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Housewarming Foodie Gift Set


Housewarming Foodie Gift Set - A Set of 4 Handcrafted Savory Spreads and Condiments That Make A Splendid Housewarming Gift For Your Foodie Friends, Clients and Relatives.  

Let's face it, moving house is an exciting time but also a little chaotic.  With boxes to be unpacked and waiting for the appliance delivery man to arrive, the one thing you may need are some fancy delicious condiments and spreads that will make dinner and meals easy.  It may just be sandwiches or cheese and crackers for a few days, while you get that bedroom painted and kitchen ready but this gift set of condiments and spreads makes even the simplest sandwiches, absolutely delicious.  And if you are all moved in and ready to entertain your family and friends, our Housewarming Foodie Gift includes a delicious set of spreads and condiments that are perfect for appetizers, cheese plates and charcuterie pairings.  Nothing says "welcome home" more than easy comfort food shared with friends and family.

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Our Housewarming Foodie Gift Set Includes:

Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread:  This sticky sweet savory spread made of caramelized onions and craft beer is the perfect addition to a simple grilled cheese sandwich, flatbread or bbq chicken pizza.  For entertaining, it's delicious on a cheese plate and pairs brilliantly with blue cheese, goats cheese, aged cheddar and charcuterie.   Having a late night decorating the living room? This simple cheese plate of stilton blue cheese, fruit nut crisps and our triple ale onion spread is sure to hit the spot...and of course after a long moving day, pair it with a cold craft beer.

Pictured Below:  Wozz! Triple Ale Onion Spread with Stilton Blue Cheese and Crackers - easy late night snack to enjoy when moving into your new home.

Southern Style Rustic Mustard:  Our Southern Style Rustic Mustard is a southern BBQ inspired whole grain mustard with a bit of sweet and vinegary tang.  This mustard is a classic addition to a reuben sandwich and even dresses up simple bologne on white bread (when that is all you have in the house).  It's also a fantastic addition to a charcuterie board when entertaining; pair with crusty breads, pickles, cured meats and cold cuts or simply serve as a dip for pretzels.

Pictured Below:  A Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich ~ An Easy Delicious Hearty Lunch To Make While Moving House!

Bruschetta Caponata Relish and Dip:  A savory Sicilian relish handcrafted with fresh seared eggplant simmered in garlic and tomato with red pepper, olives and capers.  Simply serve our Bruschetta Caponata Relish with grilled French baguette slices and finish with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper.  Our Bruschetta Caponata also makes a delicious Chicken Piccata recipe for a lovely housewarming meal.  Serve our Bruschetta Caponata on an Italian style antipasto meat and cheese platter when entertaining and pair with an Italian red wine.

Pictured Below:  A Delicious Housewarming Dish ~ Bruschetta Caponata Chicken Piccata.  Enjoy with a glass of wine when celebrating your new home.


Green Tomato Jalapeno Spread:  This green tomato jalapeno pepper jelly spread is jaw droppingly delish when spread on cheese, crackers and sandwiches.  For the simplest evening snack, just add to cream cheese and crackers.  For a hearty housewarming meal, serve as an accompaniment chutney to crumbed pork chops or chicken schnitzel.  Add to ham and cheese sandwiches on crusty bread for a flavor punch. 

Pictured Below:  Simple Meat and Cheese Platter with Salami, Cheddar and Crackers and our Green Tomato Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Spread.  An easy snack while decorating and organizing your new home and a simple spread for entertaining.

Our Housewarming Foodie Gift Set is sent in a silver Wozz! Gift Box with eco friendly packaging, recipe cards and a personalized note from you (please enter personalized message in note section at checkout).  

Housewarming Foodie Gift Set



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