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Balsamic Fig Mostarda Savory Spread

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"sweet . savory . spice" 

Serve this gourmet balsamic fig spread with: cheese (aged goats cheese, blue cheese, brie), charcuterie, crostini, roasted meats, pork, ham, turkey, roast beef, crackers. 


Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread

Our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread is a combination of sweet figs and fresh pears simmered in a balsamic reduction with a touch of hot mustard oil for spice.  This gourmet fig spread is ideal for cheese pairings and charcuterie boards and makes a great housewarming or party gift.  

For a cheese board, pair our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread with goats cheese, blue cheese and brie.  It is our signature cheese pairing condiment and will work with any cheese plate!  

Spoon our mostarda over roast beef, ham, chicken or pork roast for a balsamic fig glaze with a hint of mustard bite. Use as the ultimate fig jam on a toasted sandwich with roast beef and cheese or spread atop crostini with goats cheese for a quick easy and elegant appetizer.  The mild mustard kick of this mostarda is just fantastic with charcuterie and pate.  

What is a mostarda?

Mostarda, also known as mostarda di frutta is a Northern Italian condiment made with fruits in a mustard syrup.  We take a modern approach on making mostarda with cooking figs and pears in a balsamic reduction syrup (instead of traditionally poaching whole fruit such as pears and grapes in a candy syrup) but we continue to keep it's tradition by using pure mustard oil rather than just mustard seed to give this condiment it's spicy finish.  It is rare to find a US produced mostarda that actually still uses pure mustard oil and we are proud to offer such a delicacy!  

We are pleased to announce our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread was awarded the NYC sofi SILVER award at the 2017 NYC Fancy Food Show for outstanding condiment. 

Jar Size: 13 oz

✓ Gluten Free
Additive Free
Preservative Free
Mild Spice
Fresh Fruit Ingredients

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  • Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread Cheese Pairings:

    • Brie
    • Blue Cheese
    • Aged Cheddar
    • Alpine Cheddar
    • Goats Cheese
    • Camembert
    • Washed Rind
    • Bloomy Rind
When it comes to complimenting a cheese board, nothing is quite as versatile as this Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread. Fig & fruit jams or jellies are often too sweet for many cheeses. However the balsamic in this fig spread adds an acid and the bite of mustard means cheese whether aged, soft, goat, blue or bloomy rind are all at home here.
      • Balsamic Fig Mostarda Braising and Roasting Sauce - Mix our Balsamic Fig Mostarda Spread with a few tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar and toss with chicken thighs or pork loin and roast in the oven.  Check out our Balsamic Fig Chicken Recipe Here.
      • Balsamic Fig Mostarda Sandwich Spread - Use as a fig jam over toasted bread and top with shaved roast beef, cheese and leafy greens or use as the perfect accompaniment to toasted bread and goats cheese, crostini and panini.
      • Balsamic Fig Spread on Flat Bread - Spread our  balsamic fig mostarda spread over a flatbread with blue cheese prosciutto walnuts and arugula to serve at parties or holiday gatherings.

      For more tasty ideas on how to use our balsamic fig spread, check out our blog post on how to use fig spread.


       Serving Size: 15g | 1Tbsp

      Calories: 40      Calories from Fat: 0
      Total Fat:  0g
      Sat Fat: 0g
      Trans Fat: 0g
      Cholesterol: 0g
      Sodium: 7 mg
      Total Carbohydrate: 9 g
      Dietary Fiber: 2g
      Sugars: 8g (% naturally from fruit)
      Protein: <1g

      Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 1%
      Calcium 1% Iron 1%

      Ingredients:  Dried Figs, Fresh Pears, Brown Sugar, Red Wine, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Apple, Mustard Seed.

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