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Cranberry Chutney and Blue Cheese Pairing

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Cranberry Chutney and Cambozola Blue Cheese Pairing

Cambozola is a creamy decadent brie blue blend cheese that is delicious served with our Cranberry Orange and Cognac Chutney.  Simple serve on fruit and nut crisps for a holiday pairing, I used Jans Farmhouse crisps of Vermont (support small business!)  but you can also find rainforest crisps in most grocery stores.  Another addition to this simple cheese pairing would be to add a small dish of toasted walnuts or candied pecans.

Our Cranberry Orange Chutney pairs with a number of blue cheese varieties so you don't have to use Cambozola and if you are not a huge fan of blue, you can substitute goats cheese or baked brie.   Cranberry chutney with blue cheese is a wonderful pairing beyond the cheese plate, think of a grilled sirloin with crumbed Roquefort and a dollop of cranberry chutney or a buttery puff pastry with cranberry chutney, blue cheese and candied walnuts for your next holiday get together.  

Wozz! Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney is handmade by us with New England cranberries, apples, fresh handmade candied oranges, warm aromatic spices and a touch of cognac.

Cheese Pairing Ingredients:

Fruit and Nut Crisps
Wozz! Cranberry Orange Cognac Chutney
Cambozola Blue Brie Cheese
Toasted Walnuts or Candied Nuts (pecans or walnuts) - optional

* Cambozola can be found in your specialty cheese department at your local grocer, it is a combination of a triple cream brie and an Italian gorgonzola, it's actually made in Germany.  It's rich creamy and decadent and a more mild form of blue cheese, great for those new to blue cheese or maybe not fond of a strong pungent blue cheese. Personally I love this cheese, it's great for cheese plates and entertaining.   

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