice, salt pepper and chili flakes for 20 minutes prior to grilling)
Israeli Couscous (sometimes called pearl couscous)
Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half)
Red Onion finely chopped
Crumbled Feta Cheese
Romaine Lettuce shredded
Wozz! Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce

To make the Israeli couscous:

I suggest following the package instructions however this is how I made it.  In a medium saucepan, bring to the boil 1 1/2 cups of water with a little salt and olive oil.  Add 1 cup of Israeli couscous and cook for 5-6 minutes.  Remove from heat, leave lid on and let sit for an additional 5 minutes.

Add squeeze of lime and chopped cilantro to couscous.

To make the chicken breasts:

Turn oven on 425 degrees F

Brush grill pan with olive oil or avocado oil.  On medium high heat grill chicken breasts for 2 minutes on each side.  Transfer chicken breasts to oven and let cook an additional 5 minutes.
Once finished, remove from oven and slice.

Arrange your salad bowl: 

On the bottom of the bowl place shredded Romaine lettuce.  On top of lettuce in rows arrange your grilled chicken slices, lime cilantro couscous, cherry tomatoes topped with finely chopped red onion, sliced avocado, and crumbled feta cheese.  Pour Wozz! Spicy Tomato Kasundi Sauce over top of chicken breasts, squeeze an extra bit of fresh lime over top of couscous, and add a dash of salt and pepper and you are done.  Enjoy.

Kasundi Chicken Bowls | Wozz! Kitchen Creations



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Kasundi Chicken Bowls | Wozz! Kitchen Creations
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