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Pear Ginger Rum Cocktail

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Pear Ginger Rum Cocktail 

Our Pear Ginger Vinegar adds a fresh pear sweetness and spiced peppery ginger complexity to this delicious and refreshing pear ginger rum cocktail.  Super easy to make, simply mix our pear ginger vinegar with rum and vanilla seltzer water and serve over ice.  

Pear Ginger Rum Cocktail Recipe


White Rum
Wozz! Pear Ginger Finishing Vinegar
Vanilla Pear Polar Seltzer Water

Add ice to tumbler glass, top with 1 shot of white rum, 1 1/2 shots of Pear Ginger Vinegar and finish with Polar Vanilla Pear Seltzer.  Gently mix with spoon.

Garnish with fanned fresh pear and serve.

Pear Ginger Vinegar Shrub | Wozz! Kitchen Creations

Wozz! Pear Ginger Vinegar & Shrub $12
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