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Blue Cheese and Sour Cherry Jam Compote Pairing

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Blue Cheese and Sour Cherry Jam Compote Pairing - A Dessert Cheese Pairing

Oh blue cheese...the salty tangy creamy notes of a delicious blue cheese are a real tasting joy.  I urge anyone who is somewhat fond of blue cheese to go to your local cheesemonger and ask for their best selection of blue cheese and to go home and try them, along with pairings of wine and fruit, crackers and chutney compotes, invite some friends over to indulge with you.  Discovering the different sensory notes of blue cheese, exploring the differences in palate nuances of a Stilton versus a Roquefort is truly enjoyable.  

I picked up some Cashel Crozier Blue on my last trip to the cheesemonger.  It's an Irish blue cheese, I would say a medium blue in strength, it's creamy and a little salty and it's delectable.  I actually decided to put it on this dessert cheese board I made because I thought the salty creaminess paired well with our Rum Toddy Toffee Dessert Sauce (think caramel and cheese) and paired perfectly with our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Fruit Compote, especially on Effies Cocoa Cake Biscuits.   Cherries, chocolate and salty creamy blue cheese enjoyed with a nice glass of red wine or dessert wine is my kind of dessert.

Now for this cheese pairing, if you don't want to use a Crozier blue or can't find it at your local grocery you can substitute almost any blue cheese.   Cambozola (which is actually a brie and blue cheese blend - it's a cross between a French Triple Cream Brie and an Italian Gorgonzola) is a decadent creamy blue cheese and is delicious with our Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote.  Another option is Jasper Cellars Bayley Hazen Blue (a stellar blue cheese) and Point Reyes Bay or Original Blue Cheese. 

This pairing is a more dessert style cheese pairing and I paired it with cocoa biscuits.  Effies rye biscuits also make a delicious pairing and rainforest crisps or Jans farmhouse crisps are also a good choice of cracker for this pairing.  

Blue Cheese and Sour Cherry Jam Compote Pairing


Crozier Blue Cheese (Cashel Farms Irish Sheeps Milk Blue Cheese)
Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote
Effies Cocoa Biscuits  


Top your cocoa biscuit with Crozier blue cheese and a dollop of Wozz! Sour Cherry Spiced Wine Compote.  Enjoy!

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